Feb 2, 2014

Review, Swatch - Rouge Bunny Rouge Precious Velvet Flawless Face Powder Piano Forte (002)

I needed a powder foundation for touch-ups at that time, but had to settle with Precious Velvet Flawless Face Powder, which is the only powder makeup offered by Rouge Bunny Rouge.
Why I didn't buy one from other brands?
No, no, you don't understand. It had to be something from RBR since I was making a "Rouge Bunny Rouge haul".
(I thought we knew each other better than this?)

Rouge Bunny Rouge Precious Velvet Flawless Face Powder
Piano Forte (002)

RBR Flawless Face Powder comes in a sturdy round case that looks like a mini hat box, and now I keep my barbie pins in it.

The compact itself is simple and elegant with the usual fuzzy flowery prints that I adore so much.
Unfortunately, it comes with a rather flimsy puff that is thin with little flexibility.

I chose Piano Forte (002), which is a "pale milky beige with subtle apricot tones".
This is the lightest shade from the four shades available.

Actually, the color match is great.
This is definitely a yellow-based color but just so enough to correct the uneven tones.
It is probably the prettiest beige I have seen in a while.

You can't really see anything on my arm, but this is how silky and light it goes on and melds with my skin.
I put it on rather heavily, too.

I was hoping RBR Flawless Face Powder would be enough to cover the blotchy uneven spots that would show often in the middle of day (or those super red cheeks after a few drinks), but it wasn't the case.
I am not saying this powder is bad or anything, because it is quite great for what it is.
It is just that Precious Velvet Flawless Face Powder is not what I was looking for except that it comes in a pretty compact that I can easily carry in my makeup bag.
Naturally I put it aside and soon started carrying some other powder foundation.

Then one day, when I used Flawless Face Powder to set my foundation, it finally dawned on me.
Rouge Bunny Rouge Precious Velvet Flawless Face Powder is a setting powder!!
I never understood the "medium coverage" claim before, but it is true Flawless Face Powder adds a light veil of coverage which is more than I would get my translucent loose powder.

Unlike other talc based pressed powder, Flawless Face Powder feels much comfortable on since it contains rice powder.
I have recently mentioned how it subtly corrects a foundation tone and evens out the complexion beautifully.
Rouge Bunny Rouge Precious Velvet Flawless Powder is also great for "no-makeup" makeup looks. 
Since the finish is truly natural and non-powdery, I find it goes nicely with dramatic lip colors, too.

It seems the price widely varies depending where you order from, but I got mine from Beautyhabit
I am not sure if I want to repurchase although now I am enjoying this pressed powder tremendously in this harsh winter.
It is only because I prefer using loose powder to set my makeup in general, but I would certainly pack my Flawless Face Powder for travel.
I would highly recommend this for someone with dry skin as well.

Thanks for reading.
Have you tried Flawless Face Powder from Rouge Bunny Rouge?
Do you use pressed powder to set your makeup?

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