Sep 27, 2012

Swatch, FOTD - NARS Duo Eyeshadow Marie Galante

Obviously, Francoise Nars created this eyeshadow duo inspired by the beautiful Marie-Galante, and obviously I bought this summer colors in fall (!), because I am such a sucker for shimmery blues and purples plus I was much enabled by a friend.
(I am talking about you, Pauline! ;p)

NARS Eyeshadow Duo Marie Galante


I know this particular duo was not received very well when it was introduced in last summer because of the sheerness of the colors.
It is true both eyeshadows are on the hard side in texture and they are extremely sheer compared to other NARS eyeshadows I have experienced.

Marie Galante 
Iridescent Orchid / Iridescent Regal Blue

Swatches on my arm (without primer)

Luckily, I knew what I was getting thanks to other fellow beauty bloggers' reviews & swatches which I am very thankfull for, but I must say this is just what I was looking for!

It is hard to explain why but I will try. :)
I wanted nuance colors that I can layer on top of the dark eyeshadow base that I often use, something that is sheer but with prominent color presence with unique shimmer.
Marie Galante  just fit the bill, and you know I love my purples and blues! :)

This is a close-up picture of me wearing this duo layered with kajal eyeliner.
You can see the beautiful shimmer that is very "there" but never childish.

Overall looks..

NARS Marie Galante  may be very sheer but once applied, it lasts true and long. 
I love that it doesn't turn ashy grey after a while unlike so many other pastel blues and purples.
The iridescent (almost duochrome) shimmer is swoon-worthy for me.
I think I am in love with this duo and I have worn it already three times this week. ;)

Have you tried NARS Marie Galante or other duos?
What do you think of the idea of nuance colors? 

Thanks for reading! :)

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  1. omygawd both shades are super gorgeous!! although it does appear quite sheer but it turns out really nice on your eyes! Love it ^_~

  2. Oh gosh those are beautifully colours.. The shimmer is almost holographic, you can really see it's not a flat colour. Looks wonderful, I'm totally inspired by these colours! Definitely swoon worthy, I agree!

    I've only ever tried NARs lip products.. love those!

  3. OMG! It's so beautiful!

  4. It is a VERY pretty palette Lena!!! The colors look gorgeous on you. Very soft and still makes a statement. Love it!

  5. I've never tried anything by NARS but I really want to!I think the effect that shadow has is seriously lovely. But, I can understand why people would be pissed off by it since the colors really are not pigmented. They really look so pretty and subtle on you!

  6. That's true, Lena. It's a good layering shadow - something for adding dimension. It's very pretty and subtle.

  7. I love this duo!! Marie Galante looks so good!!

  8. Pretty! It does look gray on you. I never knew purple + blue = gray. I learned something new today. :)

  9. I like the idea of sheer colors. I'm intimidated by shadows, especially non-neutral colors...fearful that I'll use too much. Sheer would be the way to go for me! Very pretty!

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  10. I got to swatch this a while ago, and it's true that they might be best layered over something. It's just that most of the stuff I have in my collection wouldn't really go with the duo, so I didn't get it! I think it's a smart idea and you're as gorgeous as usual :)

  11. You wear this so well, especially for how sheer it applies. It's very multi-dimensional!

  12. the nars eyeshadow looks pretty, very shimmery and not too pigmented that you can wear it everyday!

  13. You look gorgeous of course, but sadly I find this duo underwhelming :(

  14. These colours are SO YOU. Looking at them just makes me think of you, hehe. You always look great in the blue tones, thanks for sharing the swatches! Have a lovely weekend <3

  15. thank you, Andrea! :)
    i still feel most comfortable wearing cool-toned shades like this and i love love the shimmer in this duo that flashes blue!

    have a lovely weekend yourself. :)

  16. aww thanks, Sarah!
    i guess to each their own.. ;)
    i am expanding my NARS collection and realizing the eyeshadows are not exactly consistent in color payoff & intensity.

  17. thank you, Julie!
    it is a quite versatile duo since it looks a bit different depending on what you're layering with. :)

  18. thank you, Stacey!
    that's exactly why i love this duo so much. :)

  19. thanks, Sunny!
    isn't this great that you get real life help from each other to make a smart purchase? (and i am happy i am being a part of that!)

    have a great weekend. ;)

  20. thank you!
    it is very hard to overdo with this duo, indeed. ;)
    yet this doesn't disappear or tunrn into some unrecognizable colors. i love that about this duo! :D

  21. thank you, Alyssa! :)
    i think it is the black base i used. i am still experimenting with it. i just found out it looks more purple or blue if i wear this with plum & navy bases as well.

  22. thank you, Moeri!
    i love beautiful exotic places. would love to visit Marie-Galante sometime in the future!

  23. i think i would have been disappointed if i had expected to see the exact colors from the pan, though. ;)
    i just ordered Brumes and Lhasa and for them, i expect to see some serious colors. lol

  24. i guess i have been consciously avoiding this brand since everybody seems to rave about it, if you understand what i mean. ;)
    i so understand other people who got disappointed in this duo although the colors and the texture are actually perfect for the season when it was introduced!
    (we are tough crowd to please! ;) )

  25. thank you so much, Kim! :)

    have a wonderful weekend! ^-^

  26. thank you, Feelo! i am so happy i got this duo.
    this led to another NARS purchase, of course....and i would love to try their lippies as well. :)

    have a wonderful weekend!

  27. thank you, Janet!
    the duo is clearly for summer but i see many use for this. icy look for the winder and lovely purple for spring..etc. :)

    have a great weekend! :)

  28. Wow, amazing make up :) I'm following you now :)

  29. ooooh the iridescence is just lovely! I would love to see the blue one in a smokey look!

  30. thanks, Laura!
    i am trying these with different eyeshadow base. very fun! :)

  31. thanks for following!
    your favor has been returned. ;)

  32. Oh I totally get what you mean by wanting sheerer shades to layer onto other es. They add a lot of dimension and I love those for that. Great duo! It's a gorgeous combo and purple is so pretty!

  33. This looks so pretty on you! I like how relatively subtle it is, but still delicately shimmery :) The slightly greyish blue hue is really flattering!

  34. thank you. ;)
    i just tried it with dark purple gel liner and the orchid part looked more prominent this time. it is fun to play with this duo!

  35. yes! there are tons of sheer but foggy colors out there, not many with color clarity like this duo. :)
    i am looking to get more NARS makeup..(uh oh) ;p

  36. I love the last picture of you!! :D those colors look absolutely stunning on you, no wonder you love them!

  37. aww thanks, Jane!
    i really like this duo. some people complain about the fallouts but i haven't experienced it at all! ;)

  38. Ohhh the shimmer! It's so pretty! You look very happy with it on! keke I haven't really tried any NARS eye shadows, can you believe it? =X This looks really great on you though and it's always best to buy what you'll love rather than just go with the season's trends! =)

  39. thank you, Diana!
    this is my first duo, too. i just had a really dark shade i use as liner. i ended up getting a couple more. i am afraid it's a bottomless pit..?
    i hauled quite a lot lately but nothing from any of the current fall collections!


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