Sep 2, 2018

A'pieu Haul

A'pieu makeup review swatches

For those who are not familiar, A'pieu is one of the popular Korean roadshop brands (under Missah umbrella). I am not a Kbeauty expert but if you ask me what to buy from them, I'd say the Mineral Lip & Eye Remover without hesitation. I tried this remover last year thanks to a friend and was surprised to see how well it worked while being so mild. This amazing remover is a cult fave and only 2,500 KRW (about $2 USD) in Korea. Unfortunately, being liquid, the price is marked up by more than 100% if I want to buy them here. The biggest KBeauty store in Manhattan (L'ovue on 5th Avenue) sells them for $5 (and twice of that on eBay), but I still think it is good stuff even for the marked up price.

Impressed by the remover, I became interested in A'pieu's other offerings and ended up hauling quite a bit of makeup in last May. I ordered mine from My order also included clothes and some other stuff so the express shipping cost made sense but I can't recommend ordering from the site just for a few items because they only offer EMS. I see YesStyle would be the best option as they carry almost the full range and the markup is reasonable.

Please read on for some swatches and thoughts.

A'pieu Luster Lighting BB SPF30/PA++A'pieu  Luster Lighting BBLuster Lighting BB was one of the most popular items from the brand but got discontinued at some point. A'pieu brought it back due to the high demand but repackaged it in a smaller size at a more affordable price. Smart.

A'pieu  Luster Lighting BB 21 swatch
The shade 21 is a great match for my current complexion. I don't really see how this is different from any medium coverage foundation but I'm not complaining. Like the name, it imparts a subtle and natural glow while providing an impressive coverage. It will suit normal to dry skin best as the oil control is not one of its merits.

A'pieu Pastel Blusher
A'pieu  pastel blushers swatches
I didn't expect much but these are nice quality. Surprisingly, no powder kick-up and they feel almost creamy to touch!

A'pieu pastel blushers swatches
VL01 is a pale milky pink that reminds me of NARS Sex Fantasy or Gaiety. If you dream about a real violet blush color, look no further. VL03 is the one.

A'pieu Couture Eyeshadows
A'pieu Couture Eyeshadows swatches
These eyeshadows are pretty nice as well. Not the most pigmented kind, but they apply and wear well.

A'pieu Couture Eyeshadow swatches
I love the colors that I chose. These moody pink and brown with fine shimmer seamlessly blend together for a soft feminine look.

A'pieu Lip Tints & Lipstick
A'pieu lip tint and lipstick
  • Lasting Lip Tint is a traditional gel type that leaves a strong stain. It is very long lasting but once set it tends to feel dry so I usually top it with gloss or balm.
  • Waterlight Tint is similar to L'Oreal Wet Shine Stain (discontinued) or YSL Glossy Stain
  • Color Lip Stain Gel Tint is lighter and less pigmented than Lasting Lip Tint but easier to control.
  • True Melting Lipstick is a high-pigment lipstick with a glossy finish. 

A'pieu lip tint & lipstick swatches
  • Waterlight Tint Bitter Rose is probably the most popular color because it is nearly identical to YSL Vynil Lip Cream in Carmin Session.
  • Lasting Lip Tint Forever Cherry is a deep hot pink shade that lasts on forever (really) and Eternal Rose is a medium pink with a white base that is also long-lasting.
  • Color Lip Stain Gel Tint Everything is a clear neutral red and Run Around is a coral red.
  • True Melting Lipstick High Up is an interesting red with both pink and brown undertones. 

I didn't take separate pictures of Pro-Curling Mascara Black Fixer, All That Lash Eyelash Glue, or the  Round Lash Tweezer. The mascara indeed works nicely as a primer for non-waterproof mascara for me and the tweezer is real handy to apply falsies. The glue isn't very impressive, though.

Here is a look with mostly A'pieu stuff. I am wearing the BB cream, Pastel Blushers (both shades mixed together), all 3 shades of Couture Eyeshadows, Pro-Curling Mascara Black Fixer, and True Melting Lipstick in High Up.

A'pieu makeup review swatches

A'pieu makeup review swatch
(When blotted, High Up is more of a wearable brick red stain.)

Overall, I am quite satisfied with my haul. Most of them are excellent for the price and I like the packaging quality as well. For example, the True Melting lipstick case is magnetic and looks even sleeker than some of the high ends. I will most likely repurchase the lip tints and try different stuff as the brand offers wide varieties of makeup and skincare.

Let me know if you've tried A'pieu and how you like them. Anything I should try next?

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  1. What a fun assortment of products! Those blushers had me thinking of cotton candy when I saw them LOL The violet one is so unusual and they look so pretty on you Lena :) I've been wanting to try A'pieu's Mineral Lip & Eye Remover ever since you told me how well it worked for you. I just need to finish the Lapcos one I'm using first. I've been trying to stick with a one in/one out system to keep my beauty products in check this year ;p Hope your week is off to a good start and you're staying cool!

    1. I wasn't familiar with Lapcos so I just looked it up - it looks like the remover is not tinted with artificial colors which is a huge plus. The A'pieu removers are tinted and also scented, though. I also love Lumene wp eyemakeup remover but it's getting hard to find them. ;-/

      The weather has finally cooled down and today was even a bit moody. LOL. Have a wonderful weekend! <3

  2. The true melting lipstick shade is gorgeous and becomes so much more neutral when blotted. I really like the range of lip tints and would try quite a few out.
    Oh and after seeing your CT post. I'm now on the Rouge Bunny site and contemplating lip liner and foundation. You're such an enabler ;)

    1. I was surprised to see the toned-down result after blotting as well. This brand has a wide range of colors that suit warm-toned complexions. I kind of like that for the base products but wish they offer the opposite for lip products.

      If you are set on RBR stuff, you're welcome to use my code RBR-LENALLURE20 for 20% off (hope the code still works! ;p). I really like my RBR lip liner - it practically glides! :)

  3. Hi! I wanted to ask you, have you ever found something similar to VL03? I'm OBSESSED but I can't find it anywhere anymore, I think they might've dropped the entire pastel blusher line... :(

    1. Hi! I think you might be right - K brands like A'pieu has short turnarounds on product lines. There are more than a few similar shades from Kbeauty offerings, though. On top of my head, 2aN Cotton Candy Violet, Romand Odi Milk. Pretty much all Kbrand offers some sort of light lavender blush since this type of shade is very popular in Korea. Hope you find a good replacement!


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