Nov 23, 2012

Collective Swatch - Revlon Super Lustrous Lipsticks

One of the great beauty blogging joys would be looking at other bloggers swatches and possibly contemplating on another haul.
(Oh, please tell me I am not the only one.)
I have great respect for the bloggers who provide accurate swatches taken under different lighting since this takes much more time and effort.
I myself have not gotten there yet, not to mention that I am still trying to draw straight lines on my arms. 
(They always come out crooked no matter! Is everybody using a ruler but me?)

Anyhoo, I am hoping to get better at swatching soon & presenting this collective swatch of my Revlon Super Lustrous Lipsticks to you. :)

The group shot

Creme lipstics

These all have creme finish.
(Temptress(680) is definitely a shimmery lipstick but labeled creme for some reason.)

I did not resize this picture.
I also marked the names on top for your convenience.
Click for larger picture if you like. ;)

Matte Lipsticks

(Click for bigger picture)

While being fun, this also serves other purpose reminding myself once again that I have too many lipsticks and I hardly wear them.
(Look at the bullets. You know what I mean.)
On a different note, I find swatching could be very staining and irritating for my poor arm.
I wouldn't know what to do if I wasn't armed with baby wipes and cleansing oil. :o

Hope you have enjoyed this swatch post.
Do you have any swatching tips?
Feel free to share with me. :)

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  1. Really red is such a gorgeous and perfect red!

  2. i agree!
    it is quite wearable. ;)

  3. Nice picture! Love the colours, especially the light pinks.


  4. Hey Lena! jus found your cute blog and gladly added myself to your followers! I’d love to have you stop by and say hi aswell! Also I’ll leave the link to a big international Juicy Couture GIveaway I’m having, in case you’re interested!:)

    Hope to see you there, and thanks so much beautiful!!
    Xo, Emily

    Juicy Couture Giveaway!

  5. hi Emily!
    thanks for adding me to your list and for your invitation as well. ;)

  6. great collection!! you have such a nice shades of lippies~ I, too have problem on swatching makeup on my arms~ maybe we really need to use a ruler! lolz ^_~ thanks for sharing~

  7. thanks Janet!
    i still prefer straight line swatches but i might have to try the dots or hearts. lolz :)

  8. It's impossible to choose! they all look stunning! I know what you mean, whenever I do blush or lipstick swatches, my arms turn into a red & swollen mess lol that's the price to pay when you're a beauty blogger I guess ;) xxx

  9. you, too??! especially the reds and purples are so staining! sometimes i think we shouldn't wear them as often..
    revlon has great lippies for the price. ;)

  10. I love Revlon lipsticks! I have a tonne of them as well :p These swatches look really well done, I have a good number of the ones you've swatched so I know they're colour accurate. But swatching accurately can be hard because of how different colours can look depending on the lighting. I don't really have any tips, I use foaming makeup remover from Dove to get it all off my arm after, it works a treat ;)

  11. ah thanks! it is comforting, actually!
    my laptop shows any color washed out too much so i have to think about that when i edit my pictures.
    i just use my soft box lighting for my swatch pics as well which seems to create neutral lighting. :)

  12. Ohh those are all pretty swatches and colors!

    Awww I know what you mean about swatches staining your arm/hand.. that happened when I tried to do swatches on the Maybelline 24hr eyeshadows.. stuck on like no other! -_-

    xo - Sheila

  13. thank you, Sheila! :)
    usually baby wipes do a great job removing, but some long lasting ones are tough! i need clenasing oil or cream to remove them completely. lol

    thanks for visiting! :D

  14. love these swatches Lena!! and the colors are all so beautiful...i think i might be getting more of these creme lipsticks because i looked at my collection and ill i had were the light pinks and nudes...i had a year (2010) when thats all i wore lol

  15. thanks!
    i like revlon lippies and maybe i don't need to say this again. lolz
    actually a couple of them are the new ones i replaced since the old one started smelling a little funky. ;)

  16. omg how amazing is your lipstick collection! I've never own so many lipsticks of the same brand!
    would you like to follow each other?

  17. that's just super lustrous lipsticks..i have more lippies from revlon.
    following you, btw! :)

  18. I kind of find the Super Lustrous lipsticks heavy and hard to wear, which is a shame, because they make really beautiful shades!

  19. ah that's too bad. i do agree with you, though. some colors go on thicker than others and way too pigmented for me to wear everyday.
    i thought colorburst lipsticks were better in that sense, but they have limited colors and they are being discontinued...;-/

  20. Thanks for sharing, the Super Lustrous lipsticks are one of my favorites because of the variety and the creme finish is great all-around. I have to agree--I like looking at swatches/hauls too. I think because you get a sense of the person's interests/tastes :)

  21. hi Monica! thanks for adding me to your list! :D
    i didn't realize i like cream finish from the revlon SL range, but turns out i do! they are really great for the price. :)

  22. Oh my god. Black Cherry and Raspberry Bite. I want! Is this the inspiration for trying out more vampy lippies?? How many do you have total? ;)

  23. hehe :) they are both gorgeous. i like raspberry bite a little more.
    this is all if you're asking about "super lustrous lipsticks", but i have colorburst range and other brand as well..too many...

  24. There isn't one colour there that I don't like! Temptress is very pretty though, I may have to get one for myself!

  25. lolz :)
    Temptress has a little bit of sheen and appears that way on lips. i also have the matching nail polish. they are very feminine!

