Review - Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips

I am not much into nail arts or crackle polishes myself although I appreciate creativity and efforts of other fellow nail bloggers and love looking at their NOTD pics. :)
However, I did want to try these to see how they would work for me. I thought it would be an easy solution if I want different looks on my nails without having to spend too much time and effort. ;p

There are 26 different colors and designs available in the core collection plus those Halloween patterns that came out recently.
I picked up No. 360 Laced Up from the drugstore downstairs and paid about $9.50 for it.
The set includes 16 nail strips of different size and shape (packaged again in 2 separate sealed containers), a mini nail file, a short wood stick, and instruction.

I don't have a series of pictures showing how to apply them (I was too busy putting on the strips. ;o), but here is the link of the video that shows how-to.

Official Video - Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips

And here is my thoughts...

You can get tons of different designs relatively easily.
The application itself is not super-easy - it took more time than applying regular polishes at least for me, then I am quite good at polishing my nails. - but it is easy compared to having to stamp and paint tiny dots and lines. The strips are flexible and forgiving, you can even adjust and straighten out little mistakes quickly.
Looks sophisticated and real. At least it doesn't look like you put some stickers on your nails.
Long lasting. I added a layer of topcoat and it lasted for a good week. (10 days would be a bit exaggerating?)

Expensive. The price is a little steep for a drugstore polish not to mention it would be just for one application.
I don't know what is up with including only 16 strips. If it is to cover possibly different nail shapes, let us have more than 20 so we can use this for 2 manis. I am left with 5 strips, which have to be discarded according to Sally Hansen because they will dry out. They could skip the file and the stick if they please.
Another downside is that this product can't be for everybody whatever it says on the box. Nail shapes just vary in so many different ways, in my opinion.

Here is my NOTD using this product in Laced Up (360)

This black and pale beige lace design is very pretty. They look like crackled polish from a far, unfortunately.

I do think this is a user-friendly somewhat revolutionary(?) product and it serves it's purpose. (It is a moo point for me to get a plain shade in this, though.)
However, I don't think I would try this again anytime soon especially because I didn't find too many designs that attract me.

Have you tried this? What is your thoughts? ;)


  1. been reading slot bout this and yes i do have to agree that the price is a little steep. for that price i could get a full bottle of nail polish :/ but the design is so effortless and pretty :D

  2. yeah, investing on a nice bottle of butter london polish sounds better to me at this point.
    i think it would be useful if you are into detailed nail designs but don't have the skills yet? :)
    i also like the leopard prints from the line. i might try that next time!

  3. haven't tried the once from sally hansen before, but they are looking good :D quite expensive though :(

  4. yeah. i really think they should either give us more strips or lower the price. hmmph.
    SH used to be so affordable with tons of good products, i recall..

  5. Oh wow, those look great on you!! I remember seeing those and wanting to try them actually but idk if I want to pay that much for foil on my nails. haha I did buy some cheapies off of eBay though. Wonder if the quality will be the same!

  6. that's exactly why I haven't bought these. haha BUT, I did find some on eBay much cheaper. Can't wait to test them out. :P

  7. yes indeed =.=" going to check it on ebay as well xD

  8. hi! thanks for stopping by~. :)
    please do let us know how you like your purchase. i didn't know there are alternatives. now i am curious.

  9. ok..on to ebay i go~~. ;p

  10. I'll be blogging about them for sure! They're not supposed to arrive for another week or so though. "/

  11. i followed you. won't miss it! :)

  12. Omg they look amazing!! I've tried the sephora nail patches and find them way too expensive for what they are. Plus, they're such a pain to get off...but they sure look gorgeous lol xx

  13. i know what you're saying and i agree!
    SH ones are hard to remove as well. it is annoying since they show minor wears really quickly but hard to remove!
    i am sticking with plain polishes :)


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