Mar 2, 2013

Swatch, Review - L'Oreal Colour Caresse Wet Shine Stain Rose On And On

This is my third Wet Shine Stain.
I guess I don't need to repeat how much I love this lippie. :)

Rose On And On is the most wearable and versatile color among the three I own.
It is a rather warm toned medium pink with shimmer.

L'Oreal Colour Caresse Wet Shine Stain Rose On And On

From the tube, it looked similar to the other pink color I have, Pink Rebellion.
Side to side though, you can see the difference in tones. Rose On And On is much warmer.

L: Rose On And On
R: Pink Rebellion

Top: Rose On And On
Bottom: Pink Rebellion

On my lips however, they both deepen and warm up quickly, and turn into light reddish pink.
The major difference would be the shimmer in Rose On And On.

When it comes to lip stain, I am kind of a purist and I never believed shimmer in them. I didn't know there was shimmer in this color otherwise I wouldn't have bought it.
I have to admit that I am glad I didn't know, though.
The shimmer in this color is very subtle and just enough to set a different tone to it.

These lip swatches are with a couple of layers of the color.
It is not streaking at all and applies very evenly.

True I love this particular color but is it really a unique one?
I don't think so.
I myself probably own more than a couple medium pink lippies like this.
Nowadays I am more about the wear and the comfort than the colors themselves, and that's why I am reaching for these almost everyday since they feel so comfortable on my lips and last for many hours.

Here is the overall look with Rose On And On.

Seriously, the L'Oreal Wet Shine Stain has left  the best impression on me in terms of the recently introduced color cosmetics.
I would recommend this for you to try this if you have not already. :)

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  1. Elizabeth YMarch 17, 2013


    I just recently discovered your blog and I love it! The quality of your photos are amazing!! So pretty too :-)
    I started blogging myself two days ago and would LOVE for you to come check out my new posts! I definitely followed you via Google+ -- it would be wonderful if you can do the same for me! Can't wait for your newest updates!


  2. thanks so much for finding me!
    i don't really use google+ and the link on your blog is not working but i'm def. following via bloglovin'.

    welcome to the blogosphere! :)

  3. Rose on and on looks amazing on you
    I really want that color now o_o

  4. thank you! :)
    i'd recommend this color for anyone if you had to pick just one. ^-^

  5. You make these look so... well, alluring! LOL ;)

    Seriously. I'm waiting for a good sale so that I can pick up maybe one or five of these things. It's totally going to be your fault!

  6. lol, Liz~!!! ;D

    i just got the lightest pink shade as well. it would be the last one for a while(?...!).
    i only bought them on sale paying $7-8 each. good restraint waiting for a sale! :D

  7. Susie VibesMarch 17, 2013

    your lips are perfect! :O looks so pretty, i'm getting some asap haha


  8. haha thanks so much! :)
    followed you back.

  9. Steamy NailsMarch 17, 2013

    This one looks so nice on you! *o*

  10. great review lena..
    they look really good on you
    i like the Pink Rebellion the most :)

  11. thank you, Camilla!
    yeah..i'd have to pick pink rebellion for my favorite, too!

  12. I also tend to not like shimmer in my lip products. Cremes all the way! These have just launched in Australia and if they weren't an exorbitant $23.95 each, I'd have one or two already :)

  13. woa, the price is crazy..!! hope it is still much cheaper than the YSL one in your area.
    have you reviewed them? i'd love to read..just that i'm so behind blogging and reading lately..;

  14. Mishelle's Sleepy TimeMarch 17, 2013

    I have heard such mixed reviews about these but the fact that you have recommended them so highly makes me want to try them still :) this colour is right up my alley!

  15. i heard the bright red color is amazing, too!
    and i think that one would look so good on you. ;)

  16. I love medium pink shades! They are so wearable and versatile and they add a bit of colour to the face too ^^. Really nice shade and I actually don't really mind the shimmer, it's not too obvious. Fits perfectly well on you Lena!

  17. i agree with you. so versatile and goes with everything. ;)
    every color i got is nice but i think this one applies the most evenly, too.

  18. Really beautiful color! And you are right, the shimmer is barely detectable!! The formula sounds fantastic :-)

  19. i think i wear this a lot mainly because it feels so good and it is low maintenance.
    the color fades over time but very nicely, too. ;)

  20. why so beautiful on you? ^.^
    Looks so gorgeous Lenna <3

  21. awww thanks so much, Fenny!

  22. i really want to try these, great review.

  23. i'd highly recommend!
    for the price, you can't go wrong. :)

  24. These look great on you, the shimmer is def not too overpowering!

  25. thank you so much!
    i agree, the shimmer is just right! :)

  26. I didn't even pick up on the shimmer, it must be very subtle. I like this shade a lot, it's warm enough that I think it would work for me

  27. yeah, i didn't know there was shimmer until i took a macro shot of this. lol
    but the texture and the finish is different from the creme ones.
    a winner for me. :)

  28. 3 already? Haha! But it's a great, natural shade. I think I will pick up one of the soft, pretty pinks next.

  29. hehe..try 4..but i'm stopping now unless l'oreal brings out a bunch of LE shades, then nobody stop me!! (and God help me) ;)

  30. I love the shade and it definitely look nice on you ^_~

  31. Raimar GuevaraMarch 17, 2013

    I think Rose on And On is more pretty to me. i like it more. not tried before any of this products but both looks really interesting.


  32. rose on and on is a very versatile color! i'm sure it'd look beautiful on you. :)

  33. What a lovely color! These are indeed super comfy on the lips, i also find myself reaching for them all the time. If I pick up another one its probably going to be the lightest shade. Theres so many awesome lip products out nowadaysss.

  34. they feel so comfortable on, right? and last and last!!
    i just got the lightest pink shade as well and i love it, too. :)

  35. Hi Lena, I love Rose On and On on you. It's very natural, but has a slight brightening effect as well. I think it is very pretty :-)

  36. thank you, Lily!
    it is refreshing to find a warmer pink that works for me as well. :)

  37. Great colour on you- I agree I always avoid shimmer but might hunt this out as its very subtle! X

  38. thank you. :)
    yes, the shimmer is just enough to my liking. :D

  39. Lovely Lena this shade it beautiful on you! This color ultimately sells out before I could get my hand on it.

  40. thank you!
    i think you'd rock this color. i ordered it from, and it was on sale! ;)

  41. memoiselle memoiselleMarch 17, 2013

    I can see how much you love this line :) I have to say that you always look lovely in soft pink color. Suits you very well.

  42. aww thank you very much!
    i wasn't so sure about the color since i ordered it on line and the swatch pics i've seen were all different. i'm glad it worked out. :)

  43. I agree on avoiding shimmer in lippies. Shimmery lippies never looked good on my lips :( But this looks so good, and has subtle shimmer in it. I see few shimmer that reflect the light in the swatch on your skin, but nothing is visible in the picture of your lips. Good thing, right?

  44. thank you!
    i think this is one of the most wearable shades from the line.
    the color goes with practically everything! :)


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