NOTD - Revlon Red

Dec 30, 2013

I was planning on something else for today, but a long afternoon rehearsal followed by spicy lip-licking-delicious Korean food left me feeling pretty tired.
Here is a quick NOTD post instead!

Revlon Nail Enamel Revlon Red has been around forever.
This is definitely a cult classic that everyone should take a look at least once in her makeup life.

Revlon Nail Enamel Revlon Red

Collective Swatch - Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butter

Dec 28, 2013

Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butter is an excellent drugstore range, although I am not entirely happy that the texture and the color payoff is quite inconsistent.
I currently have six of them after giving a couple away and repurchasing the favorites.
The initial swatch post was full of my excitement for the new drugstore gems of the moment but not all that accurate in colors due to the lighting condition, so I wanted to do a new one.

Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butter

Review - Kose Sekkisei White Powder Wash, Lotion, Emulsion and Cream

Dec 26, 2013

I like to rotate my skincare regimen based on the active ingredients. I usually go back and forth between anti-wrinkle/firming products and brightening (or "whitening", some say) ones.
Seeing any visible difference from a skincare product is a rare thing to begin with, but brightening skin tone (not to mention erasing dark spots!) is a notion that is plain ludicrous.
Having said that, I still use brightening products periodically because I also know from my experience (although most of it was frustrating) that it does make difference if I use them consistently and correctly.

After another term with Avène retin-aldehyde products, I chose Kose Sekkisei line for my following brightening regimen.
Kose Sekkisei line has been around close to 30 years now, which was the main reason for my choice.
That kind of thing speaks louder than anything, and I didn't mind having pretty blue things on my vanity for a while, either.

Kose Sekkisei
White Powder Wash, Lotion, Cream and Emulsion

Holiday Look 2 - Grownup Barbie

Dec 25, 2013

Here is my second holiday look for you.
I wanted a sweet "barbie" like look using lots of pink, but also aimed it to be more age-appropriate and refined.

Holiday Look 2 - Grownup Barbie

Collective Swatch - Stila Eyeshadows

Dec 22, 2013

Collective swatch time again!
Lately I am having so much fun swatching my pretties and adding texts on the images.
(This post is picture heavy!)

Today I have some stila eyeshadows for you.
They are not my absolute favorites anymore because I slightly outgrew the buttery soft texure, but I still think they are one of the finest. Many makeup beginners would find them very useful as I did in my early days.
I love how easy it is to blend the color in. I rarely experience harsh edges with stila eyeshadows. Some of you might find the pigmentation is not as strong as MAC or Urban Decay shadows for example, but stila eyeshadows clearly differ from (some of) those chalky drugstore ones.
Most of them work wonderfully as all-over-wash colors for everyday use.

I have collected quite a few stila palettes.
(And you don't realize this kind of stuff until you attempt a grand swatching project. :o)

Review, Swatch - Chanel Illusion D'ombre Mirifique

Dec 21, 2013

While I am perfectly happy with my L'Oreal Infallible eyeshadow collection, there still are a few colors I want from the higher-end-more-squeeshy-soufflé-type eyeshadows.
Chanel Illusion D'ombre Mirifique was one of them, so I didn't really have to think twice when I saw it from Liz's blog sale a while ago.

A simple look with Chanel Illusion D'ombre Mirifique

Review, Swatch - LORAC Behind The Scenes Eye Primer

Dec 20, 2013

LORAC Behind The Scenes Eye Primer has easily achieved the holy grail status for me, which is rather ground breaking since I had been deeply devoted to Too Faced Shadow Insurance.
I think I have used two of the original Shadow Insurance and one Candlelight, and that is a long time if you know how little you need for each day.

I really enjoyed the soft shimmery finish and light color of the Candlelight, but the shimmer sometimes interferes with my eyeshadow colors (and that's actually the idea of it) and it started flaking off a little at the end (which is perfectly understandable).
I was so ready to go back to the original Shadow Insurance, but then I saw the price was dramatically increased. I think they adjusted the price twice while I was going through those three tubes. Again, it is understandable since we are looking at a long time here, but it was too much this time.

