Sep 25, 2012

My Picks for Drugstore Makeup

I was very much inspired by Teri's post on her favorite drugstore makeup picks. :)

I love some of my drugstore makeup maybe even  more than the ones from higher-end brands  for the affordable price and accessibility.
In this post, I would like to share my favorites as well as my color picks. :)

First, my picks for Lippies...:)
I was once again reminded that I really like Revlon lippies.
Sorry I am not able to provide a good variety here, but they are all good in my book!

*L'Oreal Colour Riche Balm in Tender Mauve
My most-worn sheer lipstick.  I love this sophisticated mauve color that goes great with any smokey eye look.

*Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butter in Pink Truffle
If you have to pick one color from the Lip Butter line, this is it!
Honestly, I am not that crazy about Lip Butters anymore (I know, the blasphemy!), but I love love this shade. A perfect "My Lips But Better" color.

*Revlon Matte Lipstick in In The Red
The matte lipstick line from Revlon is just excellent both in wear and colors. 
I love this matte cool toned retro red.

*Revlon ColorBurst Lipstick in Candy Pink
This range is being overlooked after the sister range (Lip Butters) came along, but it is a great lipstick line. I wish they offered more colors, though.
Candy Pink is a gorgeous medium barbie pink with slightly sheer finish.

*Revlon Super Lustrous Lipgloss in Lilac Pastelle
This lipgloss range holds a special place in my heart since it made me appreciate drugstore makeup for the first time in my makeup life.
Lilac Pastelle is such a pretty feminine lavender shade.

*Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Smitten
You can read my reviews and swatches here.
Smitten is a vibrant berry color and my favorite! :)

(Oh boy, it is getting longer than I anticipated...)

Next is my picks for Base makeup.

*Revlon ColorStay Mineral Makeup Finishing Powder in Brighten
It creates such a pretty glow and brightens up my complexion. Very comparable to MAC Mineralize Skinfinish.

*e.l.f. High Definition Powder
This is my holy grail finishing powder. I don't want to be without this!
You can read my review here

*Revlon ColorStay Foundation in Buff
Hands down my favorite drugstore foundation.
I wish it came with a perfect color match for me but I find Buff is still workable.
I use the dry skin type and this lasts all day on me without looking heavy. 
It photographs very well, too. ;)

Now, eyeshadows...
(I must admit I am not a big fan of drugstore eyeshadows, generally speaking.)

*Revlon Colorstay 12 hour Eyeshadow quad in Sandstorm
My absolute favorite.
See my rave and swatch for this gem Here.

*Almay trio eyeshadows in any colors
Great drugstore pressed power type eyeshadow range.
I like this better than some of the higher-end products. They are hypoallergenic and have velvety finish.

*L'Oreal infallible in Bronzed Taupe
You might remember my long series of posts on this range. Bronzed Taupe is my favorite. Such a pretty shimmery taupe with depth!

My picks for Blush

*Milani Baked Blush in Coralina
I am not super impressed with the wear of this line, but I love the unique colors. Coralina is a beautiful shimmery (glittery!) coral that made even someone like me who usually prefers pink blushes swoon.;)

*Jane Blushing Cheeks in Blushing Orchid Shimmer
It is a shame we can't see this blush in drugstores anymore (Jane went out of business years ago), but it is still my top 5 pink blush. 

Mascara & Eyeliner

*L'Oreal Voluminous False Lashes Fiber Mascara WP in Blackest Black
It is my favorite of the moment although I am still searching for "The Mascara".
It does a good job naturally thickening & lengthening my lashes.

*Milani Lquif'eye metallic eye liner pencil in Black
My favorite waterproof eyeliner. I use this daily to line my upper waterlines.

Lastly, nail polishes

*Revlon All Fired Up
A beautiful retro pin-up red. A must try!

*Revlon Perplex
Love Chanel Paradoxal? Get this instead. It is a dead-on dupe. :)

*Milani Black Cherry
If you like vampy nails, this is a must as well. 
Beautiful shimmery red plum color.

