Review, Swatch - Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butter

Lazy Sunday afternoon is perfect for playing with your new lippies. :)
I've had a headache all day so I ditched my usual Sunday rehearsal and swatched my new Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butters instead.

Overall, they are great great drugstore lip colors with excellent feel and wear.
I have this unrealistic expectation built up for these since everybody was raving about them, so I admit I was a tiny bit underwhelmed, but that does not mean these are just okay products.
I repeat, they are great! :D

They feel quite moisturizing and I love how they feel so light on lips.
These give you light to medium coverage with a little bit of sheen and fade away nicely.
(Interesting thing is that these lip butters feel almost the same as my ColorBurst Lipstick in Candy Pink which is a lot sheerer than other ColorBurst Lipsticks.)

My only complaint is that it seems the colors are nothing new and looks like they are recycled from Revlon's other lip products. Then, I realize I can't really complain about this since Revlon has such a wide range of lip colors and I enjoy many of them.  ;)

Now, on to the swatches..

super-pale lilac shade
very chic and pretty, but you'd look completely washed out without proper eye makeup and blush
It is very close to Revlon Super Lustrous Lipgloss in Lilac Pastelle
You can see the color shows up on my lips is pretty close to the color of cap.

Cotton Candy
This is very pretty pink with bit of champagne shimmer.
girly pink that is very easy to wear.
I think it is a little boring, though.

Sweet Tart
It is my favorite out of the six colors I have.
bright pink with coral undertone.
(I am sorry, I did everything to fix the excessive blue undertone, but  this lip swatch is still not accurate.)
This is very very close to my ColorBurst lipstick in Candy Pink color. oh, well...

Cherry Tart
cherry red with glitters. 
The glitters are not very noticeable and the color is quite sheer. 
This would be nice for those who are afraid to wear full-coverage red lip colors. :)

Raspberry Pie
It is not a fuchsia color as it may appear in the picture. 
I think the name is about right. ;)
It is a nice pure raspberry color with sheer but buildable coverage.
The color payoff is very good.

Pink Truffle
This is a medium brown with pink undertone that is so perfectly office-appropriate.
I can see myself wearing this a lot to my downtown work. :)
(This swatch is pretty accurate.)

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  1. Pink truffle is the most beautiful colour. xD After seeing all these blog posts about these lipsticks I want them so much, have to wait for them to hit Australia I guess.

  2. Great swatches, i love them all! I really want to buy these =) I saw them at Target and was contemplating, so now I think i will go for it! Thanks!

  3. woowww these aree such nice colors!!! i love them all!!

  4. Ah I really like Pink Truffle! I still think Cotton Candy is my favorite though. I just love how it's such a cute pink :3 I wanted to get Cupcake but I haven't seen it yet ):

  5. The last three look the best on you!

  6. These are quite pigmented for what they are.. usually buttery lipsticks are more balmy than anything =p They look really good on you, especially Pink Truffle Cherry Tart :D

  7. i've been obsessed with these!!!! i love pink truffle on u. looks quite unique! :D

  8. i like the pink truffle on you for everyday wear :D very natural! sweet tart for a pop of color :D

  9. love the pink truffle! I still haven't tried these yet :(

  10. It seems like everyone is raving about these....I want! Though Aus won't get them till next year.
    I was initially not too excited about these, the packaging really put me off because it looks so plastic but the formula sounds like a dream!

  11. i want them. although there not released in the uk yet ;( so jealous! all the colours are gorgeous!! i want them all lol (: !

    CMPang x

  12. i felt the same way until i finally found these. lol
    hope you can find they by the time you go back to uk! :)

  13. for the past couple of years, revlon really has impressed me!
    the packaging is not so bad. it actually has my favorite kind of coverage and feel. i tend to not wear something that doesn't feel good on my lips even if the color is so pretty. so this is perfect for me. ;)
    i heard l'oreal now has some lip butters, too. lol

  14. i am glad that i got pink truffle, too.
    i actually tried not to get all pinks and this color was my mandatory pick. haha :)

  15. i agree!
    i can see pink truffle would work for anybody. :)

  16. thank you. ;)
    now i wanna try other brown/plum shades thanks to pink truffle. lol

  17. i like the sheer but buildable coverage.
    also i think these in darker colors would be great options for faint hearts like myself. :D

  18. thanks. i think i agree with you. ;)

  19. i think cotton candy looks so pretty on you. perfetly sweet for sweet Miko. ;)
    i have this feeling that all other light pinks would be kind of similar, though.

