Nov 10, 2012

FOTD - Brown and Taupe

Today I have a very simple look to share with you.
I usually wear blue eyeshadow with brown color lenses or the opposite (blue contacts with taupe eyeshadow, for example), but I wanted to put brown and taupe together for some reason.
I was afraid I might look totally washed out, but the finished look is surprisingly calmer yet sophisticated.
I even like how my eyes look kinda mean and catty.
(Ah, the joy of makeup..;p)

FOTD - Brown and Taupe

Lately I am having lots of fun sharing my pics on Instagram and playing with different filters.
This is the version I shared earlier this week. ;)

In this look, I am wearing tarte eye catchers smolderEYES as eyeshadow colors.
I put Champagne on the inner corners of my eyes and used Gunmetal all over my lids.
i nuovi Moonstone was lightly dusted over to set the color and add shimmer.
All together, this is a simple shimmery taupe color that makes enough contrast to the orange brown color of NEO Lucky Clover Brown lenses.

On my face, I am wearing pixi Illuminating Tint & Conceal in No. 2 Bare Glow.
I won this goody from Amynaree (Girly Niche blog)'s giveaway not too long ago. 
(Thanks again, Amy! ^-^)
The finish is glowy and light, and it does a wonderful job evening out the skin tone without the heavy feel, but unfortunately the shade is a little darker than my complexion so I had to mix it with my Paul & Joe foundation. 
The concealer color works nicely as it is on my blemishes and post acne marks. 

Makeup products used for this look

tarte skinny smolderEYES Onyx
tarte smolderEYES Gunmetal & Champagne
Paul & Joe Light Creme foundation Alabaster
pixi Illuminating Tint & Conceal SPF 20 No. 2 Bare Glow
i nuovi dust Moonstone
Urban Decay Blus X (discontinued)
Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain Honey
Zoya Hot Lips Minx

Thanks for looking. ;)

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  1. LOVE that eyeshadow! Very shimmery! Looks great on you Lena!

  2. thanks for your compliment, Kim :D

  3. ok i need to get honey from the balm stains as well (adding to wishlist! lol) i love this look on you, you look so pretty!! and it looks great with the lenses and so natural!

  4. thank you so much!
    i like honey brown over orange brown but this design is very natural and unique. i love them.
    honey makes almost everything better. ;)

  5. This makeup is absolutely cute sweet and soft, but the same time is really elegant. Btw I never see before this brand Pixi of your concealer... Really interesting and cool post!

    Sakuranko Blog
    My Facebook Fan Page

  6. aww thank you so much for your kind words, Raimar!
    i didn't know about pixi before, but it seems to have really nice products. ;)

  7. I like how it's a soft color, but the shading by your crease still really gives your eyes definition. Very pretty! :) And oooh, now I'm following you on Instagram!

  8. thank you, Larie! :)
    these pencils last on me for a long time, too. i really like them as eyeshadow base. ;)
    istagram is fun! following you as well (you prolly know alreay. ;p)

  9. Pretty, Lena! I've been playing with my Tarte pencils too and I love them!

  10. thank you, Sunny!
    i got them to use as eyeshadow base anyway. the colors and the application is just perfect for me. ;)

  11. You are making me lem all the revlon :D I think they are good for that price. I really like that kinda jewelled eye look you did, paired with that soft lipcolour :)

  12. haha it's not as bad as what you're doing to me though, Claire!
    you make me lem guerlin lipsticks and other high end lippies. ;p
    honey is a very neutral versatile color. it is similar to the pink truffle lip butter if you're familiar with it. ;)

  13. Lol at "mean and catty!" I don't think you look mean at all. You look very classy and cool! I'm stalking you on Instagram now (you may have noticed I bombed you with "likes," keke). Honey also looks really nice on you!

  14. i love it when a pretty girl like you is stocking me! and that is the kind of bombing i like!! hehehe
    i am following you as well. :)

    i love honey as a base. it works for everything. ;)

  15. i am loving it though..the colour is warm but you look cold..haha in a good way!

  16. aww thank you, Debi!
    maybe that's what i was going for. ;D

  17. Love the subtle shimmer, but the colours are gorgeous on you! Thanks for my b'day wishes!

  18. thank you!
    a little bit of shimmer makes all the difference. :)

  19. Are you kidding me? Your eyes do not look mean and catty in that eye makeup. They look soft and sultry haha!

  20. haha thank you, Blair :)
    these contacts on the orange side which gives me the promised "brown" color, but i need to pair them with the right color otherwise it looks all wrong. ;)

  21. Such pretty eye makeup! And I don't detect any meanness or cattiness :p Love the colours you used - this coming from a huge sucker for taupe :p

  22. lol. thank you! :)
    i always feel my eyes look like that with orange brown contacts for some reason.
    i love taupe as well. can' get enough of it! :)


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