Nov 5, 2012

Luster and Glam from Fragments

Browsing the Fragments site was a much pleasurable yet unexpected experience for me.
I have passed by the brick and mortar showroom of Fragments in SoHo, but I did not know they had this fine website for more private viewings as well.
Fragments is a New York based company founded by Janet Goldman in 1984, much like a well-curated gallery for both fine & fashion jewelry.

My idea of a perfect piece of jewelry is to let one's character and charm shine through without exaggerating or overwhelmed by it.
It could be either a shy luster from moonstone or glamorous sparkles from diamonds as long as it is "you".
I often feel that we do not have many options in that sense although there are so many jewelry pieces out there in the market.
I was quite impressed with the variety of the jewelry that Fragments offers while it maintains the unique feel of the niche collections.

Here are some of the many pieces that I fancy from Fragments.

These luxurious earrings are from their fine jewelry lines and absolutely out of the price range that I can afford, but I couldn't help but choosing them as my favorite.
I actually like all of the earrings by this designer. 
It seems to me that she has captured the natural beauty of the precious stones in the most luxurious way.
You can see the entire collection here as well as the personal bits about the designer, which I really like about the site. :)

While I was browsing "rich", this rather opulent imperial ring caught my eye as well. 

You might think that Fragments only offers fine luxury items, but they also have a wide selection of more affordable jewelry.

This is my other favorite.
I have a thing for jewelry with rounded facets and soft lustrous shines.
It seems this designer is all about it as well, and I could find a whole rainbow of the similar design in both earrings and necklaces.

Some more gorgeousness for your viewing pleasures...

I hope you have enjoyed my picks from Fragments. :)
This is a bit single directional since I have strong tendency to choose soft lustrous pieces over sparkles, but you can see the wide variety of different jewelry with equally wide price range on

I would love to visit the showroom in the near future since now I know more about their jewelry lines. It would be nice to see these lovely items in person.
However, they do offer online shopping option with free ground shipping as well.

Thanks for reading!

This is an advertorial post sponsored by Fragments.

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  1. Omg - these items are amazing. And I can't take my eyes off those gorgeous sapphire earrings! How r u my dear?

  2. hi Thu!!! how are you??!
    i just learned you're expecting another baby. congratulations!!! :D

  3. The white moonstone ring is gorgeous! I would wear that if I had nice hands and fingers... hehe~

  4. i love moonstones. there is something about that pale glow. ;)
    my fingers are short so i don't wear rings that often. would love to wear something like that, though. ;)

  5. Adorable!!!Thank you for such great post!

    Welcome to my blog!

  6. my pleasure. ;)
    thanks for the invitation.

  7. jewelry is part of my weaknesses too! my dad has a huge interest on precious stones and he designs jewelry too, so jewelry is like part of my life!
    I've never heard of fragments before, but they def have beautiful - well made jewelry.. the baby serpent necklace is by far my fave!

  8. wow, i didn't know your dad designs jewelry! you must have polished taste as well. :)
    i really like that they have unique niche designer pieces for everyone.
    it is surprising i like the necklace as well. yellow gold and snake are not my things yet it looks so attractive. ;)

  9. you picked some beautiful pieces. I love jewelry pieces which are simple and dainty. The earrings are so pretty.

  10. thank you!
    i am particularly fond of their earring selections as well. ;)

  11. Their jewelry is exquisite! I just clicked on the link and love their earrings. Gorgeous!

  12. i've visited the site again today.
    so many pretty things! :)

  13. Lena, I am so blown away by that gorgeous diamond and amethyst ring. I don't wear a lot of jewelry, but when I do, I tend to gravitate towards chunkier, bigger pieces. So that ring is totally my cuppa.

  14. it would look gorgeous on you.
    i love the rich color and the delicate details as well.
    i wonder how heavy it would feel if it is 58 ct. lol

  15. I love that little serpent necklace :) I love quirky jewellery!

  16. me, too!
    i am not into yellow gold jewelry too much, but this one looks cute and pretty to me. :)

  17. The first pair of earrings you showed is really "you" :P and I think everything else would suit you too because they are very beautiful designs.

  18. aww you think so? thank you.
    i love everything about the earrings. the color, the design..they would be heavy, though. lol

  19. thank you, Nicole! :)
    and thanks for adding me to your list as well.

  20. amazing stuff. Will have to check em out when next I'm in Soho. Congrats too on your win over on A Very Sweet Blog.

  21. Woo love the first one :) great selection !
    Nice blog

    Bisous from FRANCE

  22. thank you, Bisous for visiting and commenting!
    i really love the earrings. :)

  23. Oh wow, the Royal Purple Amethyst & Diamond Ring is stunning. What a gorgeous piece!

  24. i wouldn't be able to lift my finger up, but isn't it just magnificent? ;)


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