Jan 30, 2013

Swatch, FOTD - Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick Red Lacquer

A small package was waiting for me a couple nights ago when I came home after another brutal work day.
First I thought it was weird since I have not ordered anything recently.
Turns out it was a Super Lustrous lipstick sent from Revlon enclosed with a small card saying "Use this product to complete your next Expression Experiment Challenge.".

I did participated in the Revlon look challenge a few times before, but I have no idea how they found out where to send it.
(I guess I have disclosed my address while I was using the FaceBook app. I don't have much complaint since it is a lipstick not a bomb sent to me.)

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick Red Lacquer

This is a part of the Shanghai Collection 2012 Fall by Gucci Westman, so it is a bit late to get my hands on this.
It is a freebie so again, I have no complaint! ;)

Red Lacquer is a bright orange red and categorized in the pearl range.

It is very sheer and balmy compared to other Super Lustrous lipsticks I have tried.
It is clearly a warm toned red but it has some pink undertone as well.
The shimmer (pearl) is not very visible.

One coat

Two coats

As you see in the lip swatch pics, it is very easy to control the color intensity.
It is a wearable and cheerful red which is perfect for daytime wear.
(In the Ad, Emma is supposedly wearing this shade, but I think it is quite misleading. This color is way warmer and sheerer than the color you see on her.)

On the card, it also says "Step out of your comfort zone and try exciting new looks".
This is right on especially for me since I am kinda afraid of wearing lipsticks with warmer undertone like this.
However, I was pleasantly surprised cause it is very easy to wear without having to look too much (this is the usual issue I have with red lipsticks).

Here are a couple of FOTDs with Red Lacquer.
(To think about it, the name is a little misleading as well. )

(I have realized I abuse this angle. Oh, well..)

Have you tried this particular shade from the Revlon Super Lustrous range?
What is your out-of-comfort-zone lipstick color?

(Thanks, Revlon!)

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  1. It looks beautiful on you Lena - I can never have too many SL lipsticks!

  2. Lauren DewarMarch 17, 2013

    OMG, this colour is wonderful!! Looks beautiful on fair skin.

    Did you catch the price of this lipstick? Need to try it for myself. :)

    Your latest follower, Lauren x

  3. vittoria ottavianoMarch 17, 2013

    wow, I love this color

  4. lol. i agree! love SL lipsticks. they are beeter than mac in my opinion. ;)

  5. Steamy NailsMarch 17, 2013

    That lipstick looks so nice on you! I love classic reds <3

  6. it's really pretty lena. as you've shown, it's very buildable too! so glad you received a sample of it. hope you get MORE! hahaha

  7. thanks, Kim!
    i am wearing this today as well. :)
    i hope the same thing. lol lol

  8. Found your blog through instagram. It's beautiful!

  9. hi Melody!
    thanks for finding me! :)

  10. Raimar GuevaraMarch 17, 2013

    Oh sweetie this red looks really cute and no too dark is lovely-



  11. Denise YinMarch 17, 2013

    this color is gorgeous! i love poppy reds like this... i'm also not a fan of revlon pearles, but its its not very noticeable in this

  12. oh "poppy red" that's the word! :)
    i agree. i only like revlon creme/matte lipsticks but this one is surprisingly nice. ^-^

  13. Love the lip swatches! It's such a pretty wearable red.

  14. thank you, Blair! i agree! :)

  15. This is such a lovely red on you! It's soft somehow which suits your skin tone so well :). I love it with two layers, perfect!

  16. thank you, Teri :)
    this is a bright color but has some pink thrown in. a sheer version of revlon Fire & Ice, i think.

  17. mmm. This is very very pretty. Your comment about lipstick vs bomb was really funny to me.

  18. thank you!
    i don't know why i felt a little violated although i was so happy to get a free lipstick! lol
    (and this is why i hate FB..;p)

  19. memoiselle memoiselleMarch 17, 2013

    Lena, why are you so pretty? I love coral and pink colors on your lips, this one looks just perfect on you too!

  20. lol is is Meryl or Monica? ^-^ thanks so much! :)
    i want to wear more of the warm colors thanks to your encouragement. ;)

  21. Victoria EMarch 17, 2013

    This looks lovely on you!

  22. thank you, Victoria :)

  23. Goodness me, the colour is so luxe and it really suits you.

  24. awww thank you very much, Valentine! ^-^

  25. I have a few reds but not this one. Looks so pretty on you!

  26. thank you, Liz!
    i was pleasantly surprised cause i wouldn't have bought it myself. ;)

  27. wow the color is so bright and pretty!!!

