Oct 24, 2012

NOTD - Essie A-List

Sure, Butter London Come To Bed Red  is still the reigning queen of reds in my book, but I would say "Essie A-List " if you ask me to recommend the most classic red polish to you.

Essie  A-List

Finding a perfect red for one's skintone is the hardest beauty task of all.
You will eventually find one if you keep trying gazillion of red polishes (or red lipsticks for that matter) out there, but what do you do if you don't want all the hassles?

A-List  probably is the most neutral & politically correct(?) classic red there is.
Some say this red has orange undertone, some say blue undertone which is exactly the opposite thing.
Quite confusing, right?
It is only because this red has everything in it. 
To my eyes, it even has a slight brown undertone as well.
So it will work on any skintone never looking harsh nor gaudy.

This was taken under warmer lighting.
You see what I am saying? It works! :)

A-List  has a slight jelly finish that is very flattering and the application is not bad at all.
I usually wear two coats with Seche Vite top coat.

I still prefer Come To Bed Red, but I reach for A-List without having to think too much whenever I want a classic creme red polish that goes with everything.
Oh, and it screams "Mad Men", too. ;)

Have you tried Essie A-List ?
What is your favorite classic red nail polish color?

Thanks for looking. :)

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  1. hi Sharina! thanks for adding me to your reading list. i appreciate it! :)
    i like essie polishes better than opi's as well. the colors and the brush just work better for me in overall. ;)

  2. Lovely lovely color!! :) I love Essie more than OPI!
    New follower here! I love your blog! Backread on some posts and I got hooked.

    The Misty Mom

  3. lol. you are such a sweet commenter, Janet! :D
    i do have strong fuss-free nails thanks to the good genes although they are nowhere perfect.
    i think taking supplements actually helps. i am taking some with my vitamins. :)

  4. oooh~ such a sexy shade~ I envy your nails~ you have such a perfect shaped nails! unlike mine which are mostly crooked T___T I just wonder what's the secret on having such a perfect nail shape ~

  5. you put it so aptly, May :)
    i think this shade pull more whatever undertone you have. it's amazing to think about it.
    i also love the finish of the color as well. ;)

  6. Sometimes I find it impossible to determine if the undertone is blue or yellow undertone. As for A-List, I do notice a slight yellow undertone on your second picture but it could be totally due to the lighting. I guess sometimes we should not stress the small details (eg. red undertone) and just enjoy the perfect beautiful A-List red!

    ♡ M.May

  7. thank you, Camilla :)
    i like wearing reds now although there was a time i intentionally avoid the color group. lol

  8. gorgeous nails.. lena..
    it suits u a lot..

  9. You make every nail polish look great ahah!
    Love the red nails on you!

  10. aww thank you, Banny!
    my job is to enable. lol lol

  11. oooh Dior Marilyn sounds intriguing!
    i don't know what it is about red polish and red lipstick. lol.
    finding a perfect color seems so important, right?
    i didn't know red was popular among the brides back then! interesting. ;)

  12. Wow, this is gorgeous on you!!! I have only one classic red so far, which is Dior Marilyn. It reminds me of the nail polish my mom wore on her wedding day. Brides back at the time went for that but not anymore!

  13. oh, isn't CTBR just gorgeous!!! i even get compliments from guys who say they don't like red polishes on girls. haha
    A-List is good to have around. it is really a no-brainer and more affordable anyway. :)

  14. Lena, I have Butter London's Come To Bed Red and it's perfect in my book too! Plus I love how long it lasts. This is a gorgeous red!!! Classic describes it really well. Great choice of words! Looks lovely on your hands doll.

  15. thanks, Mie :)
    hope you're enjoying your week for yourself. almost weekend! :D

  16. oooh hello pretty nail polish :D
    I still haven't found the perfect one for me yet, but maybe someday
    Have a nice day *hugs*


  17. I LOVE this color! I want it I want it I want it NOW! keke or maybe later, for Christmas and Valentine's, lol. I am such a sucker for jelly finishes on polishes. I agree with Janet, you have beautiful nails!

  18. oh, i think you should get it right away. lol lol ;D
    this is not that hard to apply compared to other jelly finishes. a real classic. ;)
    thanks for your compliment!
    i think you're nails a great ,too. ;)


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