Jan 5, 2013

Swatch, FOTD - L'Oreal Colour Caresse Wet Shine Stain Infinite Fuchsia

I love my YSL Gloss Stain Violet Edition and actually think it is worth the price, but it is a different story if I am willing to spend on another one soon.
Like many of you, I was very excited about the new Wet Shine Stain from L'Oreal that is supposed to be a nice dupe of the YSL Gloss Stain.
With L'Oreal being a parent company of Yves Saint Laurent Cosmetics, I was even more excited. This would mean I can have this hybrid lippie in different colors without having to pay for $32 each!

My choice of color, Infinite Fuchsia (187) arrived a couple days ago, and it did not disappoint.
I can safely say this Wet Shine Stain is a nice affordable alternative to the YSL Glossy Stain if not identical.

L'Oreal Colour Caresse Wet Shine Stain Infinite Fuchsia
(with a guest appearance of her sister, Colour Caresse Lipstick Pink Plush)

I have read there is a difference in color payoffs, for example, Wet Shine Stain is sheerer than Gloss Stain.
Some say the L'Oreal version streaks less.
However, I did not really find a big difference in terms of how they apply or how long they last on lips. (They are both excellent!)
I think it depends more on the colors since the pigmentation and lasting power varies often even in the same product.

Here is the comparison of the applicators.

The shapes are different but basically in the same mechanism, I guess.
I prefer the L'Oreal one since the smaller applicator is easier to handle.

(L to R)
My temp tattoo
L'Oreal Colour Caresse Wet Shine Stain Infinite Fuchsia
Yves Saint Laurent Glossy Stain Violet Edition
(Oh, they are on my arm in case you are wondering....)

lip swatch
This is just one coat and sheered out.
I don't really like vinyl like shine and intense color in hybrid product like this, so this is pretty much how I wear it.

As you see in the first swatch picture, Infinite Fuchsia has quite a bit of red in it.
Once applied on lips, however, it becomes darker and more plumy.
It leaves a lingering stain that I find flattering even after the color becomes softer.
Initially it feels a little sticky but it is nothing compared to some of those tacky lip glosses and it goes away leaving my lips comfortable.
This is a winner for me. :)

Here is the FOTD with Infinite Fuchsia.

Actually, I love this so much I ordered two more colors today. :)
(I can tell you none of them is mauve.)

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  1. no problem.
    i totally hear you.
    for example, i am not so fond of the YSL rouge volupte lipstick smell but love the original rosy scent although it is quite strong. i know a fellow blogger who feels the exact opposite. isn't it funny? ;)

  2. it is! and for me, some days i like it, and some days I can't handle it AT ALL! lol

  3. ok, good to know! thanks :) sometimes scents in lip products bother me lol.

  4. So pretty! I find that dark color suits you very well :) Can't wait to find these in my area!

  5. thank you!
    i am exploring red and berry shades more lately. ;)

  6. they are both quite rosy. to me, L'Oreal one is a flowery rose while the YSL one is more of a wine-y rose if that make sense? ;p
    but the L'Oreal ones are more faintly scented and it goes away after a while.

  7. See, this is why I don't buy expensive cosmetics that often. I'll be sure to keep a lookout for these in the store!
    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights

    the shop of worldly delights

  8. it is also my reason to love drugstore makeup as well.
    especially with revlon or l'oreal, we can expect pretty good quality with nice price. :)

  9. memoiselle memoiselleMarch 17, 2013

    wow that's a very pretty color on you Lena!
    I's love to see the collection of colors from this range and I can't wait to try it on me soon :)

  10. thank you! :)
    i've ordered some more and can't wait to try those as well.

  11. I love that these are an affordable option available in the drugstore.

  12. pretty! i'm curious about them but definitely don't need more lip stuff! Are the loreal ones scented like the YSL ones?

  13. Mie NielsenMarch 17, 2013

    Oh I have been waiting for this post.. I think I need to try the loreal one out O.o
    My wallet really doesn't like you, but I think you are the best :D
    Thank you for this great post


  14. haha Mie, you are too funny!
    i really think this would be a big hit product in the spring, though.
    do try them and let me know how you like them. ;)

  15. Linh from blushology.netMarch 17, 2013

    Great post! You look beautiful!

    I feel the need to check out these lip glosses! XD

  16. thank you! :)
    by all means, go for it! ^-^*

  17. Vivian NguyenMarch 17, 2013

    I am really excited for these stains to come out! I really like how the colour of this shade turned out. It looks really great on you. ~Vivi L.

  18. awww thank you, Vivi.
    i am so glad L'Oreal came out with these as well. ;)

  19. I prefer the look of Violet Edition for the uniqueness of shade, but good to hear that the L'Oreal version is comparable! You look fantastic!