  28. I haven't tried this shade but your hair! Have you curled it? It looks amazing. I think, even if it's warm it suits you very well :) I really had to laugh at the first part of your post, was kinda funny to read the 'ok, they sent it to me ... facebook app ... address' thing :D In the last picture, you remind me of those beautiful women in a vintage ad. Your blush seems to be just perfect for this look! Adorable :) And I love that angle <3

  29. hi Claire! thank you so much. you're too sweet. ^-^
    honestly i don't do much about my hair..it is naturally a little curly and looks curlier right after shampoo then it calms down after a couple hours so people think i have straight hair. weird but very convenient for me. lolz.
    i feel i need to do a little more for my hair since the texture changes as i am getting older.

    i appreciate your kind comment. yours makes "the compliment" of the week! ^-^

  30. Haha that's too funny & kind of bizarre they just knew your address. I'm surprised by how non-visible the pearl is, which to me is a good thing. Pretty classic shade

  31. thank you, Catherine!
    there must have been a fine prints when i checked the "i agree" box using the app.
    on the other hand, it is about time since i've bought tons of revlon lippies..;p

  32. Lieya ABDUL JALILMarch 17, 2013

    oh i like how it suite your face :)

  33. Oh Lena, I think you pull this warm lipstick off just as well!

  34. thanks for another encouragement, Sunny! ^-^

  35. Beautiful color!! i think it is a really nice Everday Kind of red.. It Looks moisturizing as well on your lips ;))

  36. thank you!
    yes. it feels pretty good on and doesn't dry out my lips. very easy to wear! :D

  37. Mishelle's Sleepy TimeMarch 17, 2013

    Very pretty! I would have to say the purple lip tar I own. It's lovely but a bit crazy for every day!

  38. oooh you're right! purple lippies could be tricky although i need to get a real purple one..haha

  39. loved the color, suits you so pretty ^_~

  40. Chelsea SadlerMarch 17, 2013

    I love their Super Lustrous lipsticks, but I have only tried the creme formulas. That is a beautiful color on you!

  41. thank you!
    i was surprised cause all the other colors i've tried (especially the cremes) are way more pigmented. ;)
    i am actually glad this is sheer, though.

  42. It's a gorgeous colour !

  43. that is such a pleasant surprise..and i agree at least it wasn't a bomb..love the red..looks great on you!:)

  44. hehe..i get tons of mystery mails but i don't know why i felt a little violated(?) by this. silly me, right?
    thanks, Debi!

  45. Looks nice. :) Kind of reminds a tinted lip balm ..? But really cute shade. :)

    Indie by heart

  46. thanks, Satu!
    it is a bit more pigmented than a tinted lip balm but pretty sheer. lasting power is so so, though. ;)

  47. I was surprised to see how sheer this is because (as you said) the name suggests it'd be pretty opaque, right?

  48. hi Sarah!!!!
    good to hear from you. i just saw your beautiful baby's pic on your FB page.
    (i wanted to comment but my FB page is just a page, it didn't allow me.)

  49. It is sheerer than I expected, but very pretty! I really want to see you with a saturated, warm red lip, Lena! I think it would look GORGEOUS with your complexion and flawless skin :)

  50. i was totally surprised cause i was expecting super pigmented color. ;)
    and i appreciate your encouragement! usually i look scary(?) when i wear such colors but i am liking warmer colors more and more nowadays.
    i will try the new look and do a post titled "thanks to Larie...." ^-^

    have a nice weekend! xoxo

  51. It looks good on you! This colour looks like Cyndi from MAC which I'm looking for its good replacement because it's one of limited edition. I will check if my local drugstore have one XD

  52. thank you!
    and i am so glad you mentioned the resemblance cause i wanted to get Cyndi!
    i have a dupe from e.l.f. but i think this would be close as well. :)

  53. Oh I LOVE this color, especially on you! o: It looks like it builds nicely~

  54. thank you, JunJun!
    i agree with you. it builds very nicely without looking blotchy. :)

  55. Lovely lovely Lena! I havnt seen you wear a shade badly, ever. This is beautiful on you. Glad it wasn't a bomb either, haha

  56. thank you so much, Taylor! :)
    i was happy to get a new lipstick but at the same time i felt a little weird about it? lolz
    i will experiment warmer colors more in the future. thanks for the encouragement!

  57. LOL at your comment about your last picture - you rock that angle girl! :)


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