May 16, 2021

Holika Holika Piece Matching Blusher Clean Pink

Holika Holika Piece Matching Blusher Clean Pink review swatch

A very friendly Instagrammer recently sent me a lovely care package from Korea. I was excited to find Holika Holika Piece Matching Blusher Clean Pink (PK01) (available on YesStyle) in the package because it was one of the few KBeauty items I really wanted to try! I am not exactly a fan of how most Korean roadshop brands formulate pressed powders but colors like this one is hard to spot in the western market. Plus I've heard the formula itself is actually great.

Holika Holika Piece Matching Blusher Clean Pink review swatch

Indeed, Holika Holika Clean Pink is amazing especially for the price. It reminded me of my two other light cool pink blushes so I photographed them together for comparison. A'pieu Pastel Blusher VL01 and NARS Blush Sex Fantasy are awesome but these particular shades are hard to spot, so finding Clean Pink is extra special.

Holika Holika Piece Matching Blusher Clean Pink review swatch

The colors look all slightly different (if you are keen on light cool pinks like I am), but the biggest difference in Clean Pink is the finish. This is not a shimmery blush by any means but there is a very subtle sheen which makes it so much prettier and wearable. Don't get me wrong. The other two are very pretty as well but they have more of a true matte finish. 

Holika Holika Piece Matching Blusher Clean Pink review swatch

The usual caveats you'd find in pastel color blushes - powder kickups and chalkiness - are not there at all. There is virtually no powder kickups and this silky smooth formula just melds with your skin. I am very impressed!

My friend also sent me a new shade called Clean Lavender which is one of the few unicorns out there (by unicorn, I meant a true violet/lavender blush) and soon I will show it with my other lavender blush collections.

I shared these swatches on my Instagram a while ago (follow me for quicker updates and my daily bits) but decided to make a dedicated blog post because I just found out that Holika Holika Piece Matching Blushers are a half off on YesStyle! Clean Pink is usually out of stock, but this time it is available. I say, go grab it!

Thanks for being here. Do you like cool pastel pink blushes? What are your favorites?

*The Holika Holika blush was gifted to me by a good friend. The other two blushes were purchased by me. This post contains affiliate links. Thank you for choosing to use them.

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  1. Did you wind up writing an entry on the lavender blushes? How do you like the pigmentation of Clean Lavender? I know some lavenders are a little sheer even on pale skin

    1. I haven't reviewed Clean Lavender here, yet. I think I shared swatched on Instagram, though. As you said, it can be sheer but it does show up on my skin. I also like layering it on top of other blushes as well. It gives a beautiful finish!


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