Nov 16, 2012

Swatch, FOTD - tarte Amazonian Clay Blush Natural Beauty

I recently realized I did not have any "red" blush in my stash, and that seemed so wrong!
(Yes, I can be genius like that in finding a reason to buy more makeup.)
You would think there are tons of options for the color, but surprisingly enough, it is not so easy to find a good red blush.
tarte Natural Beauty is one of the few available, and it seemed like a perfect choice since I have heard so many good things about the new tarte Amazonian Clay blush line.

tarte Amazonian Clay Blush Natural Beauty

This vivid red blush is housed in a red plastic case as each tarte Amazonian Blush comes in a case with similar color of its content.
This makes more sense if you have bigger blush collection like me since it is easier to find the colors from your stash.

Natural Beauty is clearly a red color but it has a good amount of pink thrown in, so the color is not that difficult for me to work with.
This finely milled blush is very pigmented so it requires a light hand to apply.
I use my e.l.f skunk brush and it works very nicely for this color.
I mean I don't look like a clown, thank God! :)

I have the old version of tarte blush in Verve which is still my favorite peachy pink blush to date, so I had no doubt about the quality of the new Amazonian Clay blush.
The pigmentation is pure and it stays that way for long hours.
I am just not sure if it lasts for 12 hours as tarte claims, though.

Here is how tarte Natural Beauty looks on me.

It is a matte color but gives a healthy glow to my complexion.

Makeup products used for this look
Paul & Joe Light Cream Foundation Alabaster
L'Oreal Smoldering Eyeliner Black
tarte Amazonian Clay Blush Natural Beauty
e.l.f. Minearal Lipstick Just Bitten
L'Oreal Infallible Bronzed Taupe
i nuovi eyeshadow Champagne
Revlon ColorStay Overtime Mascara Blackest Black
Milani Liquif'eye eye liner Black
ebony drawing pencil

Overall, tarte Natural Blush is a great choice for flushed winter cheeks with excellent quality.
I would try more colors from the same range.
However, this red blush experience has made me want another one like Chanel Rouge
(*Le Sigh*)

Have you tried tarte Amazonia Clay blushes?
What is your experience with red blushes?

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  1. lol. my pleasure, Raimar!
    i agree this color is very natural and soft although it looks intense from the pan. ;)

  2. OOO so I actually saw Chanel Rouge in a department store the other day, but I'm not even sure if it was there by mistake! It's SO pigmented too. I'm not too sure I'll know how to work with it!

    This is a great color on you, Lena! I can't believe how radiant your skin is. It's so pretty!

  3. i wouldn't try it with the brush that comes with chanel blush anyway. (i don't know what is wrong with them including such coarse one. they should get rid of it and lower the price. lolz)
    rouge is more intense than natural beauty, i think. it is quite difficult to locate it as well. ;-/

  4. What a pretty color! I agree--- red blushes look scary but give such a nice pink hue when sheered out.

  5. thanks, Dovey!
    i really like this color a lot. ;)

  6. i have peaches and pinks, but no red either. i think i get scared when i think of red blush! hahaha but this is truly soft and i've never tried Tarte products before. gotta get this! thanks Lena!

  7. this is my first powder type red blush, too! i've tried creme type but it did not work very well for me. ;p
    ever since i started using a skunk brush, i am not afraid of dark colors anymore. yay! :D

  8. I dont have any red blushes, mostly pinks. This looks really nice on you!

  9. thank you. ;)
    i think my blush collection consists of pink mostly as well. ;p

  10. i think i would love to try red blush but i don't have the right skin for it..your skin looks so smooth and illuminated..i have discolorations and bumps..i need to do something about..winter makes it how well blended the blush looks on you!

  11. I don't think it would suit my skintone sadly as I have a lot of natural redness :( but I am dying to try out the Tarte blushes in general :D

  12. actually, i have lots of broken capillaries on my face and they look ruddy. this blush works for me despite of my concern same as yours. maybe because it has lots of pink in it. ;)
    tarte blushes are as nice as NARS or Cargo which are my other favorite blush brands.

