Jan 20, 2013

Swatch, FOTD - L'Oreal Colour Caresse Wet Shine Stain Pink Rebellion

I can't believe another week flew by without a single post.
I recently took up on another job (on top of the gazillion things I am doing) and it has been taking a lot of time.

It is a little too soon to write another post on Wet Shine Stain, but I have been reaching for this almost everyday and this has been a godsend for my hectic schedule.
Also, the second color I picked up, Pink Rebellion shows up quite different on my lips and the color payoff is different as well compared to the Infinite Fuchsia (reviewed HERE).
I am just going to talk about the color and its sheerer consistency in this post.

L'Oreal Colour Caresse Wet Shine Stain Pink Rebellion

As you see, Pink Rebellion is a medium blue-based pink from the tube.

This is one swipe on my arm.
It feels cool and watery on contact and has sheerer consistency compared to Infinite Fuchsia.
What is interesting is that the color still shows up pink which is true to the color from tube.

I waited for about 10 minutes and wiped it off.
Lighter yet visible stain is left behind.

However, It is a very different story once applied on my lips.
It turns almost immediately into a light blue based red on my lips!
(I thought my cosmetic world tuned upside down when I put this on for the first time. ;o)

Initial application
Still pink but warmer than the color you see from the tube

This is how it looks after 5 minutes or so.
The color is very natural and even but significantly warmer and red!

I was shocked in the beginning but I ended up liking this color a lot, even more than Infinite Fuchsia.
It goes on quite sheer so I would need a couple coats, but it covers very evenly and the lasting powder is just fantastic. 
I am not sure if this color has the same effect on others cause I do notice my lips pull red and pink more.
Considering that stain products do turn darker and more intense once applied, I think it is reasonable to expect some color discrepancy.
(This could mean that we can't really rely on the arm swatches for this product at least, although we greatly appreciate those.)

Here are a couple of FOTDs I managed to snap this week.
Both of them are with neutral eyes with Pink Rebellion, and this refreshing rosy color helped me not to look so tired all the time (I was, though!).

(Why, why did I take the job...?)

(I guess I can buy more lippies...yes, that makes sense.)

Thanks for looking.
Wishing everyone a great week! :)

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  1. Good luck with the new job! Wear this lipgloss to it, it's such a great neutral one! :)

  2. thank you, Isabelle!
    i am actually happy with the color that shows up on my lips. still loving it and wearing it often. ;)

  3. i've heard a lot about these l'oreal colour stains. i have to try them out too - really love the color you got!:) a super pretty pink <3

  4. This looks lovely Lena! I am just in for anything pink! So cool! :)
    Happy weekend dear!

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  5. that's a very pretty color! i haven't tried out the l'oreal stains yet. i have heard a lot about it though and i guess i need by myself one too;) lots of love xx

  6. thanks!
    i think now they are available everywhere. hope you like it, too! :)

  7. Hi Lena!!I didn't use it yet but I want to buy one!!

  8. hi Moeri! go pick one up. i know you will like it! :D

  9. You pull off this color so well!!! I've seen so many positive reviews on the range. Does it stay put well?

  10. thank you, Joanne!
    yes, i think it last very well. i only need a couple of light touch ups throughout the day. ;)

  11. wow this color is really pretty on you! the formulation looks really good quality and the applicator sort of reminds me of the YSL stains
    great review :)



  12. thank you very much!
    this particular one is much easier to wear and control even compared to the other color from the same range.
    i'd recommend this shade. ;)

  13. Karen ChinMarch 17, 2013

    I like the look of this lip stain's applicator! The shade looks like a scary bright fuchsia in the tube but it is very pretty on your lips, love how the shade turned out :)


  14. i agree! i like the applicator better than the ysl one. very easy to control.
    yeah, and i think i like the color on my lips better than the one from the tube which is a bit artificial looking. ;)

  15. Lol! You'll get used to the job routine and we'll be happy to see more lipsticks featured. This looks awesome on you! I'm definitely going to snag a few of these when they go on sale. :)

  16. haha i hope so..;)
    right now, i am behind my blogging and readings..but hopefully i will be blogging like before.

  17. the color is soo gorgeous on you!! its such a pretty pink!! i love it!!!

  18. thanks very much, Ore! :)

  19. SUSAN HANGMarch 17, 2013

    this is such a pretty pink! I might need to go buy it now :)


  20. thank you!
    i think i will repurchase when i use this up which would be a rare thing. ;)

  21. So I just found your post googling swatches and immediately ran out to buy one for myself LOL. It looks quite different on me than it does on you, but I'm obsessed all the same. Now I want the rest of the shades oh god....

  22. hi! :)
    thanks for finding me. ^----^
    i think it is really interesting how these turn colors on lips and individually differently as well.
    i wanna get lighter colors for myself, too! ;)

  23. it looks really sheer on your hand swatch, but once applied, it is actually not that sheer! interesting ;)
    oh and good luck for your new job!

  24. i layered a couple with this shade which is quite different from the initial one i bought. that one, i have to sheer out. so i guess there is inconsistency depends on colors. i prefer sheer ones, though.
    thanks for your warm wishes, Pam! :)

  25. Looks beautiful o your white skin color <3


  26. thank you, Natalie! :)

  27. Raimar GuevaraMarch 17, 2013

    The color changed really wow but I like it because looks antural and cute!