  20. i agree there are a couple of dark shades that i NEED to get from the YSL.
    there is a shade called Berry Persistent form L'Oreal and i think it is close to the Violet Edition, though.

    thank you for your sweet compliment! ^---^

  21. aww thank you. it is the lighting and makeup but so sweet of you saying that. ;D
    i hope you find them soon there as well (with sale!!)

    no, i will never get a real tattoo. i am too much of a coward to go through that. lol. i just have these fake ones and have fun with them sometimes. ;)

  22. I need to find these things. I can't find them anywhere! Everyone seems to love them. What site are you getting yours from? Looking pretty as always :)

  23. i couldn't find it offline, either! i ordered it from target.com and more from drugstore.com. i think there is a BOGO 50% off sale going on as well.

    thanks for the compliment! :)

  24. Gosh that shade looks lovely on you! You have such lovely fair skin hun! I can't wait till the Loreal Wet Stains arrive here - hopefully they go on sale too ^_^ Your temp tattoo is so pretty~ Are you planning to get a real one?

    Btw, I didn't know Loreal was the parent company of YSL! Interesting info! Look forward to the other two shades you ordered~!

  25. thank you. :)
    i can't wait to try the colors i ordered more. ;p

    thanks for adding me to your list!

  26. the lipstains are soo pretty! i really need to get my hands on some of them xD

    followed you xoxo

  27. I am tempted to get my hands on these stains :)

  28. go for it. i really like this! :)

  29. Vanessa Billie-Jill-JeanMarch 17, 2013

    OMG,this colors are so beautiful...love it.*_*
    Maybe follow each other on BLOGLOVIN and GFC???

  30. thanks! i really like the color. :)

  31. Monica MercaderMarch 17, 2013

    In the swatch they look like they're about the same opacity though! Does it get as opaque as the YSL glossy stain with more layers?

    -Monica @ Lemonpetit

  32. i think so! at least these two shade i've tried. they have about the same color intensity and you can get more colors with layering. i only put one thin coat and smoothed out. :)

  33. Your such a beauty! Infinite Fuschia is on it way to me and I can't wait! I love it on you :-) I'm very pleased with these as well, I find them to streak less than the ysl but the colors change and the qualities differ between them. FYI berry resistant is gorgeous, I think you would love it.

  34. thank you, Taylor! :D
    i wanted the berry resistant but i was afraid it might be too similar to the YSL violet edition.
    this fuchsia turns quite dark on me as well.
    i bought two more, though. the red and the bright pink. :)

  35. I love them! Did a post on them today too, lol and I actually prefer them over the ysl one because they smell better :p. I do not like that L'oreal came with different versions for Europe and the US, it makes things very confusing! Love the shade on your lips!

  36. Mishelle's Sleepy TimeMarch 17, 2013

    I am dying to try these, I hope they become available in Australia soon!

  37. i agree that it is confusing and sometimes even frustrating!!!
    i want pretty names for my lippies like you have them there. lol.
    i've bought a red color. i wonder if it is any similar to your juliet! ;)

  38. i hope that, too! it is really nice. ;)

  39. Oh they look (almost) identical! this is a really good alternative then! even though L'Oreal is still expensive here , but it's way cheaper than YSL.. so I'll check the L'Oreal version soon!! thanks for the review,Lena! ^^

  40. i agree L'Oreal is a high-end(?) drugstore brand here as well. lol
    still 1/3 of the price can't be beaten!! exciting, isn't it? ;p

  41. I like how you darkened your lower lip. Really pretty. I also like the unique-looking brush.

  42. Wow, how exciting to find a drugstore dupe of a high end product (even if not a complete dupe, something very similar!). The colour is gorgeous on you :)

  43. thank you!
    i think it is pretty darn close anyway. there are only a couple of YSL colors i want and chance is that L'Oreal would bring out more colors more often, so i am set for now. ;)

  44. Karen ChinMarch 17, 2013

    Wow this looks like a great dupe for the YSL gloss stains! The shade is so pretty and a much more affordable option :)


  45. it really is!
    i can't wait to try more colors. ;)

  46. I guess it's not really a surprise the products are pretty similar, since l'oreal owns YSL :) Do you think the Glossy Stains are a "must-buy" or would I be better off with the dupe? :) xx

    fun size beauty

  47. i wouldn't think YSL is a must buy unless there is a color you really want in that formulation.
    L'Oreal has more of lighter colors in the range, though. ;)

  48. They are really similar, though I think I prefer YSL colour a little more.


  49. i understand what you're saying. YSL has more of deeper colors and they are so beautiful!

  50. It's really pretty! I think if they are similar, I will probably stick to the L'oreal ones unless there is a YSL color I absolutely have to have :P I like them a lot, though!

  51. I like this color on you!! I definitely want to check these out when they're released where I live cause I love my YSL glossy stains but it's always nice to find a cheaper alternative! =)

  52. thank you!
    there are a few dark colors from YSL i am tempted to buy but the price difference practically beats everything since the jam is almost identical. :)

  53. thank you!
    i really love this. YSL has beautiful deeper colors but it is pretty darn close!

  54. Wow! This is great! I will def check this out :)



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