Oct 25, 2012

Review, Swatch - Revlon ColorStay Smoky Shadow Stick in Flare

Ah, I had such high hopes for this one, but it turned out to be a heartbreaker.

Revlon ColorStay Smoky Shadow Stick in Flare

Lately I have been into layering eye makeup techniques using creamy base color, so this chubby eyeshadow stick sounded so good to me.
I did read a couple of negative reviews about them before my purchase, so I guess a lesson is learned here.
"Thou shall listen carefully to fellow beauty bloggers."

According to Revlon, 

- The expertly coordinated shades blend perfectly for a smoky eye that lasts 
- Wears for up to 12 hours
- Doesn't crease, fade or smudge all day

I don't actually have problems with what they are claiming about this product.
The colors look pretty (all 4 of them available at this point) and I did not experience any creasing or fading.
Given the fact I always use eyeshadow primer and layer powder shadow over to set the color, this is still pretty long lasting.


Flare is a duo for purple colors.
The dark shade with pointy tip is a neutral smoky plum with silvery specks and the lighter one is a cool toned shimmery lavender. I think the color combination is simple and nice.

Then what is my problem?
My problem lies in the overall quality of the product, I guess.
I wish it was more pigmented and went more smoothly on my lids.
I wouldn't say they are rock hard, but I still had to work pretty hard to get the colors I wanted. 
I wanted a rich creamy base color, but they felt rather waxy and crayon like.
And the worst part is...I accidentally dropped it and both ends completely broke off!

I love drugstore makeups and I take pleasure in finding good alternatives for higher-end ones.
I actually secretly hoped this Smoky Stick would be comparable to my recent acquired Laura Mercier Caviar Stick.
Sadly, that was not the case this time.

Have you tried these eyeshadow sticks from Revlon?
What are your thoughts?

Thanks for reading. :)

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  1. I say please try them out for yourself. I have everyone of them and absolutely LOVE them all. I have basically threw out all my powder shadows and use these every single day. I use them w/o a primer and I am able to get a full day's wear. I'm talking 8 hours. I have no smudging and no creasing. There is no tugging when applying and they blend very nice with either your finger or brush. Don't let the negative reviews scare you. I absolutely love them and would not hesitate for a second to repurchase. FYI I am also enjoying the eye shadow sticks from Almay!

  2. i was expecting really nice pigmentation myself, so i was pretty disppointed. then, revlon never said anything about it, only longevity claims...oh well. ;)

  3. the colors look pretty faded, I would have to agree with you on the pigmentation of the products

  4. some of the bloggers were complaining that they smudge on them as well. i rarely have that problem so maybe that's true, too.
    it was on sale..but still... ;p

  5. Oops, looks like something to put on the never-to-try list, haha. Thanks for sharing, Lena! LOL. "Thou shall listen to fellow beauty bloggers," is correct. Everyone is so helpful!

  6. i agree! i really like the understated dark plum color.
    other colors quite nice as well. it would have been awesome if it was more pigmented.. ;)

  7. Such a shame, the colours looked gorgeous! I would have definitely picked it up if it was more pigmented and had a better formula.

  8. lol. glad to help!
    i was googling through some swatch images and read the reviews as well.
    MUA reveiws are not that great, either. ;-/

  9. Lena, you just saved me some money girl! HAHAHA I was going to buy this, but after reading your review and seeing the swatches I don't want it. I wonder what the reviews are on Makeup Alley? That's a good source for beauty reviews too. Thanks for this!!!

  10. i agree eyeshadows are not really revlon's forte.
    i think NYX chubby sticks are better bet. ;)

  11. Ohh..i seen these in the stores and never bothered because...idk eyeshadow sticks just never seem to be that good! And i dont really like eyeshadow by revlon!

  12. oh just too bad it is not working out. The colors are beautiful. I was at Walmart yesterday and was just swatching the brownish color and was contemplating to get it. Now you have saved me $ :)

  13. i am happy that my review helped a little. ;)
    you're lucky you can swatch the colors!

  14. i am so jealous you could swatch them! it would have saved my money. ;-/

  15. I swatched these in store and I wasn't that impressed either :/

  16. maybe it works for someone who wants a sheer wash of color and convenience of the stick, but this wasn't for me.
    i recently got a couple of different very pigmented pencil eyeshadows, so the difference seems even bigger to me. ;-/

  17. Thats for the post! I love Revlon products and i've been tempted to pick one of these up in the store before so its nice to know they aren't so great. I think the colors look fairly pretty but if they don't go on nicely then screeeeeww that.

  18. i really like the colors, too.
    be warned, though! the color payoffs are not great. ;-/

  19. Wow... I don't know that will be this nice such a colour...
    Thanks Lena. I probably will try this soon :)


  20. i don't know, yet. it was one of the new products revlon recently introduced.
    they might show up there soon. :)

  21. is this only release in the states? I think I have not seen this in the revlon here locally?

  22. it is quite new.
    i wish more samples and testers available for drugstore products!

  23. I've never heard of this product from Revlon, might need to scout the shelves on the weekend and give this a swatch. Need to test it out with my own eyes!

  24. yeah..it's a shame.
    i bought 4 different colorstay products on this sale. this one is the only dud out of the bunch, though. ;-p

  25. It looked hopeful. Sorry to hear it didn't work out!

  26. i love revlon foundation and lippies but had not much luck with their eye makeup products.
    i wish they thought out better before the launch of new products. it seems they constantly bring out new things without much consideration. ;-/

    hope you have a safe and cozy weekend as well.
    i might not go to work if the building closes down. i am actually looking forward to it. lol

  27. The colors are pretty. It's a shame the quality wasn't that great. I find Revlon to be a little inconsistent with the quality of their products.

    Have a great weekend Lena! Stay safe through the storm.
    Rowena @ rolala loves
    Enter my Blogiversary Giveaway!

  28. Awww boo to heartbreakers! Must stay away from those! It's okay though, sometimes I don't listen and have to learn my lesson the hard way too, lol (for me, it's buying any Revlon orange lip colors). The colors are pretty and the product looks nice. I would have been tempted to get one too if you didn't report on the quality and pigmentation! I guess better luck next time? =)

  29. lol. yeah. i don't know why it would be different for me. ;p
    revlon products are quite expensive, too!
    i just got tarte chubby pencil set and LM carviar stick and they are way way better than revlon stick. :)

  30. Lol maybe we are just hopeless optimists? I agree! I try to wait for 40% off sales or BOGOF, but then sometimes I miss the sale or can't find the colors I want, haha! I guess that's all part of the drugstore shopping "adventure." :P

  31. BOGOF is such a gimmick, btw. you get only 25% of less off to think about it. there was a good time we actually could get 1 for free, though. ;)

  32. Yeah, I haven't seen the free one in a long time. Just BOGO 50% off, which is crap, lol. All I really want at the moment is probably just Smitten Smitten Smittennnnnn! :P


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