While I was working on this post on my picks, I realized I have a tendency to buy from certain brands.
I guess over the years I've learned to shop more wisely from drugstores.
I don't randomly go downstairs (Yes, there is a drugstore located on the first floor of my apt building.) and browse through the isles and end up hauling unnecessary stuff anymore. ;p
I always make sure to read reviews and swatches from blogs first and I also have this general rule of "Never buy unless they are on sale" since they go on sale ever so often. ;)

Hope you enjoyed this post.
Please feel free to share your favorites as well in your comments.

Wishing everyone a wonderful week! :)

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  1. This is a very interesting post!! All the products look really nice and I wish I get to try some of it but the drugstores where I live do not carry a lot of the items you featured TT^TT


  2. Great picks! I'm all about drugstore make up nowadays. I lovvvve Revlon and loreal.
    I also thought Jane had gone out of business- so glad they've revamped their site and are still selling. Their blushes are one of my faves- even besides MAC (which I believe are way overpriced- at least for my wallet!) xx

  3. This is a great post! Now I want to try the ELF HD Powder. How do you compare that to MUFE finishing powder?

  4. Ahh I wish a lot of these brands would be more readily available here! I always hope I'll get to play with some Milani blushes and so on!

  5. great post! It seems like you love revlon, don't you? :p
    but don't worry because I tend to do the same thing to Catrice here :)
    The blush from Jane looks so vibrant on the pot yet so pretty!

  6. Great pics!
    Revlon makes great lip products!

  7. thanks! :)
    i love revlon lip products. ^-^

  8. thank you, Pam!
    that's right. i really heart revlon. wish they wouldn't expand and discontinue their lines so frantically, but i do think they have better products than other d/s brands. :)

    i heard so much good things about catrice and would love to experience the brand in the future.
    (and is shame about Jane....but i have a backup for this one. lol)

  9. i think revlon should go global like l'oreal. lolz
    and milani should be availabe all over. ;p
    i wanna try more colors from the milani baked blush range. they have lots of unique colors that you don't normally see from drugstore brands.

  10. i haven't tried MUFE powder for real. i only tested it at sephora and thought it was quite similar, though. lots of people seem to think this e.l.f. powder is the much more affordable alternative.
    the other similar product i've used is the chacott powder and it is very similar to the e.l.f powder. :)

  11. Great pics Lena! I've tried a lot of those Revlon lippies and they are great stuff girl. I so agree!!! I also love L'oreal lipsticks. I have got to try the Maybelline Infallible eyeshadows. They look amazing on everyone and have such a PUNCH of color to them. My mom just bought some Jane blush, so it has to be good. Excellent post!

  12. I love your picks! I'm a big fan of the Revlon lip products. They are amazing and yet affordable. Lucky you, live so close to a drugstore. That would be dangerous for me as I always manage to find something to buy or try there.

  13. Ohh i love revlon lip products so much. I use that purple lipgloss almost every day with the gumdrop lipbutter !!

  14. Lovely picks! I also try not to buy drugstore items unless they are on sale, because they do go on sale so often! I'm not a huge fan of drugstore lip products - at least, I haven't found some that I LOVE yet - but those L'oreal shadows are nice! And mascaras.

  15. thanks, Larie :)
    i miss those days they have buy one get one free, not buy one get one 50% like nowadays. lol
    i keep buying drugstore mascaras. i like the idea of throwing it away after 3 months without the guilt! ;p

  16. you're just spot on!
    i think the gumdrop lipbutter and the lilac pastelle are the same shade. ;)
    very pretty combo with staying power, i see!

  17. thank you!
    the problem is there are just too many drugstore in my neighborhood. lol
    i usually look through the weekly ad and start browsing in the store...and i am in trouble before i know it! ;p

  18. thanks, Kim!
    where did you mom get jane blushes? lucky her!
    i have to order them online. :)
    there are lost of drugstore gems and department store trashes, which is why we have the burden of becoming smart shoppers!