Feeling a bit betrayed, I started looking at other options.
Enter LORAC Behind The Scenes Eye Primer.
After all, it was a good thing Too Faced raised the price of the Shadow Insurance.

LORAC Behind The Scenes Eye Primer
(Isn't the tube real handsome looking?)

Holiday Look 1 - Chocolate And Berries

Dec 18, 2013

Lately I have not been very inspired to try new makeup looks but also feel bored of the same neutral combinations of the norm, so I decide to push myself a little by putting some holiday-appropriate(?) looks together.
(Gosh, I don't know why I always feel I need to explain the reason. It is "No sin for a woman's transformation", after all.)

But then, it is not much of a transformation. I just used two colors that I wouldn't normally wear together.
The image of "Chocolate and Berries" came to my mind, and I thought this scrumptious dessert combo sounded quite "holiday". :)

Holiday Look 1 - "Chocolate and Berries"

Review, Swatch - L'Oreal Magic Nude Liquid Powder Bare Skin Perfecting Makeup SPF 18 Light Ivory (310)

Dec 16, 2013

Many people say L'Oreal Magic Nude Liquid Powder is almost identical to the much-raved Giorgio Armani Maestro which is revolutionarily different from traditional foundation. I guess I wanted to experience "the difference" without paying too much for it.
I even got this affordable counterpart on sale, so I did not have much to lose except for the possible guilt from looking at another unused foundation bottle sitting on my vanity.

L'Oreal Magic Nude Liquid Powder Bare Skin Perfecting Makeup SPF 18 Light Ivory (310)
(Honestly, why the mouthful?!)

Collective Swatch - Revlon ColorBurst Lipgloss

Dec 12, 2013

I think I have been a bit chatty lately. Let's have a quiet swatch day, shall we? ;)

Revlon ColorBurst Lipgloss is an excellent drugstore range (and actually, excellent even compared to higher-end), and I actually think they are close to liquid lip colors.
All the colors are very pigmented and coverage is better than most sheer lipsticks.
They feel very comfortable and moisturizing on lips but a tad gloopy despite of the "weightless formula" claim of Revlon, so it is best to wear them during the winter months.

Oh, a quiet swatch day, right? Ok.

Revlon ColorBurst Lipgloss
(from L to R)
Brilliant Bordeaux (LE), Peony, Strawberry Fraise, Rosegold, Bordeaux, Crystal Lilac

Review - Beauty Box 5 December 2013

Dec 11, 2013

This is not a full review since I just received it, but I wanted to quickly show you what is in the December Box. :)

Beauty Box 5 December 2013

NOTD - Butter London Scoundrel, A Pantone Color Of The Year 2014 Polish

Dec 9, 2013

So Pantone has announced the color of the year 2014 - Radiant Orchid (18-3224), and the beauty world is already buzzing about it.
I still am not so sure of the importance of "declaration of a color" each year, but hey, I always (secretly) look for a reason to buy new makeup and if it is good for the economy, I don't know. (Feel free to enlighten me, though.)

Still, not having to buy a new Radiant Orchid item right away is a good start, because I remembered I had this purple polish.

Butter London Scoundrel

Review, Swatch - Shu Uemura Rouge Unlimited Supreme Shine Lipstick Baby Flame (Sweet Red Collection)

Dec 8, 2013

I tried my best to stay sensible during the past Black Friday/Cyber Monday storm, and I survived after making (only) a few makeup purchases (for now anyway, since these crazy companies extended their sales and I am sure they will run new ones in the name of holidays).
However, I effectively ruined my lippie ban and even managed to make an impulsive color choice at that.

Shu Uemura Rouge Unlimited Baby Flame

Perfume Tag

Dec 6, 2013

My friend Larie of Eye Heart It is like the bloggerhood pusher, and she made me do this tag (but she is also very kind so she will forgive me for using the term "pusher" so loosely ;p).

I have always loved perfume, and choosing one in the morning accordingly depending on my mood, outfit and the weather of the day is such a pleasurable thing.
I started my perfume journey with the mainstream where most of my current collection stays within, but I did have some crazy perfume phase sniffing through many e-tailer scents and hand-poured niche.
Nowadays I just go easy about it spritzing whatever strikes my fancy. I haven't made a full bottle purchase lately. I don't feel guilty using the same scent two days in a row, either.