  20. hmmm maybe i should get more...
    (enabled by Liwu....) ^-^;

  21. thank you!
    swatching is kinda fund once i get used to it. (confession - i thought it was tedious before. lol)
    now i am interested in darker colors more. do let me know if you like them yourself! :)

  22. pink truffle would look beautiful on you!
    it is very natural but has enough color, i can just wear simple eye makeup, too. :)

  23. XxxbeautyredefinedxxxDecember 12, 2011

    Oh my! I love your swatches! I love everything from Sweet Tart down. I stilI haven't bought them yet but I'm definitely planning on getting Pink Truffle

  24. I've seen lot of gurus raving this through utube..But haven't really seen the actual swatches..Look pretty nice though...I totally agree with you, they should have created new shades/color..the colors are quite neutral...But I love the last one though...appropriate for everyday use.hehe~...Thanks for sharing the swatches..=)

  25. Nice lipppiesss. You look good in every colour @_@ Envvvy. I always thought I look weird in some colours. I only suit like 1 or 2 lippies. T.T

  26. love the "Sweet Tart" color ^^

  27. I really need to color in my life. These lipstick might do the trick ;) thanks for entering my giveaway dear!

  28. my pleasure. :) thanks for hosting such a nice giveaway!
    i remember you looked so pretty with red lips in your pictures. you should definitely wear more colors on your pretty lips. ;)

  29. thank you, Fanny. it is my favorite, too! ^-^*

  30. aww thank you Aki for your nonsense. lol
    of course there are many many colors that wouldn't work for me no matter how much i want them to do!
    anywayz, you look pretty even just wearing clear lip balm. ;D

  31. i am sure there will be many more new colors added to the range and LEs, etc. just like the super lustrous lip glosses.
    i guess i happened to notice it because i love revlon lippies and have many of them. lol

    thanks for your comment, sweetie. :)

  32. hi! thanks for stopping by and leaving me your comments! :D
    yeah..i am liking the Pink Truffle color even more now since it is so easy to wear with anything. ;)

  33. Omg I've been meaning to try these, seems like everyone loves them! Cant wait to get my hands on some to play with! All the colors look gorgeous on you!

  34. Fabrizia SpinelliDecember 15, 2011

    Such a nice post, I enjoyed it a lot! I like your sense of style! Love the sweet tart!

    Take a look and if you want we can follow each others: Cosa mi metto???

  35. I currently have Raspberry pie and Lollipop. Based from your photos I need pink truffle and cherry tart!

    Check out my beauty blog :)

  36. abegail abundoDecember 16, 2011

    Sweet Tart color is so pretty. :)
    I want to get one too.


  37. I have to say that the color Cherry Tart is my favorite color!
    All are so amazing!

    Sakuranko Blog
    My Facebook Fan Page


  38. they have quite a few different red colors available. red velvet color looked pretty, too.
    thanks for your comment! :D

  39. hi!
    thanks for visiting and following.
    sweet tart is such a fresh color. i love it! :)

  40. i like lollipop color, too! i didn't get it though because i thought it was similar to colorburst fuchsia color which i already have.
    thanks for adding me to your list. you are on my list as well.
    have a nice weekend! :)

  41. hi!
    thanks for visiting and for your comment.
    i'll definitely check out your blog. thanks! :)

  42. thank you, Tiffany! :)
    i wanna get a couple more in darker colors. they are so easy to wear! ^-^

  43. Hello! I nominated you for the Versatile Blog Award!
    Check it out here;


  44. I love the lip butters! You have a great blog and I gave you the versatile blogger award! You can see my post here! http://julianneinjune.blogspot.com/2011/12/versatile-blogger-award.html

  45. hi, Julianne!
    thanks for visiting and adding me to your reading list. ;)
    i've done a similar award/tag recently, so i am going to pass this time.
    but thanks so much for your sweet nomination. i am going to your blog to read fun 7 facts about you. ;)

  46. hey Anel, thanks for nominating me. ^-^*
    i've done a similar one not too long ago, so i am going to pass this time. hope it's okay? ;-)
    (i do love the award button, though. hmmmm ;p)

  47. I love the ink truffle!

  48. it is one of my favorites out of the bunch! :)

  49. all colors look so pretty on your lips, I love cotton candy the most :D

  50. cotton candy would look very cute on you, i think! :)
    it is a very delicate color with tiny champagne shimmer. ^-^

  51. Eva_Chic_ProfessionalDecember 20, 2011

    Yay you found them! I remember you mentioned before that they were hard to find. I only bought one (Strawberry Shortcake) and I've been loving how moisturizing it is!
    Sweet Tart and Pink Truffle especially look stunning on you. Those are the colors I've been wanting to pick up. Hopefully they will suit me as well as they did on you.
    I totally agree with you on the color selection. I guess the R in Revlon means "recycle." But good thing the colors are nice!

  52. hey Eva, how are you? good to see you here. :)

    i am glad they are going to be in the core collections. i wouldn't need to look for them hard from now on. i just hope i won't get obsessed with LE colors in the future. lol
    thank God, Revlon has so many pretty lip colors, right? :P

  53. MelissahoepeiyingDecember 24, 2011

    pretty nice shades!! love them all!


  54. thanks!
    thanks for visiting. :)

  55. Pamela RidwanDecember 31, 2011

    oh I really really really want to try revlon lip butter!! but unfortunately revlon isn't available here in Berlin :(((

  56. i wish you extra luck on winning my giveaway, then!
    we will see how it goes and maybe i could send you a couple either way. ;)


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