  19. nice picks Lena!!e~ I have to agree with you on these, sometimes I do prefer my drugstore compared to some high-end products....^_~

  20. great post lena..
    i want to try loreal infallible..
    but its not available here -.-
    i heard a lot of good things with that eye shadow..

    i love revlon lipstick too

  21. thanks, Camilla! :)
    it's weird cause l'oreal is a global brand. they should carry them where you are!
    frankly, i like revlon lippies than MAC. ;p

  22. i like to splurge on eyeshadows and blushes but there are something i rufuse to pay too much. like mascaras? cause i discard them no matter what 3 months after i open them. :)

  23. Great post! Lately I have a new interest in drugstore makeup, to find what works well and looks good but for super affordable prices. I am the same about sales! I just got that E.L.F. HD Powder to use for my makeup class and can't wait to try some more Revlon products. I want Smitten!! :) Oh, and also that Milani blush, hehe, waiting for a Milani sale.

  24. Haha i feel like they are the same too but i feel the gloss is a bit lighter. Together it makes the color super vibrant and stay all day and my lips look juicy xD

  25. try revlon just bitten kissable in sweetheart. i think this is also very similar to those two. it gets a little darker since it is a tint but a good complement to the lilac pastelle lipgloss! :)

  26. thank you, Diana!
    i am excited about your classes and the makeup looks you'll come up with! :)
    let me know how you like the e.l.f powder. ^-^

  27. thank you! :)
    i enjoyed reading about your holika holika haul and reviews!
    i love the cute packaging and the affordable price of some of the korean products and wish they were easily available.
    i guess basically we all want the same thing! lolz

  28. Awww all are really amazing!

    By the way join my giveaway with clothingloves to win US$100 to spend on clothingloves!

  29. The Revlon lilac gloss looks pretty in the tube--- and I also like how lilac glosses give just a hint of purple tint when worn.

  30. it shows up as a pale baby pink on lips. i really like this shade and i am glad they included this in the permanent line. this was initially introduced as an LE for summer. ;)

  31. Loving the Revlon lippie picks! Definitely my go-to drugstore brand for lipstick. I really need to try Lilac Pastelle too!

  32. thank you! i think some of the revlon lippies are definitely comparable to MAC for instance. ;)
    it is ridiculous that revlon products are overly marked up outside of the u.s., though..

  33. I ended up getting the ELF HD Powder from my very first ELF order... hehe~ I thought about your review and decided to get one. :)

  34. hope you like it! :)
    i just used it to fix a sticky rubberized hair mist bottle (got this tip from K's weekly reads post ( and it worked great!

    looks like they added a couple of new colors as well. i am really curious about them. :)

  35. I am also a fan of Loreal Balm and Revlon Balm Stains, they are fab. I like many of your other picks as well, we have very similar tastes:) Now you got me interested in the ELF powder, sounds promising!

  36. i know the l'oreal balm isn't everyone's favorite since it's so sheer but i am reaching for it even without thinking! ;)
    i really like e.l.f. powder and like to try their new tinted versions as well.
    it really is a nice product for the price. ;)

  37. great picks! now i'm tempted to pick up a few next time i'm at the drugstore :)

  38. thanks, Amy!
    i realized some of my picks were bit hard to keep up with them, you know? ;p

  39. i love revlon lipcolors especially their liquid lipstains and the balm stains!! totally worth the money! i think my lipsticks are also majorly revlon too lol i just love their lip products! also that milani blush in coralina oohh its sooo pretty!! one of my favorite blushes to use i bought it for a summer glow but i'm wearing it year round no doubt!! lol

  40. we enjoy the same things! :)
    i really think revlon lippies are comparable to higher-end products.
    coral blush doesn't look good on me in general, but i love coralina! such a pretty shade. hard to resist!

  41. Awesome picks! I love Revlon lippies and Milani Liquif'eye. Thanks for this! Just followed you =)

  42. thanks for following! :)
    leave me you link if you have one. would love to visit yours. :)


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