Still I have a cabinet full of perfume and since I hardly reapply my perfume, I am pretty sure I won't be able to use up the stash, ever.

This is one of my early Instagram pics.
No, there is another shelf. 
I just couldn't fit everything in the Instagram square.

Collective Swatch - L'Oreal Infallible 24 HR Eye Shadow

Dec 4, 2013

As I promised, I have swatches for the Infallible collection of mine. I only (?) own seven out of the eighteen core shades available in the U.S., but I feel that I have acquired all the colors I need for now.
I nearly fainted to realize the initial swatch post was made about two years ago. Time does fly!
The good thing is that my swatching skills are a little better (although I still can't draw straight lines) and now I am equipped with better lighting as well.
(Oh, and I haven't gone blind or anything from using two year old eyeshadows. Good indeed.)

My humble Infallible Collection

Review, Swatch - NEW Revlon Super Lustrous Lipgloss Super Natural

Dec 2, 2013

Revlon Super Lustrous lipgloss is probably the first thing that ignited my love for drugstore makeup.
I remember the old version of the Super Lustrous Lipgloss (with the rectangular body) was introduced around the time the Estee Lauder Pure Gloss came out, and I was struck by the similarities, both in the packaging and the performance.
For a long time, I had shameless collected so many of them. I would hunt down for the LEs hopping from one drugstore to another.
I also gifted many of them to my friends proselytizing for my new found faith.
Although I slowly grew out of them as my lipgloss phase is behind me, the Revlon Super Lustrous lipgloss will always have a place in my makeup heart.

Revlon revamped this range a while ago, repackaging it in the taller and round tube as well as introducing twelve new shades.
Some of them remind me of the great classic shades, and the Super Natural is one of them.

NEW Revlon Super Lustrous Lipgloss Super Natural

Review, Swatch - L'Oreal La Couleur Infallible Eyeshadow Black Star (023)

Dec 1, 2013

Some of you know I've had quite an affair with L'Oreal goodies for the past year.
Among other things I love from the brand, Infallible eyeshadows have become my favorites and I reach for them many times a week.
However, it is quite frustrating (and annoying) to see all the different names for the same colors depends on what country you live in.
Fine, I can deal with the name discrepancy. I can use my magic eyes to compare the swatches online and figure out which one is what, plus there are many wonderful bloggers with awesome swatches out there.
What I can't stand is..there are some colors that are not avail in the U.S. Ugh.

When I saw Liz's post on Infallible Black Star, I literally drooled. I wanted it. I looked to see if there is an identical one with different name from the U.S. line, but no, sadly that wasn't the case.
Some time had passed and I forgot about it (you gotta move on, right?), then I saw it on her blogsale pile. Can you imagine how excited I was?!

Long story short, the Black Star is well loved here at her new home.
(Thanks, Liz! ^-^)

L'Oreal La Couleur Infallible Black Star

Review - NAT. Skincare Agebloc Eye Gel, Eye Cream

Nov 29, 2013

In the olden days, treating the eye area was my number one priority in skincare and I did not hesitate to spend hundreds of dollars on a single item. It is because that was where I saw the first sign of aging and obviously I panicked. Anyone remember that feeling?
Sadly though, after spending so much money only to see very little result, I have become to disbelieve in the effectiveness of eye treatments in general.
It maybe a shock to some of you, but I haven't used eye cream for years.

So maybe I was in the perfect stage to try some of new eye treatments despite of my skeptical attitude towards "all" of them.
To be honest, when I was asked to try the NAT. Agebloc Eye Gel and Eye Cream, I started with no prejudice but with very little expectation.

