Apr 20, 2020

Favorite Wash-Off Facial Masks

Best Wash-Off Facial Mask reviews

I have professed my love for Vitabrid's sheet masks and make sure to use it at least once a week, but I am still very much of a wash-off mask kind of girl. I usually keep 3-4 in rotation and use them more often than sheet masks. I personally find that cold sensation from sheet mask application rather unpleasant. I am not a fan of inevitable wastes they tend to leave behind, either. (I actually love Vitabrid Dual Masks despite all that. It says something about them, right? Vitabrid currently running a great promotion on bundle sets including these masks and I have restocked yet again...)

Anyway, today's post is not about how weird and picky I am about sheet masks. I wanted to talk to you about wash-off type facial masks that I have been using lately. I'm actually masking as I am typing now.

Best Wash Off Facial Mask Reviews

1. Wafood Made Sake Kasu Mask (170g, $19.93 on Amazon)
This unique wash-off mask is made with Japanese sake kasu (sake lees) to gently exfoliate and nourish. It also has other ingredients such as rice bran and yuzu for a brightening effect. Even with a bit of markup, I think it's a great value because you get so many mask sessions out of this huge packet. It smells just like sweet sake and feels hydrating and soothing. I can easily leave it on more than 20 minutes with no issue and it leaves my skin calm and refreshed. And, I love the practical and convenient packaging so much! A new favorite and I'd recommend it to anyone.

2. Yves Rocher Hydra Végétal Intense Hydrating Mask (75ml, currently 50% off for $12.50 on Yves Rocher)
I can't say this is the most special mask that I've tried but it does a nice job on a day when my skin is extra tight and lackluster. It instantly hydrates my skin and calms down those dry patches although it doesn't make them go away. Makeup applies and looks much better after using this one. I wouldn't pay the full price but definitely a yes when there is a good sale going on (and Yves Rocher runs sales all the time...).

Best Facial Mask Reviews

3. Jeffrey James The Mask (59ml, $28.96 on iHerb)
Ah, The Mask. This is such a special mask. I have already gone through many jars and have at least 2 backups in my stash. It smells heavenly like raspberry soufflé. This mud-based mask with 6.5% glycolic acid detoxify my skin so effectively yet in the gentlest fashion. I often fell asleep with this on and would wake up with no irritation (I am not saying you should take a nap because it's still mud mask with acid). It also has bamboo and raspberry fibers for exfoliation. You might think the price ($38) is a bit steep but a little goes a long way and so far I have been always able to take advantage of some sort of sale. I have to say it's worth every penny.  If I have to use just one detoxifying mask for the rest of my life, this is it.

4. Oskia Renaissance Mask (50ml, $91 on Nordstrom)
This is the most expensive facial mask that I've ever purchased. Oskia Renaissance Mask looks, feels, and smells luxurious. The consistency is uniquely buttery and it applies very thin so the jar lasts for a long time. Unlike Renaissance Cleansing Gel with which I fell in love immediately, I wasn't quite sold on how this mask works and even disliked the slightly warm tingly sensation at first. But, what can I say? This enzyme-based mask works to refine my skin texture like no other. After leaving it on for 10-15 min, make sure to gently massage and keep it going while washing it off. It makes a big difference. I would repurchase but need to spot a good sale, of course.

Thanks for being here. Have you tried any of these facial masks for yourself? What are your favorite wash-off type masks?

*The products mentioned here were purchased by me. This post contains some affiliate links. Thank you for choosing to use them.

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  1. Hey Lena, I remember you telling me that you're not big on sheet masks but Vitabrid dual masks are an exception :) I love them too though I'm currently testing some Taiwanese sheet masks that I like a lot as well. I kind of slacked on my whole skincare routine and wasn't do much beyond the basics but now that I'm better I've been firing up all my devices and getting back into regular masking. I love the Oskia Renaissance Mask and am on either my 3rd jar now. I've also been using the Erno Laszlo White Marble Dual Phase Vitamin C Peel which does wonders for brightening and the Femmue Gypsy Rose Calming Mask which might be my favorite clay mask ever. I have a bunch of skincare reviews I need to write at some point but it's not a topic I'm all that focused on or interested in right now :/

    1. Oh, I've heard really good things about the White Marble peel duo. This definitely goes on the wish list if you say you like it! Femmue is definitely a more unique and luxurious Korean skincare brand. I will look into the mud mask as well. I'd always need some mud or charcoal based mask for detoxifying because of frequent use of wp sunscreens. I have been blogging more lately and taking a bunch of makeup swatch photos and everything, but I gotta admit that it does feel a little silly these days. But, I am sure grateful that I can afford to talk about beauty stuff and I am going to take advange of this weird opportunity and be better with my blog. :)

  2. Yay great post because I love wash off masks. My favourite is one from Nuxe which is with rose and is brightening or something (I can't remember the name). Unfortunately I ran out and can't seem to find it here. Oh well...
    I will keep an eye out for these next time I buy masks, though maybe not the Oskia one lol... xx

    1. Yay, a fellow wash off mask lover! I just looked up for the mask you mentioned. Is it Very Rose cleansing mask? I would love to try it as well. If you want cleansing mask that brightens complexion, the Jeffrey James The Mask seems perfect for you. I think iHerb delivers everywhere and their price is always more affordable than what's on the official site (except for when JJ has amazing sales). :D

  3. Hmmmm I just looked at the Nuxe website and I think "my" mask has been discontinued, damn! :( It was in a white jar and was brightening and purifying. It had roses and clay, but not clay in a drying stiff on your face way, it was an interesting texture. Oh well, there are plenty of interesting masks out there anyway :) Yes the JJ one sounds ideal.

    1. I can imagine the rose and clay combo was very nice! It's an interesting combo as well because many rosy masks are either for plumping or moisturizing. The Very Rose one is in a gel formula which is intriguing to me. I haven't tried many from Nuxe but everything I tried was good so far (I also have their perfume which is very beachy). You made me want to try their skincare stuff now. :)


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