Mar 16, 2013

Editorial - Pale Cheeks

"Editorial" is a bit misleading for this look since it requires less makeup items and no special technique.
In fact, this is one of the looks I have worn many times except I am not wearing any blush on my cheeks this time.
Last week, I ended up looking ghostly pale and  even a little goth because I did not have time to put on the "usual stuff" in the morning.
(No doubt I am a vain person but I still choose sleep over makeup.)

FOTD - Pale Cheeks

I am currently using the Dermalogica ChromaWhite  products, and I think this regimen is working pretty well for me since I notice my skin tone is evened out and brighter after 3 weeks of use.
So I decided to skip the foundation in that morning and bravely left my place just wearing black eyeliner and dark wine-y lips.

I must say I felt self conscious all day yet liberated for some reason.
To think about it, there was a time I did not own any blush because all I needed was a lipstick and a mascara. 
(Oh yes, and I only owned three lipsticks or something. Everyone remember that  time? )

I think it is probably the strong color contrast, but I even  fetched a couple of compliments which made me want to recreate the look (with more makeup, of course).

I would still say it is an editorial look because it does NOT look natural and somewhat striking. 
Surprisingly, you look more "done" although you use less makeup.
"Natural barely there" kinda look requires more time, makeup and techniques in my humble opinion.

What is your absolute makeup essentials on a busy morning? ;)

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