May 3, 2013

Swatch, Review, FOTD - NARS And God Created The Woman Set

A spring makeup set with sultry dark brown colors?
Well, at least it seemed perfect to me especially when spring is really taking its time to arrive here in the NYC.
(Maybe Mr. Nars has foreseen this.)

NARS And The God Created The Woman Set

This is a Sephora exclusive, so please visit the link below for more product information.
(I am feeling lazy..)

NARS And God Created The Woman Set

For someone who has been quite reluctant to buy the Urban Decay NAKED series, this is a nice alternative.
The palette has a good mix of matte and shimmering shades that complement each other very well.
Many of these colors are popular shades from his line, so it is a perfect way to experience more of them without having to pay too much.
(Some complain the size of each eyeshadow is too small, but let me ask you this. When was the last time you hit a pan of any eyeshadow? )

This set also comes with an eyeshadow brush and mini Pro-Prime (eyeshadow primer).

For me, this is a filler. 
It is a little too big and the bristles are not as soft.
It works okay for blending the shades.

This is a nice eyeshadow primer with creamy consistency.

Arm Swatch
The matte shades are a little harder in texture but they are pigmented and blend quite well.
They last more than 8 hours when worn with Pro-Prime.
Coconut Grove can be easily used for brow filler and Night Clubbing for eyeliner.

Here are a couple of overall looks with this set.

In a nutshell, I like this spring LE set from NARS very much and I have been using this a lot.
I am wearing these colors in this photo as well. (shared via Instagram)

If you are relatively new to NARS eyeshadow line and looking for something neutral and versatile, this is something you might really enjoy.
However, I don't think it is a must buy if you already have a lot of neutral brown shades like all three of the NAKED series from Urban Decay, for example. 

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  1. ahh, so pretty lena! you totally look gorgeous on semi-smokey makeup! looking really seductive and pretty! ^_~

  2. Love the makeup, Lena :-) The only NARS items I own are their blushes. I want to try the eye primer though. Read many great things about it!

  3. i like that primer! i'll have to keep that one in mind for my next sephora haul.

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  4. This is a gorgeous palette but it's a little bit too pricey for me (notwithstanding the fact it's not yet available where I live). I've yet to try any NARS eyeshadows but I do love their blushes :) Thanks for the swatches and love the softly smoky looks you've created :)

  5. Beautiful!!! Loved your comment about when was the last time you hit pan on any eyeshadow? I often ask myself that question about any makeup product when someone complains about price vs size! Ha ha!! So glad you are getting some lovely use out of this palette!!

  6. your eyes look beautiful!

  7. Oooh all the shades are my cup of tea! I love neutral shades , can never have enough of them ^^
    you look beautiful,lena!

  8. It's a nice palette idd, I especially love that blackened green shade, it makes it stand out from other palettes. It's nice to get a travel size of the primer too, I heard so much great thing about it. The looks you created are so pretty on you, I love you with some bolder and darker shades, it really suits your eyes!

  9. I love the galapagos colour ! It's such a nice shade !

  10. I just checked my local nars counter and I am so sad that they don't have it. I am not sure if they would ever bring it :(
    I would really love to get this if they have it in my local counter. The shades are gorgeous!!

  11. Hey Lena, I keep looking at this one too! I love the coppery smokey eye you did with it. I don't own a palette from NARS and now I really want to track this down!

  12. Hi Lena, I love all the colors in this palette! I'm hoping to collect them all someday :)

  13. Oh sweetie Kalahari looks like a beautiful color sweetie!
    This palette is really beautiful!
    Many thanks for the review!


  14. I bought this pallette a month ago, and I love it!


  15. AnonymousMay 04, 2013

    Those swatches definitely look convincing! :-) Thanks for the review.

  16. Wow, super pretty colors! Love the white primer--white always works waaay better for me as a base than any other color.
    Also, you are so photogenic ahhh! Haha (:

  17. All of this products look gorgeous!

    Kimberley x

  18. Omg those colours are so beautiful. As always
    I love the way u did your eye make up.
    NARS just created another gorgeous palette!

  19. You are the poster girl for natural beauty, Lena. I love all of the neutral looks you put together!

  20. I took a gander at this palette as well. I didn't purchase it though! I don't really care for NARS e/s formula, I feel like the blendability isnt the best. Their pigmentation certainly is though! Glad you have gotten good use of it

  21. The colours look beautiful!

  22. LOVE the fotd!! galapagos is sucha beautiful color and i really love the shimmery smokey of night clubbing!! awesome palette!!

  23. Nars has always created amazing palettes & these shades look fab on you!


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