Jul 24, 2021

Polatam Skincare Reviews


Polatam skincare reviews

I am so glad that my fave online select shop, Itzyuz carries Polatam skincare. Otherwise, I would have never known this Korean premium skincare brand founded by Park Tam Hee (an actress whom I did not know, either). It seems that Polatam is best known for its luxurious sheet masks, but it was the foaming cleanser and the toner that attracted me to try more from the brand. I additionally purchased the famous sheet mask set, Skin Recovery Capsule Serum, and Reset Facial oil. All are excellent!

Pure Moist Cleansing Foam ($28, Itzyuz)

Ah, I LOVE this foaming cleanser! I think it's just perfect for people who have dry sensitive skin yet still prefer a foaming cleanser. It lathers just fine and cleanses wonderfully but never leaves my skin tight or stripped. It is unscented but unlike some fragrance-free stuff, it actually smells pleasant, like mildly citrusy? It is great both for morning time and follow-up after makeup remover. I am on my second tube and have another backup. 

Vitalizing Water ($22, Itzyuz)

Polatam Vitalizing Water review
I am already on my 3rd bottle of this wonderful all-around toner and have a feeling that this is going to be a staple for a long time. Polatam Vitalizing Water is formulated with various fruit and botanical extracts and is free of dye/fragrance/alcohol. It feels so good and hydrating on the skin that I can literally pour this on my whole body (no joking, I have done it on a hot sticky day and skipped body moisturizer). I like using Vitalizing Water as a last step of cleansing whenever my skin feels drier than usual or after using an exfoliant. This toner also works very well if you're into the 7 skin method. To be honest, I never have time or patience for "7 layers" but I can easily apply this toner 3 times with pleasure. I can mix my favorite vitamin C powder with this toner as well. Highly highly recommended!!

Skin Recovery Capsule Serum ($48, Itzyuz)

Polatam Skinc Recovery Capsule Serum review
This gentle yet effective serum is packed with skin-calming and nourishing ingredients. I didn't notice any dramatic or immediate change at first but realized that my skin was gradually improving with more clarity and firmness. A bit of patience is needed with this one but it's a worthy trade-off because it is gentle as water! (It's an irony because its base is oak tree sap, not distilled water.) This serum is great to use under makeup as well. If your skin is on the sensitive side so you find most anti-aging actives are harsh to deal with, this is the serum you want.

Reset Facial Oil ($59, Itzyuz)

Polatam Reset Facial Oil review
Argan oil has been a beauty craze for a while but I never knew how wonderful it could be until I started using Polatam Reset Facial Oil. This is 100% Eco-certified Argan oil. Can I say it's pure luxury and comfort in a bottle?! I was never a fan of oil-type moisturizers but this, I LOVE. For one thing, it's never sticky or heavy. The texture is almost like a gel and it glides and absorbs like a dream leaving my skin velvety smooth. The natural fragrance is out of this world, too. I can put a few drops of this on my hair or mix it with my favorite unscented body lotions. This precious oil had been out of stock for a while both on Itzyuz and the official Polatam website, but it's finally back in stock. 

Water Gel Extra Force Mask Set ($79, Itzyuz)

Polatam Water Gel Extra Force Masks reviews

I believe Polatam started with these sheet masks and they are certainly the best-known products of the brand. A bit of disclaimer - I don't love sheet masks in general. I personally don't enjoy the initial cold sensation and find them a bit wasteful. Having said all that, Polatam Water Gel Extra Force masks are one of the very best that I have tried so far. To start with, the sheet mask material is way superior as it's made with 100% CUPRA fibers. Did you know some sheet masks can actually leave tiny scratches on the skin depending on the mask materials? Polatam sheet masks feel so gentle on the skin and the fit is just perfect. The water gel essence contains Korean oak tree sap and other potent nutrients. I have tried all 3 kinds - Optimal repairing, Moisturizing, Brightening - and they never fail to improve my skin for a long-lasting effect. Remarkable stuff! They would have been perfect if I loved the fragrance added to them. I learned that it's for a discerning purpose as some of the raw ingredients could smell not so pleasant. It's a light green floral that many would find lovely. Unfortunately, I am just not a big fan of green floral fragrances in general. Despite that, I still use them often because of RESULTS. If you want to bring your sheet mask game to the next level, do give them a try. 

Polatam skincare review

Here I shamelessly insert my bare face. Of course, it is lightly filtered but here I am truly makeup-free and still feeling good about my skin. My age spots and discolorations are pretty much there but my overall skin tone has improved over the past few months.

Overall, I have an overwhelmingly positive experience with Polatam skincare and will continue to incorporate them into my routines. I would highly recommend them for anyone with sensitive skin or who is looking for simple & effective skincare that delivers results.

Thanks for being here. Have you tried Polatam Skincare?

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