Aug 2, 2013

Swatch, FOTD - Rouge Bunny Rouge Long-Lasting Eye Shadow Snowy Egret, Delicate Hummingbird

Here is what I don’t recommend – not blogging over a month!

True I am still struggling with my insane schedule, but I must say it was more difficult to do a new post because I have stopped for long.

I almost never lose my stuff but last month I did lose my makeup bag full of Paul & Joe goodies, which I still feel sour about yet this was a perfect excuse for me to haul some new products.
I went ahead and ordered some Rouge Bunny Rouge pretties from this time.
It was not my first time ordering from the site but the customer service I received was especially nice. I suspect (in a pleasant way) that they read my tweet about having lost my makeup bag since they sent me a very pretty Paul & Joe cosmetic pouch filled with wonderful samples.

Rouge Bunny Rouge haul from
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(BTW, the price on Beautyhabit is more affordable than from the UK Rouge Bunny Rouge site. Why is that?)

Today, I just want to talk about two eye shadow colors I got (so I have some more left for next posts…).

Rouge Bunny Rouge Long-Lasting eye shadow Delicate Hummingbird

I had to get this famous purplish taupe although I was almost sure I had something like this somewhere in my stash.
This is more purple and has a bit of metallic sheen compared to NARS Lhasa for instance.
The texture is very smooth and creamy so the color blends in beautifully.
I was initially drawn to the newest color Eclipse Eagle (which is supposedly a darker sister), but I am glad I chose Delicate Hummingbird instead cause it is a more versatile color that I can wear as a sheer wash or a main color for deeper smoky looks.
(Frankly though, I am kicking myself for not having bought both.)

Rouge Bunny Rouge Long-Lasting eye shadow Snowy Egret

Snowy Egret is probably the most interesting and prettiest light color I have seen in a while. It is described as “smoked palest gold iridescence”.
Perfect for blending out those harsh smoky edges and giving depths to the look.

I did not use any primer on my arm. You can tell how pigmented they are.

L to R
Delicate Hummingbird & Snowy Egret

I forgot to take a close-up pic on my eye makeup, but here are a couple of overall looks I put together using these two colors.

It seems that the fat from my cheeks are migrating to my tummy, which is utterly unjust. (ugh!)

Have you tried this particular eye shadow colors from Rouge Bunny Rouge?
What others are your favorites?

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