Nov 29, 2013

Review - NAT. Skincare Agebloc Eye Gel, Eye Cream

In the olden days, treating the eye area was my number one priority in skincare and I did not hesitate to spend hundreds of dollars on a single item. It is because that was where I saw the first sign of aging and obviously I panicked. Anyone remember that feeling?
Sadly though, after spending so much money only to see very little result, I have become to disbelieve in the effectiveness of eye treatments in general.
It maybe a shock to some of you, but I haven't used eye cream for years.

So maybe I was in the perfect stage to try some of new eye treatments despite of my skeptical attitude towards "all" of them.
To be honest, when I was asked to try the NAT. Agebloc Eye Gel and Eye Cream, I started with no prejudice but with very little expectation.

NAT. FACE Agebloc Eye Gel & Eye Cream

NAT. is an Australian skincare brand that carries various skincare items as well as the aroma therapeutic and rosehip products.
Agebloc is their eye care range features the ingredient called "IBR Snowflake" that is supposedly a "botox alternative".
Of course, I was curious to see how this botox-like ingredient works since I don't consider the real botox injections as a beauty solution even in the future because of the pain. :o

I was generously offered to try both Gel and Cream.
These are sold separately but also come in a set with a cute pouch which is very well made and sturdy so I'd actually use it, by the way.

The packaging is nothing fancy but clean and practical.
Each contains 15 ml that would last me for a long time since I only need just a small amount for each application.

The Eye Gel is for the day time use.
According to NAT.,
NAT. Eye gel soothes and calms puffiness and dark circles thanks to the natural cucumber, chamomile, pansy and lime blossom extracts. Natural AHA’s along with powerful IBR SNOWFLAKE gently shed dead skin cells minimising fine lines and wrinkles.

This gel is clear and has no particular odor. It is very light in texture and absorbs in nicely. My eye area feels moisturized but not overly so that my sunscreen or makeup slides off or anything.
Whenever I use this gel, it feels slightly warmer and almost tingly. It is not the kind of discomfort or irritation, though.

The Eye Cream is meant for the nighttime use.
According to NAT.,
NAT. Eye cream is the latest in antiaging “botox alternative” treatments.
Rich in a newly discovered and botanically derived skincare ingredient called ‘IBR Snowflake’ from the dormant bulbs of the Summer Snowflake plant. This botox-like ingredient has been shown in clinical trials to effectively inhibit muscle contractions therefore helping to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It also has the ability to naturally slow down cell proliferation and therefore help promote a younger, healthier looking eye area.
The Eye Cream is quite light in texture as well.
I find the cream is emollient enough especially for its light airy texture. I like that it contains a low dosage of AHA which is an old school ingredient that has been working for me very well. You definitely want to avoid too much acid around your eyes, but when used right, AHA helps to gently exfoliate and retain more moisture.
Unlike some of the heavy cream, it does not cause any milia and I think my eyes look fresh and well-rested in the morning.

To explain my specific concerns, I am more worried about the tired looking sunken eyes than the wrinkles. As I get older, I see this whenever I did not get 8 hours of sleep (and that is 5 days a week.)
Being a disbeliever, at first I did not think it was the eye cream that made my eyelids look plump and more awake. I thought it was the salty instant ramen noodle soup that I ate the night before. LOL.
Now I am seeing the positive effects more consistently, so maybe it is the cream (and/or the gel)?

Have I seen the miracle?
No, but it has been only a few weeks since I started using them, and maybe it is unfair to judge an eye treatment after such a short period time.
What is more important is that the quiet yet positive result is clearly there for me to see, which has made me want to keep incorporating these in my current skincare regimen.
And I think they are quite reasonably priced even before the discount since we are talking about the eye treatments that seem to "work". ;)

NAT. Agebloc Eye Cream and Gel are available HERE, and it seems the site is running a great specials for the other items as well for the Thanksgiving week. :)

This post contains PR samples provided for editorial consideration.

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