NAT. FACE Agebloc Eye Gel & Eye Cream

Tag - Five Makeup Product FOTD

Nov 26, 2013

I was tagged by two lovely ladies, Tracy of Beauty Reflections and Larie of Eye Heart It. :)

My daily makeup routine only takes about 15 minutes but I do need more than 5 products. (I think I need 9 at least - foundation, loose powder, eyebrow pencil, eyeliner (that doubles as eyeshadow base), 2 eyeshadow colors, mascara, blush and lippie.)
I have to take everything with me even when I fly and check the bag, so it was hard for me to come up with just five products that would do my face.
I even considered buying a new makeup item (for this tag!) that can multi-function as blush and lip color cause I was stuck at 6 for more than a week. - This is just so typical of me, by the way. I believe this tag is meant for minimalistic look and effort, but I manage to turn it into another reason (excuse) to buy more makeup.

Anyway, with my sensible blogofriends' advices, I finally could select my five. Apparently, you can use your lipstick as blush (duh).

The 5 makeup products I would pick in a pinch

Review, Swatch - Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector SPF 25+ Opal

Nov 24, 2013

Unlike the rave review from yesterday, I don't really have nice things to say about this illuminating product.
This is also from the deluxe sample bag from Sephora, and it is interesting that the Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in Opal is the only thing that differs from the image from the site.
Because I got this.

Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector SPF 25+ Opal sample
(that obviously differs from the brown tube from the pic below)

I believe the brown tube is one of the Sephora perks and contains 15ml of the product where my beige tube comes with 10ml (which is still a generous amount).

Review, Swatch - Cargo Blush Louisiana

Nov 23, 2013

When everybody was busy with the Sephora VIB sale, I just made a tiny order from
I don't know what was wrong with me at that time but I ordered twice from Sephora just before the sale started.
(Oh, I know! It is called impatience which leads me to sing this out loud.
"Be patient is a very good advice, but I very seldom follow with. That explains the troubles that I'm always in~~"
Anyone knows this song? It's from "Alice in wonderland".)

I was still feeling guilty yet compelled to order "something", so maybe that's why I redirected my mouse towards the other site.
The sane part of me thought "hmm, it should be something very different and something I don't have", and can you imagine how hard it was to pick something like that? ;)

All the justification aside, Cargo blush Louisiana actually fits the bill and I am so happy that I got it.

Cargo Blush Louisiana

Review - Beauty Box 5 November 2013

Nov 19, 2013

It is true that I was a little underwhelmed by my first box from Beauty Box 5, and I was initially mistaken thinking that was the November box.
However, I received another one shortly after. Turns out this is the November's, and I am quite pleased this time.

Beauty Box 5 November 2013

Review, Swatch - bareMinerals Marvelous Moxie Lipgloss Maverick

Nov 17, 2013

I recently received a deluxe sample bag with purchase from Sephora, and it contained some nice stuff that actually made me want to use and review on them.
A mini Marvelous Moxie Lipgloss in Maverick color was one of them.

bareMinerals marvelous MOXIE lipgloss Maverick

There were four different sample bags initially.
This one is called "Tinsel Twinkle Perfection Sample Bag", and I believe it is still available on the site with $25 purchase.
I see no relevance between the name and the goodies, though.

Review - Lipstick Bar Makeup Organizer from

Nov 16, 2013

I was happy when I heard about the Lipstick Bar from because I was just about to run out of space for my ever growing lippie collections.
Sure, I can always box them away or put them in drawers, but we all know that it is just much harder to reach for something that is not readily visible, yet we don't want clutters on our vanities.

Lipstick Bar from

NOTD, Review - Essie Head Mistress

Nov 13, 2013

I discovered this shade about a year late since Head Mistress was a part of Essie fall 2012 collection Stylenomics.

As always, Essie didn't forget to include a classic red in the bunch and Head Mistress is that red.
It is not very unique but still a gorgeous classic one.

Essie Head Mistress

Review, Swatch - Smashbox Camera Ready CC Cream Light

Nov 11, 2013

(Full product name : Smashbox Camera Ready CC cream Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Dark Spot Correcting - whew)

For me, BB cream is just greasy ashy version of cream foundation with very limited color range and very little sun protection.
It is just difficult for me to believe that one single product can take care of all our skin and cosmetic concerns.
(Let me rephrase. I don't believe it. )

Despite of my cynical view for BB cream in general, I have been curious to try CC cream, the next generation.
I still have very little faith that CC cream would actually improve my skin condition, but I expected it to provide better color match since it is supposedly very smart(!) and adjusts to our skin tones.

