Sep 23, 2012

FOTD - Super Easy Taupe Smokey

I recently have received an email asking about my smokey eye routine.
As many of you know, I am not a great technician and my makeup looks are quite simple and easy to achieve.
There is no special trick for my routine but I thought it would be still nice to share this simple & super-easy-to-do smokey look. :)

Purplish Taupe Smokey on (Fake) Blue Eye ;p

It is almost embarrassing cause it is too simple.
My daily eye makeup looks are basically the same as this only with different colors. ;)

*Makeup products used*
1. L'Oreal Voluminous Smoldering Eyeliner in Black
2.3. stila Backstage palette
4. i.nuovi Eye Dust in Moonstone
5. Milani Liquif'eye in Black
6. L'Oreal False Lashes WP in Blackest Black

*How To*
(after I prime my lids with Too Faced Shadow Insurance...)

1. Fill my folds with Kajal eyeliner (concentrating on the outer corners) 
& line the lower lash lines 
2. Cover the filled area using a dark brown taupe color blending it slightly upward 
& apply some on lower lash lines as well to set the color
3. Using purplish light taupe color, blend even more 
4. Brighten and Add Shimmer by applying light shimmery loose shadow on the inner corners
5. Waterline with WP black liner (on upper waterlines only)
6. Curl lashes and apply mascara

That's it! So simple, right? ;)

Overall looks :)

I am wearing NEO Lucky Clover Blue contacts for this look.
I guess this is the part I enjoy the most about wearing different color contacts. 
You can easily create a different look and wear your out-of-comfort-zone colors.
In this case, I am pulling off bronzy cheeks and peachy lip colors. :)

Thanks for looking!
Please share your easy makeup tips with me if you like. ;)

Join the conversation!

  1. Love your smokey eye routine. Simple and yet "do-able". I see a lot of other bloggers who do smokey eye and they are too dramatic and not really for every day wear.

  2. Eee, so pretty, Lena! You're so pretty :) Easy smoky eyes are always good - I like changing up the colors, too, when I get bored. I really like that lip color, too. What is it?

  3. So pretty!!! I have to keep the liner part lower, because otherwise it's easy to look overboard. Really love this look on you!

  4. The smokey eye tutorial is very simple to follow. Doesn't the kajal eyeliner smudge quickly on the lower lash lines? I have this problem a lot with kajal eyeliners >.< or just say any eyeliner !

  5. I love this quiet smokey eye. It's flattering on everyone.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  6. beautiful! this is a wearable smokey eyes look! I'll try this tmr for Uni ;D

  7. Thanks for sharing your routine, Lena! I'll definitely have to try out your method :P

  8. This looks so pretty!

  9. my pleasure. ;)
    please share your eye makeup tips with us as well!

  10. thank you, Pam! :)
    this is definitely everyday smokey look and you can make it more dramatic from here if you want.

  11. there is nothing that stays on my lower waterlines. they are simply too wet! that's why i apply on the lash lines and this kajal pencil stays on quite well if i top it with eyeshadow and smudge a little bit.
    this l'oreal one is not a conventional kajal so it is drier and lasts fairly long, but i need to set it with eyeshadows. hths! :)

  12. thank you, Sunny!
    i guess i am the opposite. if i don't do a bit of cat eye look, i look droopy and even sleepy. lolz :D

  13. thank you! :)
    it just takes about 10-15 minutes to do. i can do this everyday which is great! ^-^

  14. awww Larie, thank you so much! :)

    i am wearing MAC viva glam V and revlon nude peach super lustrous l/g (it was an LE, but nothing special. there are many shades like this, i think) together.

  15. super like! ^_~ loving this look =) I super agree on the color contacts thing~ It's really fun experimenting looks when wearing a colored contacts because it come off really pretty (^_^)~

  16. Very pretty! I like the purplish-taupe on you, and of course, love the circle lenses!

  17. Looks great girl! I'm such a fan of taupe. Will have to try it! Have a fabulous week Lena!

  18. looks nice, and I agree different contacts can make such a big difference in eye make up!

  19. great look and tutorial! x

  20. definitely!
    i am looking to have more fun with new looks. ;)
    thanks, Julie!

  21. i am loving taupe colors at this moment, too! hope i don't end up hauling all sorts of taupes. lol
    hope you have a lovely week as well, Kim! :D

  22. lolz. thank you, Diana! :)
    i wore the same look with light honey colored lenses today and it wan't bad at all.
    love taupe eyeshadows!

  23. thank you, Janet!
    actually there was a time i kinda lost my interests in makeup, but it was all rekindled after i started wearing color contacts. ;)

  24. Your FOTD's are always so pretty :) I love your contacts and I love love love your eye makeup!

  25. awww thank you so much! :)
    i used to be scared of blue contacts but they work quite nicely with warmer-toned makeup. ;)

  26. love the smokey eye look! you look lovely!

  27. thank you!
    i appreciate all your sweet comments. ;)

  28. awnn you're welcome Lena :)


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