  13. This is so pretty and wow, it looks gorgeous on you!!! I cant wait to get my hands on a Tarte amazonian blush. It's either this or/AND exposed :)

    The Misty Mom

  14. thanks, Shari!
    exposed is another great shade! :D

  15. It looks very natural and light on your skin! Not scarily red at all - and there is lots of pink in it as well :)

  16. thanks!
    it doesn't get much darker later on unlike some blushes i've tried. it is quite workable with right kind of brush. ;)

  17. I really like the name 'natural beauty', the colour is beautiful Lena, on you it looks just like the right colour for this kinda look you did. I only have Tarte Glisten, I am still unsure about this blush and don't know if I should keep it. I really like how natural and not powdery they look once applied. Your Paul and Joe posts reminded me, that I should give my P&J products more love :D

  18. thanks, Claire!
    i really like the name of the blush, too! :)
    Glisten is a very pretty color but if you have NARS orgasm or its dupes, maybe not a keeper.
    i sometimes like to use blush with powdery finish like paul & joe Nymph, but i prefer something like tarte blush for everyday. :)

  19. I love how it looks on you. I like the natural glow or flush color on the cheeks rather than trying too hard. This look is so gorgeous on you! I have a few of Tarte blushes. Got Exposed, Dolly and Splender. They are all very neutral colors, except Dolly is more on the pink side. Love how easy it is to apply and the staying power. Thinking of getting the blush gift set from Sephora.

  20. thank you!
    i really like the color of Dolly but i passed since i have so many pink blushes.
    if you like bronzer and highlighter, the set is an awesome deal! :D

  21. I love that color! Never heard of this brand!

  22. thanks!
    tarte is one of my favorite independent makeup brand. :)

  23. I had one of these blushes but I sold it...I can't remember which one it was - a peachy shade. They are nice but I didn't LOVE them, you know? With that said, I always did like Natural Beauty, as it is hard to find a really red blush!

  24. i agree that it is difficult to find a decent red. it is weird when you think about that all they used was red in old times. lol
    i think one good red blush like natural beauty if enough for me, but i keep thinking about getting more..(ah)

  25. beautiful color! red blush is one of my fave staple , only it's not easy to find a good one.. My go-to red blushes are Sleek in Scandalous and Essence in Renesmee Red.. they give natural flushed cheeks ;))
    btw, love your lipstick on the picture!

  26. ooh, Renesmee from the twilight? lolz i should look for them as well.
    the lipstick is a purchase from your recommendation! (dupe for MAC Cyndi!)
    thanks for another recs, Pam! :)

  27. Oh wow I thought it would look super bright but it looks beautiful, just like a natural flush to your cheeks! I've unfortunately never tried any Tarte product but I'll definitely buy a few things on my NY trip next year. I can't wait :) xx

  28. natural beauty can appear quite intense depending how you apply, i guess.
    i was extra careful cause i didn't wanna look like a clown. lolz
    i think tarte blush line is excellent both in color selection and the wear. ;)

  29. beautiful fotd!! the color of the blush looks soo natural on you i love it!!

  30. thank you!
    the skunk brush is quite useful for this color. it was easy to sheer out the color. :)

  31. It looks so natural on you! You have such great skin that you can pull off any color. I cannot pull of reds at all. :/

  32. ah i always get so much undeserved credit thanks to the soft box lighting.
    i have uneven red spots on my cheeks as well so i need to choose a right color not to accentuate them. luckily, this color worked! :)

  33. aw Debi, thanks so much!
    you might find it weird but i've always thought you have beautiful skin whenever i see your posts!
    this blush blends in exceptionally well. very easy to work with. :)

  34. ahh but i take those on good skin days..haha..not weird at all..thank you though!:)

  35. OmG! You alway introduce me to know and find new brands and thats is really georgeus! I really like it the color of this blush! I think is red but it´s soft and cute!


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