So I was happy to receive a generous sample of Smashbox Camera Ready CC Cream from this deal from Sephora.

The tube is slightly pearly just like the full size tube and feels very sturdy not to mention it contains plenty of product.
People, this is how you are supposed to put samples together.
It actually enables the consumers to use the product and learn about it.

Review - Beauty Box 5 October 2013

Nov 10, 2013

I have just discovered this is October box.
I thought it was November because that was what they told me then I got another box shortly after which was the November's!

Beauty Box 5 (BB5) is a monthly subscription service that delivers 5 cosmetic samples to your door for $12 a month.
I received the November box as a part of their Blogger Review Program.

Beauty Box 5

NOTD, Review - Clinique A Different Enamel Black Honey

Nov 9, 2013

A Saturday manicure post with Clinique A Different Enamel Black Honey...

I got this as a part of the Black Honey Set and immediately fell in love with this classic vamp color.
Yes, I probably have more than ten bottles of vampy creme like this, but I still think it makes a nice addition to my collection.
You know how the little difference in finish and depth makes all the difference in the world, right? (and this is why our stashes are getting bigger and bigger..)

Clinique A Different Enamel Black Honey
I snapped this with my iPhone camera and was surprised!
Pretty nice, eh? 

Review, Swatch - Clinique Black Honey Beauty Set

Nov 8, 2013

So soon I fell off the wagon - meaning I broke my lippie ban.

When I reviewed the plumy Revlon Lipstick, I expressed briefly about how I wanted to have this cult favorite again in my stash.
I saw this gorgeous set on Sephora not too long after, and I still wonder whether it was a blessing or a curse.
(Maybe the fact I am constantly on the site is the real curse...)

Black Honey Beauty
(Sephora exclusive Limitied Edition)

Review - Hana SPC Natural Grey from PinkyParadise

Nov 6, 2013

I received these as a part of the Halloween sponsorship program offered by PinkParadise.
I explained I would prefer natural looking design that suits my makeup and life style better, and they graciously agreed to send Hana SPC Natural Grey to me.

Hana SPC is also known as Vassen, and their contacts have higher water content of 42% which ensures more comfort in wear.

Hana SPC (Vassen) Natural Grey

Review, Swatch - Rouge Bunny Rouge Original Skin Blush Gracilis

Oct 29, 2013

I was looking for an easy everyday pink blush when I included Gracilis in my Rouge Bunny Rouge haul back in August, but it turned out to be so much more than that.
(I don't know what I was thinking. An easy pink? Like I don't have enough of that already...)

Rouge Bunny Rouge (For Love of Roses) Original Skin Blush

Review, Swatch - Milani Eye Tech Extreme Liquid Eye Liner Blackest Black

Oct 26, 2013

Often I feel the need of amping up the whole makeup look whenever I try to wear the color/circle lenses with more dramatic designs.
I usually balance them with darker smokey eyes or even with false eye lashes, but I thought liquid eye liner could be another option.

I did not want to spend much on something I would not use everyday so I decided to try a drugstore liquid eyeliner with good reputation.

Milani Eye Tech Extreme Liquid Eye Liner in Blackest Black (01)

Review, Swatch - Revlon Super Lustrous Shine Lipstick Plum Velour

Oct 20, 2013

No, I did not fall off the wagon.
This was purchased before I went on the lippie ban (and I have a few more stashed know).

Let me tell you.
Having a drugstore located right downstairs (and another one across the street) is a very convenient (difficult) situation for a beauty addict like me.
This was another impulse buy when I innocently went downstairs to grab some water. Of course, I had to go through the cosmetic aisles (which is on the opposite side of the water section).

My eyes sometimes work like the hawk's, I immediately noticed these were new although the tubes looked just like the other Super Lustrous lipsticks.

