Aug 31, 2018

Charlotte Tilbury The Pretty Pink Lipstick Set

Charlotte Tilbury The Pretty Pink Lipstick Set review

It doesn't make me look very smart talking about a soldout limited edition from a sale that had happened a month ago, yet here you have it. This was my first foray into the ever popular Charlotte Tilbury makeup. While it wasn't my last purchase (I did buy a few more things later on), it didn't change my mixed feeling towards the brand.

Charlotte Tilbury The Pretty Pink Lipstick Set swatch

The Pretty Pink Lipstick Set contains two different lipstick formulations in safe neutral colors plus a bestselling lipliner. The set was very well priced ($60) so I assume it was equally appealing to someone like me who wanted to experience the brand and the existing fans who can't get enough of her neutral pinks.

  • Charlotte Tilbury K.I.S.S.I.N.G lipstick is sort of a classic formulation that is creamy and goes on opaque. It applies evenly and stays comfortable. The Blushing Dream color is a Nordstrom exclusive but not terribly unique that you'd regret not buying one. This soft warm pink shade seems to sit in between American Sweetheart and Duchess from the same range. Better yet, the timeless classic Revlon Pink In The Afternoon would be an excellent alternative. I've worn Blushing Dream and Pink In The Afternoon together (one on my upper lip and the other on my lower) and it looks like I'm wearing just one color although the latter is a tiny bit pinker.

  • The Matte Revolution lipstick formula lives up to the hype. The balance between the matte texture and the lasting power is rather perfect. It feels comfortable on without accentuating the liplines too much and fades away gradually. The Rose Kiss shade is something I'd call a medium rosewood. It pulls surprisingly warm and doesn't look particularly flattering on me.

  • I was excited to finally try the cult favorite Pillow Talk lipliner but I must say I am a little disappointed. The color is indeed a perfect nude shade that comes in handy in almost any situation, but I wish it applied smoother with less tugging. I don't like that I have to sharpen it, either. Not a bad lipliner, but there is no way I will pay $22 for it. If you have a budget, I'd recommend Rouge Bunny Rouge lip pencils (currently on sale at $12) instead. Rimmel Exaggerate Lipliners are so good for the price as well.

Charlotte Tilbury The Pretty Pink Lipstick Set swatches

I've put a face together using some of the Charlotte Tilbury stuff I have. I thought about doing a Look Book post but wasn't very happy with the outcome so here we have an overall look photo instead. Scroll further down for the makeup items used for this look.

Charlotte Tilbury The Pretty Pink Lipstick Set look

Charlotte Tilbury The Pretty Pink Lipstick Set look

Bottom line good stuff but underwhelming. Charlotte Tilbury has been consistently well-received and even raved by many beauty enthusiasts but for some reason, I've always hesitated.  Despite the obviously nice quality, the color range and the aesthetics of the brand aren't exactly what I look for in makeup. I admit that I am still curious about her eyeshadows but I think I can wait for a little while, maybe till her next limited edition.

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  1. The makeup look you put together is lovely Lena! Interesting to get your take on Charlotte Tilbury because the brand is mostly raved about. The only color product I was curious about was the Pillow Talk lipliner. After hearing your thoughts on it. I think I'll stick with my Bite Beauty and Kevyn Aucoin ;) Her lipsticks just don't look quite neutral enough for me. I do have the CT Youth Glow Primer and Hollywood Flawless Filter. I do love the latter for a glow but I haven't used the primer in awhile.

    Hope you're enjoying your long weekend my friend ~_^

    1. Thank you, Rowena! Hope you've had a relaxing weekend. :)

      I still don't know how to describe the brand. I hate to say CT feels like MAC in the gaudy rose gold packaging but that's close to how I feel about the brand. There are too many non-descript nude/peach/pink and I fail to see the reason to pay the full price. Lately, I've been trying quite a few of these makeup artist/beauty guru brands but I find myself still preferring couture brands or even drugstore stuff over them. ;)

  2. Thanks for the review Lena! I've been curious about the brand for a while and was bummed I missed this on sale. But it seems meh? It's good to see that the formula stays put and there's good color payoff. I also quite like the shades. But I can certainly wait for a sale or try another brand in the meantime. I am still very curious about the magic balm too though!

    1. Charlotte Tilbury definitely makes quality stuff. I like it just as much as I like MAC, is best I can say for the brand for now. I'm not ditching the idea of trying more but just not excited to open my wallet. CT just has brought out the infamous "Pillow Talk" set and it costs a fortune. I will have to see what others say about this but probably will pass. There are occasional sales on the CT website, which you might want to check out in the future. :)


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