Nov 9, 2013

NOTD, Review - Clinique A Different Enamel Black Honey

A Saturday manicure post with Clinique A Different Enamel Black Honey...

I got this as a part of the Black Honey Set and immediately fell in love with this classic vamp color.
Yes, I probably have more than ten bottles of vampy creme like this, but I still think it makes a nice addition to my collection.
You know how the little difference in finish and depth makes all the difference in the world, right? (and this is why our stashes are getting bigger and bigger..)

Clinique A Different Enamel Black Honey
I snapped this with my iPhone camera and was surprised!
Pretty nice, eh? 

Being the nail polish line from a brand that is famous for hypoallergenic products, A Different Enamel boasts to be suitable for people with sensitive skin and "5-Free" as well.
I am not terribly fussy about the bad chemicals in nail polishes (since we often end up using the base and top coat that contain some; disturbing but true..), but it is certainly nice to know a beautiful color like this is free of them.

The problem with "Big 3 free" polishes is that the application and the wear usually suck the big time.
I actually expected Black Honey to be terrible especially because of its jelly finish, but I was surprised to find that the application wasn't half bad.

two coats and topped with Seche Vite top coat

Sure, the first coat was a little thick and streaky and there are some cuticle drags, but this is quite nice compared to some of the polishes with jelly finish (think essie Clutch Me If You Can).

I personally think the Clinique A Different Enamel is priced rather reasonably and I just saw some gorgeous neutrals and beige on the site (*sighs*).
They are something to consider if you have sensitive skin or nose (or eyes).

Thanks for reading.
Have you tried Black Honey polish?
What is your favorite classic vamp polish with jelly finish?

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