Jan 3, 2013

Swatch, Review - Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate Lipstick 08

Happy new year, everyone!

My lippie obsession continues this year and I got a couple of new things already (including the new L'Oreal Shine Stain!).
I am late in the game in reviewing this much-talked-about Rimmel lipstick by Kate.
Although this is not a half bad lipstick (it is rather nice, actually) but I can't really say I was wowed by it.

Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate Lipstick

This plastic case is nothing fancy but matte black with red accent is nice for a drugstore lipstick.

The available colors are limited (five or six?) and the website I ordered from (it was on sale, by the way.) only had two, so I chose the 08 shade which looked wearable mauve.

It is indeed a wearable medium mauve color with a little bit of brown undertone.

To be fair, this lipstick is great for its price.
I was expecting more matte and drying formula but it feels quite creamy and light on application.
It does set down to a semi-matte finish that could be potentially drying later on, but I just think this is a conventional lipstick with nice pigmentation and decent staying powder.
The fruity scent doesn't really bother me but it is there for a long time. (the same scent as the original Lasting Finish lipstick if you are familiar with it)

I guess I am a bit disappointed with my color choice since I find it close to the Revlon Lip Butter Pink Truffle.

As you see in the swatch picture, they are different in both color and the finish.
Kate 08 is more mauve and Pink Truffle has more brown tone to it.
On lips? Not so much difference, I am afraid.

Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate 08

I am wearing Pink Truffle on top of the Kate 08.
The color is very similar but you can see the lines on my lips are less visible.
This way the color lasts longer and it feels moisturizing at the same time.

Please don't get me wrong.
I can see a lot of people would find this lipstick satisfactory in many ways like affordability, color payoffs, lasting power, etc.
I guess I just don't think it is remarkable for me to purchase other shade. 
The limited color range (in the U.S.) would be also a problem although I've heard the reds are amazing.

Oh, another thing is that I need to stop buying mauve lippies.
True I have a thing for the color "mauve" (Once a guy asked me, "What color would your pony be?" saying it tells a lot about my personality, and I answered "Mauve". Obviously, "weird" would have been the word, which this wise guy didn't say out loud. I dated him for a bit.), but this would be a nice start for my new year's resolutions.

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  1. Thanks for the comparison! I am a fan of this type of colour for everyday. I have #8 so maybe I'll skip Pink Truffle.

  2. my pleasure!
    they are two very different breeds. if you're into this type of color, maybe having both wouldn't be such a bad idea. ;p

  3. lol for me it would be pinkish purple...or a very bright red....why cant ponies come in that color? geesh haha the color is pretty on your lips tho :)

  4. This mauve shade looks beautiful on you. I think the Rimmel Kate lipsticks were great, almost like a MAC lipstick.

  5. i think so now you mention it!
    i find MAC lipstick a bit drying, too. lolz
    but really, this rimmel kate is quite nice for its price. ;)

  6. This looks quite pretty! I sort of want to pick it up but I know id probably never wear it. I always pick up lipsticks and things that aren't in red and never wear them because red just looks the best on me. I cannot wait to see your review of the L'oreal Shine Stain! I haven't seen them at any of the drugstores i've been to :(

  7. i am wearing more reds and wine-y shades lately but i still feel more comfortable with lighter shades like this.
    it is a great defining everyday color but a bit boring, i must say.

    i really like the shine stain. review and the look post will be up soon! :)

  8. funny story about the "Mauve pony" LOL. I love mauve lip products. I try to get other colors but those are the ones I end up wearing all the time.

  9. lol. i was quite serious at that time answering the question, though. thought he would say something very interesting about my personality. ;p
    i am buying similar colors even without noticing it. i should do some inventory. ;)

  10. I tried this lipstick last year in a really bold red colour and yeah I would have to agree that it is too drying for my liking too. >.< Combined with the lip butter though, it is quite a nice combination!

  11. i prefer sheer moisturizing lippies in general and stain in dark colors.
    this is a nice basic but not my favorite. nothing wrong with lipstick..just my preference, i guess. ;p

  12. i've never tried Rimmel, so i was very interested in what you had to say about it Lena. it looks pretty, but i can understand. haha that color looks good on you. i can see why you're drawn to it.

  13. rimmel is not my favorite drugstore brand, but they do have a couple of really nice products especially for the price! :)
    i am glad you like this shade on me. thanks!

