Nov 22, 2012

Swatch, FOTD - tarte natural cheek stain TEN

I have noticed lately tarte is referring themselves as "New Blush Authority", and my inner makeup geek giggles a bit imagining NARS flipping out hearing that. ;)
Blush authority or not, I have always wanted to try tarte cheek stain so I finally got one taking advantage of the sale.
I believe this limited edition color TEN came out at least a couple years ago for the tarte's 10 year anniversary.
(I guess the sale price is only proper to think about that.)

tarte TEN natural cheek stain

I much prefer powder type blush since it is easier to control in general, but I do find many talc based powder blush is simply too drying to wear in winter.
My skin is not particularly dry,  still my cheeks feel tight and even hurting sometimes.
tarte cheek stain seemed quite perfect for the rescue. :)

On tarte website, TEN is described as "Shimmering Bright Pink", so I was shocked when I first opened this blush cause it appeared a dull beige pink!

However, this was because I overlooked the fact stains like this usually get darker once applied and warmed up by body heat.

I took this picture after I used this a couple times.
See the top part is darker than the rest? :)

I did a heavy swatch here and this is pretty much the color you will get (more or less).
I did not notice "shimmering" part of the color. 
To me, this color is a creamy matte pink that reminds me of Pepto Bismol a bit. ;)

Feels very comfortable and hydrating on
Easy to blend in (It was much easier than I thought!)
Flattering bright pink that warms up a bit later on
Looks natural
Long lasting
Not sticky (It is rather creamy.)
Can make a great blush base to top with powder blush

Too big (and expensive) - This tint contains 1 oz which is huge, so $30 isn't so bad. But we do have other blushes to there you see my point.
Push-up packaging seems a bit primitive

Here is how tarte TEN looks on me.

Makeup products used for this look
Paul & Joe Light Cream Foundation Alabaster
Borghese Mineral Veil Powder Ivory Veil
tarte natural cheek stain TEN
Revlon matte single eyeshadows Riviera Blue & Pink Innocence 
tarte LipSurgence Perky
Cargo triple action mascara
ebony drawing pencil
Milani Liquif'Eye liner (not in picture)

Overall, I like the quality & the color of the blush and I see myself using this a lot once the New York winter hits here for real.
I want to try darker gel based colors like tickled in the future as well.
To tell you the truth, I would build a huge collection in no time if tarte starts to make these in smaller size with cheaper price.

(I think I just gave them a great idea for next holiday set. Don't you think? ;p )

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  1. Wow that's gorgeous. I usually apply these with a flat foundation brush -- I find it much more manageable than popping it onto my cheeks directly from the tube.

  2. Thanks for the review! I've been curious about the cheek stains from Tarte. I've been Tarte crazy lately. :/

  3. my pleasure! :)
    i really like tarte, too. i find myself reaching for the eyeliners and the blushes very often lately.

  4. the pink is beautiful on you!! it looks like your natural blush color on your skin! lovely!

  5. i think it is one of the merits of wearing cream type blush. thanks! :)

  6. They come out with minis every once in a while, but I just don't love these! I agree that these big ones are HUGE and I dunno...something about the finish...I just don't love it. It's a pretty color, though, and I agree that stains work well when powders get to be too dry!

  7. oh i didn't know there were minis! ;o
    did you tried the gel based ones?
    i have tested a couple of them and it is way more difficult and sticky to control..but the creme based one is just like any other creme blush to think about it..
    anyway..they are too big! ;)

  8. I've never tried Tarte blush! This looks really pretty on you. I love the color. You have the best skin Lena! So beautiful!

  9. you're so sweet, Kim! :)

  10. I really need to get my hands on some Tarte cheek products!

  11. i think they have great blush line ups! :)

  12. I like how this looks on you! I'd totally wish for something smaller myself though. It'd probably fit on my cheeks better :)

  13. thank you, Sunny!
    i wish the same thing. maybe we should write to tarte. ;p

  14. it looks amazing on your skintone lena! love all the smokey eye looks on you. I am tempted by all the darker tarte cheek stains, I heard they melt sometimes but I still want them D:

  15. thanks, Claire! :)
    i want the dark gel based tints as well. i think they are sticky and harder to control but the flushed dewy look is so pretty!

  16. thanks for the tip! i will try it with a brush. i was just using my finger tips which i normally don't like to do! :)

  17. I love the TEN bling bling on the packaging! :D
    tarte is another brand we don't have access to here in Germany.. I am not sure if I can order it online, but I am not really a fan of buying make up online unless I am already sure of what im buying..
    This one might look too cool toned for me, but it looks fabulous on you!!

  18. i buy makeup online quite often, but i do agree with you.
    testing for real is worth like looking at 100 different swatches. lol
    especially for this tint, it's better to test it before since the color changes. ;)

  19. That bling on there is so cool! Extra credits for packaging for this one :) It looks great on you too!

  20. thank you, Isabelle! :)
    i think the whole anniversary collection was adorned with the blings. ;)

  21. I love the shade, and it looks great on your skin tone! The packaging kinda annoys me, because the bling looks tacky :|

  22. thanks, Chloe!
    i agree the bling looks not as pretty as the stock photo. it does help me to twist the cap, though. lolz

  23. I did not know stains apply darker. Will keep that in mind. Pretty color on you.

  24. thanks!
    i've noticed many stain products work that way including their lip tints.

  25. I think it is too bubblegum pink for me but it looks great on your Snow White complexion! And yes, 28.4 g will last forever o.O

  26. i thought "bubblegum", too..but it warms up kinda nicely once blended. ;)
    i totally agree with you on the size of the blush.
    i would buy 5 of them if they were 15 g and $20 each, for instance!

  27. Wow I haven't seen this brand before! The blush looks amazing, loving the tint it gives and it looks nice and creamy! Loving the makeup too, gorgeous :)

  28. hi, Karen! thanks for adding me to your reading list and commenting. ;)
    tarte is one of my favorite indie brands. i am enjoying many things from them.


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