Oct 26, 2012

Swatch, FOTD - Paul & Joe Face Color G in Nymph and Lipstick in Cupids Kiss

I am not sure if it was the chilly weather or the bunch of teachings I had to do yesterday, but it felt like I  needed some sweet pink treats for myself.
True I was paying more attention to red and vampy colors lately. Nothing cheers me up like pretty pinks when I am feeling a little down, though.

Paul & Joe Face Color G in Nymph
Lipstick Refill in Cupids Kiss housed in the plastic case (sold separately)

See my haul post HERE. :)

I put these in my makeup pouch and have been using them for daily touch-up.
No matter what I wear for the day, a little pink for touch-up always works for me. 
I must admit that I enjoy those "oohs and aahs" from other girls whenever I bust out these beauties from my pouch as well. ;)

Nymph is a bright pink with lavender undertone infused with silvery specks.

I did a comparison swatch using Cargo Amalfi & Nymph since they look similar from the pans.

Cargo Amalfi, Paul & Joe Nymph

Amalfi and Nymph have both silver shimmer and the similar tone but in my opinion, they are different breeds of pink blush.
As you see in the pic, Amalfi is a tad warmer and its shimmer translates into a fine sheen where Nymph leaves bigger specks that are almost big as glitters.
I don't mind these sparkles myself and I actually enjoy them but I know many didn't like the color because of this.
However, let us consider this collection was inspired by "Midsummer Night's Dream".
Silvery Glitters are only appropriate if you think about that. ;)
The color is easy to blend in and shows up pretty well on me.
It has some milky quality but it doesn't look too powdery or dry.

Cupids Kiss is a rather warm toned bright pink that is very very sheer.

This lipstick color is from Paul & Joe's sheer range and it is indeed so sheer some might even call it a tinted lip balm.
I think it is a lot like L'Oreal Colour Riche Balm since it goes on sheer and super glossy, but the difference would be that Cupids Kiss leaves a pretty stain behind after the shine is gone. 
The color seems to get a little darker over time, too.
I am a big fan of sheer glossy lipsticks and I have been using this almost daily, so the pretty bullet is now much shorter. ;-/

The overall look I put together with these..

Makeup products used for this look

Jung Saem Mool Mule Super Makeup Supporter
Paul & Joe Light Cream Foundation in Alabaster
Coquette Tropique perfume (Candy like tropical white floral that sure beats the blues of mine!)
Ebony Pencil, Revlon ColorStay Brow Enhancer
Revlon ColorStay Overtime Mascara in Blackest Black
L'Oreal Voluminous Smoldering Liner in Black
Milani Liquif'eye liner
Paul & Joe Lipstick in Cupids Kiss
Paul & Joe Face Color G in Nymph

Thanks for looking!
Have a happy weekend, everyone. ;)

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  1. I absolutely love that blush. I love blush with silver sparkles!

  2. I'm ooh-ing and ahh-ing! hehe Pink is always pretty and flattering! The blush and lipstick look really beautiful on you, especially with your skin tone and black hair. =)

    Aww do you teach little kids or teens?

  3. Jung Saem Mool is such a good makeup artist, I enjoy her tutorials very much!

  4. I know the feeling of wanting to treat yourself at the end of the day! The touch of pink on your lips and cheeks is instantly brightening and uplifting :) Pink is the ultimate girly colour - yet you manage to make it look subtle and sophisticated (as well as feminine) too! Loving Sandstorm on your eyes :)

  5. awww thank you so much, Debi! :)

  6. love the make-up..you look awesome

  7. thank you, Mishelle! :)
    i love the lipstick and i wanna try the other range with different finish as well.

  8. You look stunning! That lip colour is amazing :D

  9. thank you!
    i usually go for taupe eyeshadow colors when i want to bright out the colors of cheeks/lips more.
    both lipstick and blush look kinda bright but they are very wearable and flattering. :)

  10. i love her tutorials, too!
    this makeup primer is the best i've used ever! i don't know what i am going to do after i run out of this. her products are sold in set usually..;-/

  11. haha thank you, Diana!
    this would be my default makeup look, actually.. love pink regardless of the season! :)

    i started with a group of college kids then finished with a 6 year old. a looooong day. ;-x

  12. me, too! :)
    once it's applied, the shimmer is quite pretty. not too much at all. ;)

  13. i also have the powder foundation in the similar pink case, so it is the whole works. lol.
    i love pink colors. i try not to overdo it, though.
    thanks, Kim! :D

  14. Lena, the packaging is pretty in itself! No wonder people are ooohing and aahhhhing. HAHAHA Gorgeous pinks girl. Hope things settle down for you! Pink IS your color!

  15. lolz. agreed!
    have a nice weekend, Laura! :)

  16. Paul and Joe has the cutest packaging ever, shmeriously!

  17. You look gorgeous! That lispstick is so pretty:)

  18. thanks, Larie. ;)
    i love your word choice. romantic is the perfect description for these pink colors.

  19. So pretty, Lena! These are definitely your sort of colors - such romantic pinks :)

  20. i am going to intentionally look away next time P & J brings out a seasonal collection. it has done some serious damage in my wallet. lol
    i love this lipstick and would love to try the natural range as well. ;)

  21. I loooooove paul & joe! the packaging and the quality are great..
    the lipstick is sheer, but looks pretty on you :D

  22. i think my heart broke a little when i first started using the lipstick. lol
    i would love to meet the designer for this feminine packaging for the brand. ;)

  23. Such pretty pinks! Paul & Joe always has the most beautiful packaging.. I'm always scared to use it all up!

  24. ah Claire, you're always so generous with your compliments. thank you! :)
    i am enjoying all my paul & joe makeups lately. they are all lightly scented in white floral which is my favorite, and it always puts me in the mood for some heady white floral perfume. ;)

  25. You look like a doll, perfect and flawless! This look is one of my favourites on you, even if the colour is sheer, it brightens your skin so nice. I wish the blush wouldn't be so sparkly but I really like the colour.

  26. I love how it looks on you. Adore Paul & Joe products. You look great! Happy weekend.xx

  27. omygawd!!the blush and lipstick is so pretttttttttyy ^_~ you look so gorgeous on them ^_~

  28. I love love love this kind of pink color! So girly and just pretty! The swallow print on the lipstick is just too cute. You look so lovely in that look :)

  29. thank you. :)
    whoever designed the packaging theme must know a thing or two about what we want!
    luckily, the quality is very nice as well.

    have a happy weekend yourself! :)

  30. thank you! :)
    i find this pink is very feminine and flattering for many people.
    the swallow print is for the anniversary refills, i think. i wanna get more refills since they are easily interchangeable. :)

  31. thank you very much, Janet!
    i am glad you like them on me. ^-^

  32. Paul & Joe's packaging always makes me happy. My skin tone would not like the pink, but it looks great on you!

  33. thank you, Isabelle!
    the other two blush colors from the summer collection and the new ones for the fall look quite neutral and warm. :)

  34. the lipstick colour is so lovely!! you look great with this makeup!!


  35. the lipstick colour is so lovely! you look great with this makeup!


  36. thank you, Lorena! :D


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