Jun 16, 2019

Huxley | Brightening Trio & Antioxidant Trio

Huxley Skincare Reviews

This review is way overdue because I finished up with these routines many months ago. Initially, I was drawn to the clean aesthetics and the unusual name of the brand (for a Korean skincare brand, anyway) plus there was a fantastic deal going on at the time of my purchase. My laziness is solely to blame for the lateness of this post because I was thoroughly impressed with everything I tried. I also forgot to take close-up photos for the actual stuff but the pages linked up here have pretty accurate photos and descriptions, so here I will just focus on my experience with them.

The items in the sets can be purchased individually but sets are much better values and I personally think they are thoughtfully put together for optimal results.

Brightening Trio (Currently on sale at $99, a $110 value)
Toner; Extract It 120ml
Essence; Brightly Ever After 30ml
Cream; Glow Awakening 50ml

This trio was used in my morning routine especially because of the anti-pollution properties. 

  • Extract It toner is my absolute favorite. This toner contains cactus water and soothes and hydrates like no other yet it feels so light on the skin. You could definitely use it for the "7 skin method" but I usually just put it on a few times and felt it was more than enough. Really good stuff that I want to keep a bottle all the time.
  • Brightly Ever After is a lovely milky serum that absorbs quickly. It is supposed to protect skin from pollution for brighter and more even tones. 
  • Glow Awakening is a medium weight cream that feels amazing on the skin. There is no trace of greasiness and it moisturizes beautifully. 

Although these products can be used at night, I thought this trio provided an ideal base for makeup and the fortified protection that I needed for the day time. I did notice overall brightening effect and even skin tones over time if not fading freckles. I wish the serum came in a bigger size because I ran out of the serum before I finished the cream jar.

Antioxidant Trio (currently on sale at $99, a $110 value)
Toner; Extract It 120 ml
Oil Essence; Essence-Like, Oil-Like 30ml
Cream; Anti-Gravity 50ml

This trio was my choice for the night routine at the time.

  • Extract it (See above. I was really glad I got two of them!)
  • Essence-Like, Oil-Like is supposedly the serum which has made the brand popular and I can see why. As the name suggests, it has a unique hybrid consistency that is superb for softening and hydrating. 
  • Anti-Gravity is a thick rich cream that deeply nourishes. It made all my dry patches go away after a single use, which was so impressive. It does not feel greasy but would best suit drier skin types or combination skin like mine in winter. 

Huxley Antioxidant Trio is an excellent routine for dry and malnourished skin. While religious using them for two months, my skin felt firmer and more resilient each morning. 

Compared to other Kbeauty skincare routines, Huxley offers lesser products with simplicity. The brand asserts that we don't need to put unnecessarily many products to see results and I couldn't agree more. I also like that Huxley is not afraid to disclose their signature fragrance is something they concocted by consulting with a Swiss fragrance company. To me, it is a pleasant scent (a complex green floral with a clean musk base) that completes the "rituals", but ultimately it would be up to personal preference. 

In fact, I have just repurchased the Antioxidant set as well as the Hydration Trio taking advantage of the sale (StyleKorean.com often offers great deals and shipping is very quick. Edit: I bought the sets $77 each but now the price has gone up to $99). Huxley Cleansing Gel (Be Clean, Be Moist) is another favorite and currently the most reached cleanser in the house.

Have you tried Huxley skincare? What do you think of them?

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  1. nice review!! I do like how clean the packaging is!! I want to try the antioxidant trio!
    Oreleona | BLISS de la Leona

    1. Thanks! Huxley performs really well and one of the better choices of Kbeauty skincare especially for the price. ;)

  2. Ah yes I remember you telling me how much you enjoyed using Huxley products. I used the Brightly Ever After with my vitamin C powder last year and I really liked it. I have a bottle of the Secret of Sahara Toner that I haven't opened yet and I recently started using their Secret of Sahara Cleansing Water when I couldn't wash my face with actual water for a week ;p It's really good in terms of cleaning and balancing! I totally want to try their creams now based the way you described your experience with them :) Hope you're having a fab week so far Lena!

    1. Hi, Rowena! Hope you're having a great week as well! :D I believe the toner is scented the same, so if it doesn't bother you, I think you'd enjoy all 3 different kinds of cream Huxley offers. I'd love to try their cleansing water once I run of my Bioderma ones. I've been using them for years but want to try something new. Right now, I am back to my old faves, Jeffrey James stuff and probably do another round of Huxley (my recent order already has arrived :o) then possibly Vitabrid. Sometimes I wish I had two faces. LOL.

  3. Thanks for your review Lena! I am all about minimal products for maximum impact. It's good to hear that these products seem effective. I would try out the antioxidant trio, especially for the anti-pollution benefits.
    I'm actually going to Korean in a few months. I'd love to pick your brain about must buy beauty products there! I'm overwhelmed by the potential selection!

    1. I like this brand so much that I also purchased a cleansing foam on top of the purchased mentioned in the post!

      As to Kbeauty shopping tips, you might be asking a wrong Korean here. LOL. Although I've found quite a few favorites, I've been equally disappointed by some of them. I do love Korean lip tints in general. Recently, I've been using Milimage water rising lip tints non-stop and I'd highly recommend them. And, do check out Vitabrid range - this is my fave and also Rowena's. I will leave additional comments on your blog if I can think of some more. :D

    2. Lol, yes I definitely wanted to pick Rowena's brain too. That is unfortunate that so many brands can be disappointing. I find it funny that the same overall brand has a million similar sub brands too. I will check out Vitabrid - thank you!


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