  26. Omg i love these! I have a few of the creme ones and one matte and they are so good! I love the way creme finish looks on my lips!

  27. i agree.
    i really think it is comparable to MAC lipsticks. ;)

  28. you really know how to make lipstick look good! i feel like i need some nude and red right about now

  29. thank you! :D
    revlon has great red colors.

  30. Love these lipsticks!! Thanks for stopping by my blog and following! Following back :) keep in touch xo

  31. thanks for adding me to your list, Denise! :D

  32. 440 is such a gorgeous colour! It looks so creamy as well - perfect for my dry lips!

  33. it is such a saturated red. very retro and works great as a stain, too! :)

  34. Beautiful colours! Looking at all the lipsticks together makes me drool haha :P Pink in the afternoon and In the red catch my attention! I always have trouble with swatches too which is why I haven't posted any yet! Thanks for sharing :)

  35. lol. they are like candies for us girls, right? ;)
    Pink In the Afternoon is a beautiful warm pink that flatters many skin tone. i really enjoy it.
    and of course, revlon has a great line up for red lippies! :)

  36. I love Revlon, I don't have a lot of Revlon's lipsticks but I love them a lot. Thank you for this blog post!!


  37. my pleasures, moeri!
    i think revlon has great lippie lines for sure! :)

  38. Oh wow, that's an impressive collection! I wish Revlon were more easily available here. People seem to really like their lipsticks!

    I use Bioderma Sensibio (or any micellar cleanser) to remove swatches from my arm. I like the fact that it's really simple, and it doesn't leave a greasy residue so I can move on to the next batch if necessary :)

  39. lolz. maybe i feel the same way about bioderma cleansing water as you do revlon.
    i've tried it once and i loved it so much, but i couldn't justify paying for that high shipping for it again. ;-/

  40. I love revlon lipsticks! Great post!
    I'd love if you'd check out my blog and follow back if you like :)

  41. following you back! :)

  42. This couldn't come at a more perfect time. I've been looking to pick up Black Cherry and Cherries in the Snow! I love seeing swatches as that helps me determine lipstick purchases (I hate swatching the display lipsticks in grody).

  43. i am glad you find this helpful! :)
    they both are beautiful must haves!
    i agree with you. i don't swatch drugstore products. it seems wrong.
    i get a lot of help from fellow bloggers' swatch posts instead. ;)

  44. My favorite of the lipsticks shimmering is the 415, and in the matte "Pink About it". Thanks for this review....


    Sakuranko Blog
    My Facebook Fan Page

  45. pink about it is a beautiful matte coral pink.
    it is my pleasure, Raimar! :D

  46. I need to try more Revlon lipsticks. A couple of my fellow lipstick bandits had them in our last post.
    But l have som many lipstick too!

  47. i've enjoyed this vamp one of the bandits' posts a lot!
    i hear you, though. i think the same thing. lol

  48. Ack! I love Really Red!! :) I have that. Must buy more though!
    You have a great collection there.

    The Misty Mom

  49. thanks, Shari!
    i love really red, too. ;)

  50. Ummm, Lena! I am so envious of your Revlon lipstick collection. What a beautiful array of colors girl! You do a fabulous job at taking pics and swatching. What are you talking about! HAHAHAHA I need to get back on the ball with my beauty posts. I've gotten totally sidetracked with FOOD! hahaha

  51. aww thanks, Kim :)
    i really like revlon lippies a lot, but i must say i don't really sue much of any lippie in general. i rarely do touch-up.
    i need to to a lipstick series or something so i wear them more often. ;o

  52. I also love it so much when bloggers do arm swatch of lipsticks or eye shadows or blushes..I dont know why I am just happy looking at it.. and it helps a lot especially when we want to buy something online..
    Revlon lipsticks always catch my attention. I used to wear them a lot when I was in indonesia, since revlon is available there.,

  53. hehe glad i am not the only one. ;p
    i think i've bought revlon lippies as others do MAC. lol
    i just realized 80% my lippies are from Revlon. crazzaay

  54. Just discovered your blog and LOVE it! Now following you xx

  55. thanks for adding me to your list. xoxo :)

  56. Hi Lena, What a wonderful collection! It's great to see so many swatched alongside each other. I think I like Primrose from your swatches :)

  57. thanks, Dovey!
    prim rose is quite pretty pale pink. i really like this color as well. :D

  58. Thanks for stopping by & loving your blog ^.~ Following<3

    I'm a huge lover of PinkPout~ One of my all time fav.s~ Great post~


  59. hi, EV!
    thanks for adding me to your list.
    pink pout is a great nude pink color. i love it, too! :)

  60. Love Revlon lippies! My current favorites is black Cherry

  61. black cherry is devine! perfect for the season. ;)

  62. i am gaga over stormy pink and pink pout..but scared to buy as tried a maybelinne matte..two of them...disaster for me..are these any creamier than they smooth on..and not show each line or..look like coffin lips.?? sorry for morbid..i have never had anything so bad on my lips..i wore pink in aftermoon in my 20's..cherries in snow..etc..some these been good ones for years..i love the new mattes colors..cud cry for a matte i can wear..that is color or pout or stormy..i love pink pout..and the coral you think revlon is any better int he formula?? i know many women..swear by revlon..for many years..and it is a good lipstick..ty..i love the much..ty so much..


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