Nov 24, 2012

Tag : What's in my makeup bag?

This is an age-old tag and I have seen many interesting entries for this.
I have always wanted to add one of my own, but I guess knowing that I don't really carry a lot nor anything special in my bag has been putting me off.

Well better late than never, here is my bag. ;)

My makeup bag
It is very old. 
So old, I believe it is older than some of the young bloggers who visit here. ;p

I have other makeup bags, of course.
However, this is my favorite one and I always come back to this.
I guess it is time to let go and get another one already, but don't you think it is holding up its shape pretty well after many washes? 

Here is what I carry in the bag.
A lippie of the day would be added to this, but that's only if I remember.

Minty breath spray (for emergency coffee breath)
Paul & Joe blotting papers in the case with mirror (very well-made case with nice papers)
Paul & Joe Powder Foundation compact (for touch-ups)
Paul & Joe Face color (blush)
Paul & Joe sheer lipstick (light pink shade for touch-ups)
retractable brush (for blush application)
Sula lipgloss (another pink color)
stila lip liner (This works as a lip base, too.)
Bag hook (I love love this!!)
mini golden cup balm (useful for skin irritation like mosquito bites)
hair tie (I tie my hair when I eat. ;p)
my business cards in hard case

Thanks for looking!
Please feel free to do this tag and share yours with me. ;)

Join the conversation!

  1. Doesn't look aged at all. Very cute makeup bag. I also have couple from years ago too, lol.

  2. Ooh pretty Paul & Joe goodies--they're compacts always get me! Especially love the minty-green color of that blush!

  3. i really like their compacts! i can't get enough of their packaging. ;p

  4. That Sula gloss looks so pretty!

  5. thanks! it's all natural, too. ;)

  6. I love these types of posts! Does that make me a snoop? ;) The contents are of your makeup bag are so feminine and pretty. Very you! I'm a minimalist in that I only carry blotting papers, lip balm and a lip stick. I think I need to get myself a bag clip. Thanks for sharing Lena!

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  7. lol. we're all snoops, then. i love love these posts myself and thought i'd finally add my entry. :)
    i'd highly recommend bag clips! you know how tiny new york restaurants could be and we hate to put our bags on the floor. this is just perfect and lots of people seem to envy it whenever i bust this out proudly! :D

  8. that is the cutest bag!!!!!!!!!!! i want it and what's inside! hahahah is that asking too much? great products Lena! you're always ready.

  9. thanks Kim!
    and i love the set i won from your giveaway. it is water proof and hold everything separately & neatly. they are perfect to carry with me to gym or travel! :D

  10. given the amazing range of make-up products you have i would love to raid your whole stock someday!

    Enter Firmoo Giveaway

  11. lolz. you'd find ancient makeups as well. ;p

  12. color of your lipgloss is so pretty :)

  13. That makeup bag doesn't look old at all! It seems to have held up really well over the years hehe :) I love a bag hook - such a useful invention! And yes, mints are a necessity to combat coffee breath. As Nicole Richie once asked, how far off are we from creating a coffee that leaves your breath minty fresh afterwards? :p

  14. it is more than 10 years old..lolz. it looks pretty good, right? ;)
    i didn't know Nicole Richie was that wise!
    well i sometimes carry toothbrush with me, too. can't give up coffee. ;D

  15. Wow, you carry some really cute stuff there! I carry very little makeup with me, but maybe I should show the content all the same!

  16. thanks!
    there was a time i only carried a compact powder and a lipgloss, and of course, everybody was carrying tiny handbag back then. ;p

  17. Everything looks so cute and really clean too! Everything in my makeup bag is a little dirty xD
    I didn't know there was minty breath spray. That looks really cool

  18. the sula lipgloss looks soo pretty!! i love ur makeup bag its cute!! i think I'm gonna try this too :) i don't put much in my bag either lol

  19. thanks!
    i'd love to see your post on this. ;)

  20. I love Paul and Joe´s products! Unfortunately they are hard to find here in Spain!
    Lovely blog! I´m your newest follower!

  21. hi Lou! thanks for adding me to your list!
    paul and joe is a bit hard to locate here in the u.s. as well.
    i think you can ordere them from which is european site. hths! :)

  22. Everything is so delicate and feminine and very Lena :) Do those bag clips really work then? Where did you buy yours? Do you use it when you go out?

  23. hehe thanks, Larie!
    i bought it from amazon just to get a free shipping and i use it all the time! i was a bit skeptical at first but it does hold any bag (even the heavy ones). it is all physics! it will work unless the table is too thick or something.
    they are quite affordable, too. mine was under $10. just pick something with a design you like with no fancy mirror or additional thing. :)

  24. Oooh I have that Paul and Joe powder compact as well :)
    Lovely makeup bag! Hmm thinking of doing this tag too!

  25. go right ahead, Shari! i'd love to see what's in your bag. :)
    i love paul & joe powder foundation. this is my 3rd one and i still find it is one of the best i've tried.

  26. the make up bag doesnt look old at all!! I can see that you take a good care of it :))
    those paul&joe stuffs are true eye candies..

  27. haha you'd faint if you know how old it is.
    i really like the shape of the bag. it hold quite a lot!
    i've been changing the corsages, though. that one is my 4th. :)

  28. Such pretty things! ^_^

  29. This is so gorgeous, the make-up you use is looks beautiful, might have to try it!!
    your blog is beautiful, following you now!!


  30. hi Bella!
    thanks for following. favor returned. ;)

  31. Paul and Joe have such amazing packaging :D

  32. same old same old. ;)
    i've been blogging more often lately.
    hope everything goes well with your applications!

  33. yay for blogging! :D
    gives me an excuse to stalk you more often *cough*
    and thanks!

  34. Now I've added buying a breath spray to my to-buy list xD
    Thanks for asking :D
    I'm currently drowning in college applications .-.
    how are you :)?

  35. thank you!
    i think there're many different kinds for breath spray. this one is quite strong and effective. lol.

    how are you doing, Tea? hope you're well! :)

  36. I don't carry a small make-up bag around with me, I would never be able to decide what to take! I might do a post of my travel make-up bag soon before I fly out on the 19th Dec though...
    You seem to have a little floral theme going on here with whats in your bag!

  37. ooh, i'd be interested in peeking your travel makeup bag!
    it's always hard to decide what to pack for travelling with the regulations and all.

    i just noticed the floral theme now you mentioned it. not intended at all. lolz


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