Nov 9, 2012

Swatch - Revlon Bordeaux & Black Cherry

I haven't worn these out (yet...), but I am in love with this dark saturated berry hues.
My eyes are still searching for more of dark colors like this although I wear light pink and beige most days of my week.
Is it crazy or what? ;p

Revlon ColorBurst Lipgloss Bordeaux & Super Lustrous Lipstick Black Cherry

Black Cherry is known as a nice dupe for MAC Media.
When I grabbed this, I knew I needed some pigmented lipgloss with similar color as well cause dark color like this often look blotchy on my lips. 
ColorBurst Bordeaux seemed just perfect to solve this problem.

Black Cherry (top)
Bordeaux (bottom)

Lip swatches

Black Cherry
It appears lighter and redder on my lips than what it looks from the tube.
It has the usual creamy and nice "Super Lustrous" lipstick feel but the color still looks a little blotchy. 

This can be worn beautifully by itself.
The color goes evenly with good pigmentation.

Black Cherry & Bordeaux worn together
A deeper more even color created!
This lasts on me pretty well, too. :)

Thanks for looking.
Wishing everyone a happy weekend! :)

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  1. I agree with the comment below- very sexy!

  2. Suits you perfectly!!

    The Misty Mom

  3. honestly, they are no match for guerlain or other higher-end lipsticks, but revlon does have nice lines of lippies. after all, they started as a competitor of Estee Lauder back then.
    i personally prefer revlon listicks over mac ones. :)

  4. oh wow! they look amazing together. I actually really like Black cherry by itself too. Maybe it's just your lips though!!!

  5. aww thanks, Laura.
    although i think it is the colors..heheh

  6. Black Cherry is one of my favourites!

  7. oooh, i can see this color looking so beautiful on you. :)

  8. they loook soo great together!! i love mixing lipstick and lipglosses to get a unique boosted color! the pigmentation of bordeaux is sooo amazing! can u believe i passed by the color-burst lip glosses today at Walmart and picked em up but dropped them back because i need to stop buying lippies! -__- gahhh but i want them all!! deff adding to my lippie wishlist!!

  9. now you know what color you want, so you can march back there and pick it up! lolz
    i am usually one lippie a day kinda girl, but wearing these together makes the maintenance easier. i love it. :)

  10. Love the two together! The gloss is so pretty by itself as well. I like the look of Black Cherry (and the idea of a darker berry/autumnal lip), but I know the reality is that I would basically never wear one out, so I best not go there :p

  11. lolz. same reality here! ;)
    i haven't been so comfortable wearing these dark colors out, yet.
    darker lip colors look so appealing to me this season, though. i guess i am free of the trend after all. ;p

  12. Wow! Sexy red lips! It definitely looks gorgeous on you, even though I thought the skin swatch was a tad intimidating (for my lip color choice tastes). Bordeaux is such a pretty red! Time to wear them out and show off to the world!

  13. thank you, Diana!
    your comment is very encouraging. :)
    Bordeaux is very wearable and pretty red gloss. i should start with this first. ^-^

  14. Oh i love this with your skin complexion. Its like a perfect berry/red color. Reds dont look right on me. I really like dark lipsticks though for this season especially the deep purple ones!

  15. i thought the same thing when i was younger. you will change your mind about reds later on. lolz
    deep purple would look beautiful on you. i'd like to see it! :)

  16. I love so much the Bordeaux color, for this season it's so wonderful !!

  17. i love it, too!
    i was so surprised at how smoothly and evenly the color goes on my lips. feels very nice as well. ;)

  18. Happy weekend, Lena!

    You make every shade looks extra nice and juicy! Black Cherry looks a bit intimidating swatched, but on your lips it's perfectly doable :)

  19. thank you, Sunny!
    your comment encourages me to do more lip swatches. lolz
    have a happy weekend yourself. :)

  20. Ooh, that's a good idea - to even out blotchy shades with a matching gloss. It also creates depth. I love Black Cherry on its own, too, though!

  21. it is a bit more work especially for someone lazy like me..but necessary in this case.
    i wanna try wearing black cherry like tint as well. ;)

  22. Dark colors look so amazing on you...! <3


  23. I love both of them worn together!! but the black cherry worn alone is also cool!! I am into dark vampy lips this season :-D

  24. thanks!
    i really like the black cherry by itself as well. wish it wasn't blotchy like that. ;-/

  25. I seriously have to check out revlon, I have two lipbutters and quite like them :D This glossy finish with that lipgloss on top look so sultry! black cherry is on my wishlist now <3


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