Jan 6, 2013

Review - Amore Mamonde Total Solution Mineral Moisture BB Cream SPF 20 PA+

Today I have a quick review on this Korean BB cream that I am reaching for quite often lately.
This was a gift from my dear friend Pauline in Korea. :)

Mamonde is a sub brand of Amore Pacific and this BB cream seems quite popular. I see many online shops carry it.
I have seen it on eBay and sasa.com as well at very reasonable price.

Mamonde Total Solution Mineral Moisture BB Cream

I am going to be very honest here.
I do not like BB cream. 
(Or I haven't found "The BB cream" for me, yet.)
Maybe it is unfair to all those wonderful BB creams out there since I have only tried a handful of them.
I seem to have the same problems with the BB creams I have tried so I feel less enthusiastic about trying more of them, I guess. 
Plus, I don't really believe one single product can take care of everything nor believe I in the effective sun protection from wearing makeup only.

Saying all that, I actually like this BB cream. Maybe not "the BB cream" for me, but I still like it. :)

This is the backside of the tube.
Basically it is saying that this BB cream has triple functions of wrinkle care, whitening and sun protection .
(Really? A magic!)
This also promotes effective moisturizing with Mineral Complex and Mamonde Smart Flower Complex.
(I don't know what that is??)
It improves the skin texture and brightens the complexion so your skin will become(!) younger.
(Honestly, I can't believe half of it. Hope you guys are more optimistic than me..)

This BB cream also has the common problems I have experienced from others.
While the color match is pretty nice, my complexion doesn't really look any fresher or younger wearing it. 
It has the usual grey tint to it although it is much yellower than the other BB creams.
It still oxidize and my face looks darker than my actually skin color at the end of the day.

See? it is a pretty good match in the beginning. :)

What I really like about this BB cream is that my skin feels very comfortable wearing this.
It is not as densely pigmented and very easy to apply.
The finish is almost dewy and natural but I don't think it is greasy at all.
Being a moisturizing type of BB cream, I expected it to be terrible in oil control on my T-zone but it is also much better than my expectation.

I try to wear recommended amount of sunscreen (which is about 1 ml on your face - This is a lot. I have tried with a measuring spoon. Trust me.) and wait until it sets so I can benefit from the optimized protection, but sometimes I simply don't have time.
Since this BB cream has natural coverage and ease of the application, I can put on a sufficient amount without having to look like a clown face.
(A little sidetracked here, but I'd like to point out that slathering SPF 15 is better than skimping on SPF 55. Way better. Period.)
This easily helps me with my busy morning routine not to mention it feels just perfect in this dry cold winter.
I might repurchase it once I use up my small tube.

Have you tried this BB cream?
What is your favorite moisturizing BB cream for winter?

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