  28. thank you!
    i like the changed color as well. :)

  29. I just got the Lilac Ever after the other day. It's more of a mauve color but I only applied once coat and it doesn't do much on staining. So today went to get Infinite Fuchsia and quite like it. Stood at Walmart to do swatches for 15 minutes and finally decided what the color is is not going to be what shows up on my lips. I just wish I could swatch all the different shades on my lips before committing to buy any. Pink Rebellion looks so nice on you.

  30. i wanted to get the lilac ever but stopped reminding myself it is a mauve! lolz.
    i think the darker colors are more staining which kinda makes sense. :)
    i will try a couple more shades from this range and will update. they might turn completely different as well!

  31. OMG so gorgeous on you! ^________^

  32. Ooh I love it! This is the one I couldn't get my hands on. I also felt the light colors were a bit inconsistent on this lips... Luckily this turned out gorgeous! Your such a beauty!, xxoo

  33. thank you, Taylor! :)
    still i struggle to pull off lippies with full color but i am kinda over lipglosses..so this is just perfect for me. i have to sheer out darker colors but this one is just perfect. i actually see myself using it up. ;p

  34. lovely color, and i LOVE your hair in the pictures

  35. you are so beautiful! I don't like those caresse stains as a 'stain', to me they are a better lipgloss actually. I have one (juliet) and it is ok, as I said, a great lipgloss. The lighter colours were meh on me, they haven't left any stain actually and my lips aren't very pigmented.

  36. thank you! you're so sweet, Claire :)
    i think i agree with you. it would have passed fine as a great lipgloss as it is. i suspect the lighter colors would be more so since they stain less?
    anyways, i can't wait to get more of these. ;)

  37. The packaging looks elegant ;) the shade is very pretty too ;)

  38. i agree! and i don't mind gold packing in this, either. it looks better than the lipstick from the same line. :)

  39. This does look prettyyy!I want to pick up some of the lighter colors. I finally found this in stores! I was so excited I didn't have to get it offlineee.

  40. i am happy for you!
    the red and the plum would look lovely on you. i am interested in lighter ones as well. :)

  41. Mishelle's Sleepy TimeMarch 17, 2013

    I can't wait to try some of these, they look amazing :)

  42. thank you, Mishelle!
    hope you can get yours soon. i know they'd look beautiful on you. :)

  43. Lo JessicaMarch 17, 2013

    The colour looks really nice on you :D
    I also find it really weird how it turns red and darker on the lips but not anywhere else

  44. thank you!
    and i appreciate your feedback as well. i am glad we can help others to make informed color choices. :)

  45. Vivian NguyenMarch 17, 2013

    It looks amazing on you! I like how it isn't too bold like that previous one if you are feeling like a more natural look, but want some colour on your lips.

  46. thank you, Vivi!
    i totally agree with you. this color is much easier to wear although i like the other one as well. i like this isn't too flashy but still grabs attentions, too. :)

  47. I wore the same shade today, I got similar result as you in color on my lips. It looks nothing like it looks in the tube, pretty interesting!

  48. oh i am glad i am not the only one, Rola!
    i guess it is very common in stain products. almost everything i've tried does the same thing. darker colors especially! :)

  49. This shade is so you lena! I really love these glossy lipstains, I'm actually buying two more shades soon! Oh and good luck with the new job hon!

  50. thank you, Teri!
    i wonder how they compare to the european versions. i am still jealous of the fancy names, though. lol
    thanks for your warm wish! :)

  51. awww you are so kind! :D
    i am totally smitten by this hybrid lippie. i wanna get more, too!

  52. You are so pretty, Lena :) The color change is interesting! I do think it is very refreshing and clean. I want to buy another couple of shades, myself.

  53. Beautiful color!

    /Stephanie / http:// mydarlingsolitude.blogspot.com

  54. I like the after-5-min colour! It makes you look not so tired all the time while you work, and that's definitely plus for you =) Professional and energetic look I think. Though I hope you don't get tired so much and don't need any 'cover' for that.

  55. thank you! :D
    i am a freelancer so my schedule could get hectic all of a sudden.
    i would get used to the new work and have more time for blogging soon.
    thanks for the warm wishes. xoxo

  56. It's a really pretty color Lena! Much lighter than what I thought! Looks good!

  57. it is quite sheer but the color is buildable! i like it a lot.
    thanks as always, Kim :)

  58. Looks completely different on your lips. INteresting...Pretty color though.

  59. i know, right?
    thank you!

  60. I'm hoping to get my first of these soon - a friend is bringing one back from HK so I can try it before it launches here in Australia :)

  61. yay! i am excited for you.
    i think it is really a great hit for the new 2013 spring season. i wanna get more for myself, too!

  62. great review lena..
    u look pretty as always

  63. thank you, Camilla! xoxo

  64. Hey Lena,
    You pull this color very well. I have seen your few FOTDs and I think pink suits you very well. You have a very beautiful skin btw :)

  65. thank you very much!
    pink is my favorite for lippies and blush colors. :)
    i think the skin part has a lot to do with good lighting and makeup, though. ;p

  66. I don't think I know anyone who wears a pink a lippy as well as you Lena! Your hair looks gorgeous too!

    Rowena @ rolala loves
    Enter my Shabby Apple Necklace Giveaway!

  67. hi Rowena!
    thanks so much for your compliment. i do love pink lippies. ^-^


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