Review - Kose Seikisho Perfect Cleansing Oil

November 13, 2012

It has been a while since my last skincare item review.
Today I wanted to briefly talk about the cleansing oil that I am currently using on a daily basis.

KOSE Seikisho Perfect Cleansing Oil

For a long time, Shiseido fitit Perfect Oil had been my staple.
I was quite happy with the light consistency of the oil and its performance.
However, I have noticed the price has been marked up significantly to the point where using this drugstore product loses its merits.

I decided to try this higher-end yet reasonably priced cleansing oil when was running a 20% off sale.
After a quick calculation, I found out this is indeed a nice deal.
(Shiseido fitit Perfect Oil is about $3.4 per 1 fluid oz and KOSE Seikisho Perfect Cleansing oil is $3.7 with sale.)

Additional to its reasonable price, the cleansing oil itself is pretty nice as well.

I like that Seikisho Perfect Cleansing Oil..

* Is mineral oil based that is less comedogenic than olive or other natural oil (if rinsed out completely, of course)
* Has a thicker consistency so I can use lesser amount
* Rinses clean and does not dry out my skin
* Has a tangy light floral scent
* Does a great job removing all my makeup including waterproof mascara and sunscreen
* Can be used with wet/dry fingers (dry fingers are better, obviously)

Here is the ingredient list for you.

(Taking a picture is so much easier than typing. Yay!)

I am already on my third bottle and I plan to keep using this unless something much better comes along.
In fact, I stocked up on a couple more of this taking advantage of the latest sale. :)

Have you tried this cleansing oil?
What do you think about oil cleansing methods in general?

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  1. I always switch up to using cleansing oil right when Winter rolls around where I live. I'm currently using the Shiseido one you used before, but definitely will have to look for another one as it apparently has been discontinued as well! I'll try this one out :) Thanks Lena!

  2. oh i didn't know the shiseido one has been discontinued. i still see them on line. just that they got so expensive!
    this kose one come in 6 oz size bottle so it is a pretty good deal. ;)

  3. I haven't tried cleansing oils, period, Lena. I guess it's because I always thought that oil + oily skin= not good. So I've just stayed away.

  4. i was just like you and i still make sure i use foaming cleanser after. i use waterproof makeup daily so removing it effectively with minimal irritation is very important for me. cleansing oil does a great job and some oil can help minimize blackheads as well.
    it is not a must if you don't use wp makeup that often, though. ;)

  5. yes. baby oil is scented mineral oil. :)
    lately the study shows mineral oil is less likely to clog pores (it has bigger particles) and doesn't oxidize on skin, so it could be beneficial if used correctly.

  6. I love cleansing oils, my HG was fancl but I got breakouts from this oil somehow, then I stopped using it and tried it after a while and it was ok. But now I am still looking for a good cleansing oil. I really like the japanese cleansing oils though. I also broke out from this kose oil *sigh*.

  7. ah, too bad this didn't work out for you, Claire.
    some people are just allergic to mineral oil. maybe you should look for something with natural oil, then.
    i even tried gel type baby oil but it was too greasy and hard to remove it completely, so i just stick with something that has emulsifier. :)

  8. I remember I used a lot of Kose skin care products on my teenage years in Indonesia.. Kose is easily accessible there, unlike here in Germany..
    when it comes to cleaning my make up, I use a local brand called Balea. It's doing its job really well and doesn't hurt my wallet :))

  9. i liked kose drugstore version if whitening line as well.
    this one is from their whitening line, i think. japanese brands have so many different lines. it confuses me a lot! lol
    totally agree on you about the price point. i use cleansing oil a lot, so affordability is important! :)

  10. Oh It´s the firt time than i see the Mineral oil from KOSÉ is really interesting~~

    Thanks for this review!

    Sakuranko Blog
    My Facebook Fan Page

  11. you're welcome!
    i think this is the improve version. quite nice. ;)

  12. I use a Clinique cleansing milk, which I like a lot for removing makeup. I've also tried Boscia's cleansing oil, which is also nice. I think oils and milks feel better on the skin for removing makeup!

  13. i am pretty lazy so i stopped using separate wp eyemakeup remover a long time ago. i still wear wp mascara & sunscreen daily, so oil cleanser like this works perfectly well for me. this one doesn't irritate my eyes. :)
    i still follow up with foaming cleanser, though.

  14. I love cleansing oils, but since I didn't get into them till I moved here, there are many amazing drugstore ones you can find in Asia that I have never tried! I definitely remember spotting this back home. Maybe I'll pick a bottle up next summer when I'm there :)

  15. i agree!
    korean brands have nice ones as well. the problem is the marked up price and the shipping!
    this one suits me pretty well. i will keep using for now. ;)

  16. I haven't tried it, but need to Lena! Your skin is beautiful! Thanks for the suggestion!

  17. lol. you're too kind!
    i think YOUR skin is beautiful. ;)

  18. I've tried the Shu uemura's cleansing oil, despite the sky rocket price, I'm not sold to its functions. I think other drugstore cleansing oil works just the same and with just the quarter price T__T I've seen this on the Kose counter but haven't tested it out, will check this out soon =)

  19. i agree! i love drugstore cleansing oil, too.
    only thing is that is is marked up here and the shipping from oversea is expensive as well due to the weight. ;-/
    this one is quite reasonable and the consistency is just right. i like it. ;)

  20. I've never tried a cleansing oil!! but how I have oily skin I'm not very sure about using it :/
    Is it works for oily skin too?

  21. i have oily t-zon, too.
    i think oil cleanser could be better for oily skin if used correctly.
    this has emulsifier so rinses well and i always follow up with foaming cleanser.
    hope it works for you, too! :)

  22. I have not tried Kose cleansing product before but I have heard few people saying that this is a good product. My current go to cleansing oil is Neutrogena & Shu Uemura. Neutrogena is the one that I reached the most as it's much more affordable and cleanse perfectly too.

  23. oh i didn't know neutrogena has oil cleanser! i will look for that. i go through oil very quickly and i am always on a look out for affordable one!
    thanks :)

  24. I have never used a cleansing oil before :) Is mineral oil the same as baby oil?

  25. I've tried samples of the other products from Kose (seikkisei) but never the cleansing oil from the seikisho line, i was scared it'll burn my eyes when i use it for eye makeup (most oil based makeup removers do that to me -____- ) awesome review :) adding this to my sasa or drugstore list (omggg i didnt know was also part of lol i just found out today!!)

  26. I wanna try this oil since so much time!! Thank you for this review!!
    I'm using Sephora's oil but I don't like a lot this product.


  27. give it a try!
    it is really nice oil for its price.
    i've tried something from lumene recently, and i wasn't happy with it.. ;-/


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