Revlon Super Lustrous Shine Lipstick Plum Velour (850)

Review - Wantable Makeup Box October

Oct 16, 2013

It is a fascinating idea - opening a box of mystery that potentially contains your favorite things (uhm, makeup!).
I suppose I should allow this excitement and joy to myself, but I haven't been able to commit to any service, yet.
It is simply because I know myself a little better now (at least about my tendency and preference towards makeup items) - that I don't do very well with "samples".
Sampling is a great way to learn about new products and even crucial for some purchases (like perfume or base makeup), but often the tiny flimsy packaged things end up ruining the whole experience.
I myself would prefer to receive full sized items especially if I am to pay for them every month.

If you're like me, Wantable would be a great choice because you will receive a monthly box with full sized makeup.

Here is my Wantable October beauty box.

FOTD - Revisiting NARS Marie Galante

Oct 15, 2013

It was a very busy summer for me although I did manage to get away for a sweet vacation.
It was not a terribly hot summer, either. I did not get to wear all my summer dresses, is one proof of that(?).
Once I flip over my closet for sweaters and boots (and purchase a couple more coats), I know I will be alright.
The truth is I am still reminiscing about the summer, though.

This would be another example of my "Green Frog (a Korean folktale character - often used to describe someone who does everything the opposite)" personality, I had to bring out the most summer-esque eyeshadow colors when others are busy sporting deep autumn shades.
(Oh, I will get to them eventually. Just give me some time..)

Summer Eyes
NARS Marie Galante revisited

Swatch, FOTD - Rouge Bunny Rouge Long-Lasting Eye Shadow Snowy Egret, Delicate Hummingbird

Aug 2, 2013

Here is what I don’t recommend – not blogging over a month!

True I am still struggling with my insane schedule, but I must say it was more difficult to do a new post because I have stopped for long.

I almost never lose my stuff but last month I did lose my makeup bag full of Paul & Joe goodies, which I still feel sour about yet this was a perfect excuse for me to haul some new products.
I went ahead and ordered some Rouge Bunny Rouge pretties from this time.
It was not my first time ordering from the site but the customer service I received was especially nice. I suspect (in a pleasant way) that they read my tweet about having lost my makeup bag since they sent me a very pretty Paul & Joe cosmetic pouch filled with wonderful samples.

Rouge Bunny Rouge haul from
Shared via Instagram

(BTW, the price on Beautyhabit is more affordable than from the UK Rouge Bunny Rouge site. Why is that?)

Swatch, Review, FOTD - NARS And God Created The Woman Set

May 3, 2013

A spring makeup set with sultry dark brown colors?
Well, at least it seemed perfect to me especially when spring is really taking its time to arrive here in the NYC.
(Maybe Mr. Nars has foreseen this.)

NARS And The God Created The Woman Set

Review - NEO Glamour Blue from

Apr 28, 2013

After a year of trying different designs of color/circle contact lenses, I frankly am no longer curious about the new designs or the ones with bigger diameters.
That's why I chose NEO Glamour Blue when suggested their sponsorship.
I have tried this model in Brown color as well as its sister model Queen in Grey and enjoyed their delicate designs and natural effects.
(BTW, I think it is very nice of them letting me choose a design of my choice.)

NEO Glamour Blue 

L'Oreal True Match Lumi Healthy Luminous Makeup

Apr 21, 2013

This was a total impulse buy enabled by a huge sale going on at the moment.
I have been impressed by L'Oreal products lately and I "thought" I needed a new foundation with lighter finish.
(Of course, I need no such thing as "new foundation" since I have enough that would last me for years.)
Although impulse buys almost always turn out to be waste of money, I really really like this foundation and I have been wearing this daily since. (:o)

L'Oreal True Match
Lumi Healthy Luminous Makeup
Porcelain (W 1-2)

Review - OMG Nail Strips Polish Strips

Apr 14, 2013

I have tried OMG Nail Strips "Foil" Strips a while ago, and I was not very impressed with them due to the difficulty of application.
It was a shame since foil strips are more durable and these particular strips were priced very reasonably compared to those Sally Hansen Strips, for example.

This company recently have contacted me again for reviews on their polish strips.
They also said they soon would be discontinuing the foil strips since they have gotten negative feedback regarding the application, which I find quite refreshing. 

