Sep 9, 2018

Dior | Rouge Dior Ultra Rouge 770 Ultra Love

Dior Rouge Dior Ultra Rouge review

It's been a while since the last time I bought Dior's lip makeup, but this new Rouge Dior line reinvented by Peter Philips has certainly made me look. The stunning red lacquered case and the mature yet ever gorgeous Natalie Portman helped, of course. I have been delving into various makeup artist brands and beauty guru collaborations lately but I still look to couture brands such as Chanel and Dior when it comes to saturated reds. There is something about how they do their reds, in my humble opinion. The shade I picked up, 770 Ultra Love did not disappoint.

Dior Ultra Rouge 770 Ultra Love swatch review

The outer case is identical to the Rouge Dior range and the only difference would be the lacquered red finish that seems scratch resistant (we will see about that, though). The lipstick bullet is slim like the Dior Addict and this is what I generally prefer for pigmented lipstick applications.

Dior Ultra Rouge 770 Ultra Love swatch review

Dior says:
Rouge Dior Ultra Rouge is the first incredibly long-wearing lipstick with the comfort of a lip ink: a true revolution in the history of lipstick. Ultra Rouge offers a lightweight, ultra-comfortable formula and all the colour of a high-pigmentation lipstick. The colours seem more saturated with a luminous, semi-matte finish for incredible sensoriality and hydration.

Dior Ultra Rouge 770 Ultra Love swatch

Ultra Love (770) is a bright creme red with both coral and pink undertones. I first thought it was a pinkish red but the warm undertone is more pronounced if I blot the color off a bit. I'd say the color is something in between cherry red and poppy.

Dior Ultra Rouge 770 Ultra Love swatch

Dior Ultra Rouge is scented with the classic Dior Rouge scent which I don't hate but could do without (this scent has a strange de-appetizing effect on me). The formula is pretty much what Dior claims. I love that the color glides on but doesn't take too much time to set. The color intensity is easy to control which is impressive for such a pigmented kind. I think the lasting power is above average among semi-matte lipsticks with more comfortable feels. It lasts about 5-6 hours on me with normal talking and drinking. I am not sure if it is exceptionally hydrating but it feels comfortable on.

Here is an overall look with Dior Ultra Love (770).

Dior Ultra Rouge 770 Ultra Love swatch review
(This is after I blotted the color off for a natural finish. You can see more of the "poppy" quality here. Whichever way you wear this color, it gives you vibrant color payoffs for sure.)

I have a feeling that this fall makeup for me is all about power lips and simply smudged cat eyes. In fact, I've acquired a few more of gorgeous reds in great formulations and am excited to show them to you in the coming weeks!

Thanks for looking. What do you think of this new Dior Ultra Rouge range ($37)? Any color that catches your attention?

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