Apr 17, 2020

YSL Water Stain | 602 Vague de Rouge, 603 In Berry Deep

YSL Water Stain review swatches

Nowadays I can easily buy lip stains with great formula without having to shell out $40 a pop (seriously, Romand Juicy Lasting Tint is so nice and less than $10), but YSL Water Stain still is one of my favorites. I mean, you get all - an array of sophisticated and interesting colors, comfortable easy-to-wear formula, and the beautiful packaging. Having said all that, I still don't think it's worth $40 apiece and I myself waited a bit to take advantage of one of those Sephora sales (there is another one going on right now). 

I bought two bright colors - Vague de Rouge and In Berry Deep - and I wear them on a regular basis. Honestly, I wouldn't mind having a few more (but I know I shouldn't...).

YSL Water Stain 602 Vague de Rouge 603 In Berry Deep swatches
(Sorry, the name is "In Berry Deep", not "Berry Deep". I'm too lazy to do the captions again.)

YSL Water Stain 602 Vague de Rouge 603 In Berry Deep swatches
602 Vague de Rouge is a bright strawberry red with a hint of pink.
603 In Berry Deep is a medium-deep plum berry with a clear undertone.

YSL Water Stain 602 Vague de Rouge swatch
Vague de Rouge

YSL Water Stain 602 Vague de Rouge makeup look
Vague de Rouge (which means "red wave") is not the kind of color I reach often but the hint of pink makes is very wearable for me. It is a striking coral red that would look fresh on many different skin tones.

YSL Water Stain 603 In Berry Deep swatch
In Berry Deep 

YSL Water Stain 603 In Berry Deep makeup look swatch
(I will recycle this photo from my review on Charlotte Tilbury Celestial Eyes.)
In Berry Deep is very much my kind of color! I can easily wear this alone with no makeup on and it still brightens my complexion without emphasizing skin imperfections.

The formulation is now the most important factor when I consider buying higher-end lippies (Those days when I would power through the pain because of the beautiful colors are long gone). And, YSL Water Stain ticks all the right boxes for me. It feels very light and cool and hydrating on contact. It settles in with a slightly tacky feeling (not a bad sensation but the kind from which you can tell it's gonna stay on your lips) plus flattering shine. The colors deepen a tiny bit but pretty much stay true. It wears out slowly and evenly so it is easy to retouch as you go on about the day. It does have that rosy YSL signature scent but I happen to enjoy this.

If you like lip stains, YSL Water Stain is certainly something you'd appreciate. I love them especially for the perfect balance between color and formulation. Besides the current Sephora sale, the YSL US site is also running a pretty good one with 8% Rakuten cashback.

Thanks for looking. I hope everyone is doing well!

*The items mentioned here were purchase by me. This post contains affiliate links. Thank you for choosing to use them.

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  1. I've never tried a lip stain from YSL but I am such a huge fan of their lipsticks period. Also the luxe packaging. Which is not everything when it comes to a beauty purchase. And it really should be at the bottom of the list hahaha! I just can't help myself! One thing is YSL never fails to deliver on quality so it does make the price justifiable. I'll have to try these stains out. I love the berry deep. That is such a beautiful shade on you.


    1. Including various lip stains, YSL does do all lippies so well, I agree with you! Like you, I love the Rouge Pur Couture formula - such a classic. I even loved the Glossy Stain (da original!) despite of the few flaws. I find the Water Stain is a much better version and I am sure you'd find at least one color that you love. Highly recommended! :D


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