OMG Polish Strips in Purple Leopard
(shared via Instagram)

Swatch, Review - L'Oreal Colour Caresse Wet Shine Stain Pink Perseverance

Mar 26, 2013

I think this is the last one of the series for a while although I cannot guarantee anything.
(I still look at those swatch pictures occasionally and daydream about getting some more..)

Pink Perseverance would be probably the least favored color from the bunch for being super sheer and almost invisible on.
I even read a review saying it is like "clear glue", but it actually sounded intriguing to me.
Plus I knew the color would warm up and deepen at least a little from my experience with other colors from the same line.

"Mama, am I the ugly duckling..?"

Swatch, FOTD - L'Oreal Infallible Eyeshadow Continuous Cocoa

Mar 22, 2013

It has been a while since the last time I bought a new Infallible eyeshadow although I have done a series of swatch on them before and I do like them a lot.
I guess I subconsciously blocked myself from looking for more colors from the limited editions or the foreign versions, cause it is simply frustrating. (Darn you, L'Oreal).

Continuous Cocoa is not a new color and honestly I wasn't really interested in this dark (almost) matte one being a shimmer lover.
I included this in my order since it was on sale plus I read somewhere this could be used to fill brows.
Curiosity, yes. :)

L'Oreal Infallible Continuous Cocoa
(Quite uninteresting looking, isn't it?)

Editorial - Pale Cheeks

Mar 16, 2013

"Editorial" is a bit misleading for this look since it requires less makeup items and no special technique.
In fact, this is one of the looks I have worn many times except I am not wearing any blush on my cheeks this time.
Last week, I ended up looking ghostly pale and  even a little goth because I did not have time to put on the "usual stuff" in the morning.
(No doubt I am a vain person but I still choose sleep over makeup.)

FOTD - Pale Cheeks

Swatch, Review - L'Oreal Colour Caresse Wet Shine Stain Rose On And On

Mar 2, 2013

This is my third Wet Shine Stain.
I guess I don't need to repeat how much I love this lippie. :)

Rose On And On is the most wearable and versatile color among the three I own.
It is a rather warm toned medium pink with shimmer.

L'Oreal Colour Caresse Wet Shine Stain Rose On And On

Review - Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Cream Whitening SPF 50+ PA+++

Feb 10, 2013

I love my Biore UV Bright Face Milk and still think I can use this on my combination skin during the colder months (This winter in New York has not been so bad anyway (knocking on wood)).
The thing is I waited until the last drop and it would take at least two weeks to get another one since I usually order it from Asian sellers.
I should do something about this bad habit of waiting until the last minute, but anyway I had to buy something from a U.S based shop cause sunscreen is a life or death matter, right?
I found this from Imomoko.

Biore UV AQUA Rich Watery Cream Whitening SPF 50+ PA+++ 

Swatch, FOTD - Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick Red Lacquer

Jan 30, 2013

A small package was waiting for me a couple nights ago when I came home after another brutal work day.
First I thought it was weird since I have not ordered anything recently.
Turns out it was a Super Lustrous lipstick sent from Revlon enclosed with a small card saying "Use this product to complete your next Expression Experiment Challenge.".

I did participated in the Revlon look challenge a few times before, but I have no idea how they found out where to send it.
(I guess I have disclosed my address while I was using the FaceBook app. I don't have much complaint since it is a lipstick not a bomb sent to me.)

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick Red Lacquer

Swatch, FOTD - L'Oreal Colour Caresse Wet Shine Stain Pink Rebellion

Jan 20, 2013

I can't believe another week flew by without a single post.
I recently took up on another job (on top of the gazillion things I am doing) and it has been taking a lot of time.

It is a little too soon to write another post on Wet Shine Stain, but I have been reaching for this almost everyday and this has been a godsend for my hectic schedule.
Also, the second color I picked up, Pink Rebellion shows up quite different on my lips and the color payoff is different as well compared to the Infinite Fuchsia (reviewed HERE).
I am just going to talk about the color and its sheerer consistency in this post.

L'Oreal Colour Caresse Wet Shine Stain Pink Rebellion

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