  14. I heard all the raves about this color, but I didn't know it was close to Pink Truffle! I find that color actually pulls a bit purple-y/ashy on me, so I imagine this would too

  15. it might look different on you from Pink Truffle. my lips pull lots of red and pink in general.
    i would actually like more purple tone from this shade. ;)

  16. weeeeeeee.. i Love the kate 08 colour!

  17. Hmmm, from your swatch I could tell that Rimmel Kate 08 would emphasize lip lines. Strange that they look the same once on! They are so different in the swatches o.O

    Btw, Happy New Year to you and your family! ♥

  18. happy new year, Blair! :)

    from the bullets, they look more similar. to be fair to kate lipstick, it is not very drying compared to other matte full coverage ones.

  19. I love this shade, I feel it looks a little bit darker on my lips though but I think is a great everyday shade. I'm also not sure if I'd pick up another one but you never know,ha! xx


  20. i would have liked this a lot more if it wasn't so darn close to the ones i already own. it is a great everyday shade as you mentioned. ;)

  21. I might buy that rimmel one :) it is very hard to get revlon products here, so I am going for the next best thing i guess heh

    I hope you had a great new years


  22. they are two very different lippies but if you like this color and it is easier for you to buy, i'd say go for it. it is quite nice for a drugstore lipstick. ;)

    happy new year, Mie!

  23. Oh I have this one too! if you want drier or matte finish, you should buy the one with red bullet hehe. they have a some different ranges on this kate moss lipstick, and not all same colors are released worldwide.. in germany,we only have 6 ( or 5 ) colors, but in the UK, they have a lot! like almost 20 colors! -___-

  24. same here in the u.s.! i don't think there is more matte version of this avail here. oh well...
    it is consoling that there are tons of new lippies to try this season. i am done with this for now. ;)

  25. LOL Lena your pony story cracked me up! Well my pony will have to be sparkling and purple. Not too sure what that says about me ;)

    I haven't tried any of these though I have also indeed seen how amazing the reds are. Maybe it's time to go hunting in the drugstore (I always get so distracted by Saturday market and stuff like that on my way LOL)!

  26. hahaha the question only expects the usual 3 options, brown, white and black..
    he was dumbfound when i said mauve. lol lol

    i am still glad i got to try this lipstick cause i've been curious about it like forever. ;)

  27. I quite like this shade, shame you weren't too fazed by it! I actually purchased a lipstick in this range, no. 07 but I haven't given it a go on my lips yet. It is very strange that the two swatches of the Rimmel and Revlon lipsticks look so different but you don't seem to be able to see any difference when it is on your lips! I guess that itself would be quite disappointing :(


  28. thanks, Karen! i like this shade but i guess i wanted something different? (ah, the joy of online shopping...)
    my lips pull more pink and red usually. i think that might be the reason.

  29. Hahahahaha Lena. You crack me up. A mauve pony would be awesome! That is a weird question, though :P So really, you can't be faulted!

  30. it was one of those cheesy ones like "oh, you are loyal to your friends if your pony is brown" or something like that. haha
    i mean i am not gonna get pony in real life (and don't want one) so might as well be a mauve pony! ;p

  31. I also find it a little disappointing when I get a new lipstick and it turns out to be really close in color to something i already own. That said, they both wear very pretty on you. LOL at your mauve pony story. Would it make you feel better if I told you I'd probably answer hot pink ;)

    Hope this new year is off to a wonderful start for you Lena! I wish you much joy, great health and good fortune!

    Stay warm!
    Rowena @ rolala loves

  32. Hi Rowena! thanks for your warm wishes. ;)

    i am tempted to raid my stash and find more mauve lippies but at the same time i don't want to. it'd make me feel so bad. lolz.

    about the pony, i think it was a typical pick-line, too. he was expecting brown, white or even black, never mauve! ;D

  33. I got the shade 111 which is really bright red. :) Got out of my color scare for red lip tones!

    Indie by heart

  34. good for you!
    i am not afraid of reds like before but thought i didn't need any more full coverage red lipstick. (like i need another mauve, hah! ^-^)

  35. ooo this looks gorgeous!

  36. I have this and it's quite nice although I'm not crazy about the scent xx

  37. i agree the scent lingers for quite a bit! ;)


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