Nov 12, 2012

Swatch, FOTD - NARS Lhasa Single Eyeshadow

"Taupe eyeshadow" would be one of the most fascinating beauty objects of all.
For one thing, I never get tired of looking at different taupe eyeshadow swatches.
And I always find it faschinating how this muddy blah color can add such sophistication to our eye makeup looks.
Well, I love all shades of taupe and own quite a few,  but I was convinced that I needed this mysterious one with purple undertone called Lhasa. (I love purple, too.)
Lhasa is a "lavender-gray" according to NARS, but it is definitely more than the simple description.
It even feels unjust for this beautiful shade with complexity.

NARS Single Eyeshadow Compact  Lhasa

In Lhasa, I see gray and brown (so it is a taupe!) with cool purple undertone.

It looks a little boring from the pan as most taupe colors do.

Lhasa is not a matte shade but I don't know if I can say this is shimmery, either.
I think it has a luminous satin finish that leaves sophisticated sheen once applied.
The texture is on the harder side but the color goes on effortlessly and blends in very well.

I did some comparison swatches here.

(Compared to the third and fourth taupe shades from Revlon Sandstrom quad )

What is most wonderful about Lhasa is its versatility.
I can wear it as a simple all over color on lids like this look I put together today.

Lhasa works well with soft pink lips and cheeks.

Makeup products used for this look
Revlon ColorStay Whipped Creme Makeup Buff (150)
NARS single eyeshadow compact Lhasa
L'Oreal Voluminous Smoldering eyeliner Black
Revlon Lip Butter Sweet Tart
Jane Blushing Cheeks Blushing Petal
Ebony drawing pencil
Revlon ColorStay Overtime mascara Blackest Black

Lhasa can be used in sultry smoky eyes as well since it is very easy to control the color intensity.
I have worn it in this look paired with Chanel Rouge Coco Rivoli.

Do you own Lhasa?
What is your favorite taupe eyeshadow color?

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  1. That's your color! I've been wanting to try that Revlon foundation. Looks flawless

  2. Lhasa looks gorgeous on your eyes. Now that Nars is finally in Singapore, I can go swatch it.

  3. Heyyyy you're right! I always thought it was a grey cause it looks grey on my lids but when I gave it a proper 'analysis', it's actually a grey-taupe tone! Lol I had no idea! XD Give it a swatch when you're at MAC next time! Copperplate give my eyes more depth and it makes my eyes pop and it's a super suitable eyeryday colour!

    Tell me how it goes at MAC! =D

  4. i like a taupe shade that leans towards grey anyway. i have a feeling that i'd like this copperplate a lot!
    thanks again for mentioning this. :)

  5. i just looked up copperplate and it is gorgeous!
    it is a matte taupe so you do have a taupe shade. lol
    now i think i need this, too..awww ;p

  6. Lhasa looks very nice. I love all sorts of taupe and browns. It's so nice to use this even on its own when I don't feel like mixing eyeshadow.

  7. i agree!
    a right shade or taupe or brown just enhance the whole look effortlessly. ;)

  8. Wow, it works well as an all over shade! Time to see whether I own any taupes and if I don't I need to rectify it immediately

  9. i was surprised, too. i was going to use it in smokey looks only when i purchased it.
    for some reason i think you might have some taupe in your stash, though. heh heh

  10. I was never into taupe recently, until I tried Satin Taupe by Mac and I realised how awesome it looks on blue eyes! I have my eye on a couple of Burberry shades now!

  11. oh, taupe looks the best on blue-eyed gals for sure!
    satin taupe is beautiful. i might get this one if i run out of my chanel vega. :)

  12. Loving taupe in the fall! I haven't tried any of the NARS eyeshadow and this looks like this could just slide, so silky and smooth.

  13. NARS eyeshadows are tricky since the texture and color payoffs are not consistent.
    i see Lhasa has a beautiful texture and color that would work on most, though. :)

  14. I'm with you, I can never get tired of taupe. I used to think taupe was super boring (as in, way back in college) but now, I use it on EVERYTHING. I really like the almost luminous quality of Lhasa. It's pretty!

  15. i thought it was a boring color for a long time! back then i was more into pastels. lol
    Lhasa has a beautiful texture. it goes on sheer but the color is still there and i can build up the color so easily. love! :)

  16. I've heard a lot about this one, but as much as I like taupe, not all of them work for me so I passed. It's such a fantastic shade on you, Lena!

  17. thank you, Sunny!
    i think a warmer taupe with gold undertone would look lovely on you, but i've seen cooler colors like this looking awesome on you as you never know! :D

  18. I think you make soft pink lips and cheeks look good with everything, Lena :P

  19. awwww thanks, Larie! ;D

  20. It does go well with pink lips and cheeks! Very beautiful Lena! I'm always putting on a light shade of eye shadow. hahaha Maybe I should go darker. Shadow has always intimidated me. Thanks for your compliment on my lip color. It's a bronzy shade from Sephora.

  21. thank you, Kim!
    this is not too dark and makes a great all over color. it goes on sheer to intense so easily. give it a try. i think this color would look beautiful on you!

  22. this is pretty with the pink lips. anastasia's want you to want me palette has some taupe shades that i've been trying out.


  23. thanks!
    you made me look anastasia's palette and it is very pretty! haha :D

  24. My favorite taupe would have to be MAC's satin taupe but this one looks quite interesting as looks like I'm going to add another item to my wish list haha xxx

  25. ah satin taupe is beautiful!
    i don't really like MAC but i like satin taupe. ;)
    Lhasa would be a good addition to your collection since it has different undertone.

  26. A huge fan of taupe here. The NARS shadow is beautiful.

  27. thanks, fellow taupe lover!

  28. This is kind of eye shadow I would wear alone on my lids.. I love taupe eye shadows and couldnt get enough of it. lol
    NARS is a brand I'd love to try, but it's only accessible online T___T

  29. i usually buy NARS online as well. this way i get a good deal thanks to the occasional sales. :)
    there are so many helpful swatches. it makes it easy for me to choose as well!

  30. Really wonderful and cute this eyeshadow1 looks lovely~~ Thanks for sharing!

    Sakuranko Blog
    My Facebook Fan Page


  31. my pleasure, Raimar!
    thanks for commenting. ;)

  32. I love NARS but I don't own Lhasa, I would definitely try this because it's not really dark like charcoal but has a very shimmery look. You look so pretty, flawless makeup


  33. it is a perfect medium dark-ish color.
    thanks for your compliments! :D

  34. Lhasa is a very wearable shade indeed! Wearing it alone is already gorgeous! ^_~

  35. thanks!
    it is so easy to blend in, too.
    i am wearing this today. :)

  36. Surprisingly, I don't own a taupe eyeshadow! *GASP* You've helped me realised a really important fact that I don't own any. Lol!

    However, my staple eyeshadow's a matte grey/brown by MAC called Copperplate! =D

    ♡ M.May

  37. me, too!
    Lancome Erika F and NARS Lhasa are my go to one-color shadows. :)

  38. I love colors like this you can wear on their own :) I'm so lazy


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