Feb 3, 2014

Review, Swatch - Dior Addict Lipstick Dior Kiss (578)

I am totally smitten with Dior Addict lippies now, I can't think of any better range if I am to buy more lipsticks. (Whether I should buy another lipstick or not, is not an issue here.)

It all started with Dior Addict Lipstick Dior Kiss.

I can tell you right off the bat I am not so crazy about the color itself, but it didn't stop me from collecting other variations from Dior Addict range.

A charming blogofriend once said Dior Addict lippies are like Pokemons.
I will say! ;)
Dior Addict Extreme Lipstick Black Tie
Dior Addict Lipstick Dior Kiss

Let's just have a moment to admire the packaging.

Dior Addict lipstick is a "hydrating lip color" that delivers shine and moisture with sheer to medium coverage.

I didn't really think much when I picked "Dior Kiss".
The description says "Sheer Dark Pink".
I like pink lipsticks and what could be more perfect than "Dior Kiss" if you're buying a Dior lipstick?

To me, Dior Kiss is a medium pink with coral undertone.
In all honesty, this color is a bit boring.
However, it is dark enough to show up on any complexion and perfectly neutral with creamy finish, which makes it one of those "universally flattering" shades. 

Dior Kiss shows up mainly pink on me.

The color builds up easily with another coat and it seems to look warmer that way.
It even matches the bright coral nail polish I am wearing in this picture. (Essie Flirt)

I initially thought Dior Kiss was identical to Chanel Rouge Coco Shine Romance, but Dior Kiss is much warmer.
The consistency and the color payoffs are quite similar although I prefer Dior Addict's formulation as it keeps my lips hydrated longer.

Overall look

Makeup products used
Guerlain Meteorites (aka the Ballz) Blanc De Perle (review coming up)
RMK blush Translucent Coral (02)
Dior Addict Lipstick Dior Kiss

Interesting that I keep wearing Dior Kiss despite of my lack of enthusiasm for the color.
It is because I am totally won over by the formulation which seems to be so perfectly cut out for what I need in lipsticks.

The color is sheer yet vivid and it is quite long lasting for its kind. 
The lipstick feels weightless and silky on lips plus it keeps my lips moisturized. 
It has no scent. 
The packaging is beautiful. 
The price is acceptable for a higher-end.

The classic Dior lipsticks I remember were in the angled blue tubes and scented with something heavy, so eventually I took a years of break although there were some absolutely beautiful shades I enjoyed in the past.
Revisiting the lipstick range of Dior has been a pleasant surprise, and I must say it poses a possible threat to my wallet. ;)

Have you tried Dior Addict lippie range?
What formulation is your favorite?
Any color recommendation? 

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