Sep 15, 2012

Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay Mask

I have been using this natural clay on and off for years now.
I find this is one of the most affordable yet effective deep cleansing masks out there.

I am going to skip on the detailed product info simply because I want to avoid a text heavy post (read "I am lazy").
I link these information and recipes instead. :)

What is Aztec Indian Healing Clay?
How does the Aztec Indian Clay work?
Recipes for Aztec Indian Clay masks 

Aztec Secret
Indian Healing Clay

What I love most about this clay mask is that it is super affordable and 100% natural with no added stuff.
You can easily find this locally from organic section of a grocery store or a supplement shop. 
I usually order mine online, though. (price varies between $5-$8 for 1 lb tub)
This clay mask can be used on your body as well but if you're planning to use this on your face mainly, this 1 lb tub will last you for a very very long time. ;)
It is indeed very powerful, you can really feel the deep pore cleansing action and it literally feels like your face is "pulsating"! 
Because of this "No Mercy" suction(?) power, my face sometimes ends up being a little red even after washing it off, but this irritation is just temporary and the redness goes away quickly.

Aztec Healing Clay powder

(For your reference, I have slightly sensitive normal/combination aging skin. I don't think this is the best option for drier skin types but I believe you can make a more nourishing & less drying mask by playing with different recipes.)

The beauty of this clay mask would be that you can customize and concoct your own according to your needs. 
However, this is also a pain for someone like myself who likes simple no hassle beauty solutions (again read "lazy"). 
I even wished and waited for them to make a premixed masks since it's not always easy to make smooth and even textured paste. :p

The classic recipe is to mix the clay with raw apple cider vinegar and it mixes like a dream, but the smell of vinegar is a bit too much for me and my skin feels more irritated than necessary. 
My favorite is to just mix it with clean water but for some reason it is very difficult to come up with a smooth consistency. I look hideous wearing this mixture because of the tiny lumps. (It always reminds me of a toad. =.=)

So here is another option that actually solves many problems.
Mix it with milk! :)

Aztec Clay mixed with skim milk

I love this recipe because

*It is very simple (you just need skim milk)
*They mix very well together creating a souffle like paste
*It is not as drying and it feels quite soothing
*You can expect mild exfoliation thanks to the lactic acid in milk

I wear makeup and waterproof sunscreen all year around so deep cleansing mask like this is a must for me.
I am using this once a week and my skin feels cleaner and less congested by far.

One other tip: 
I usually put on eye cream and lip balm first, put on this mask, slather hand cream on my hands and wear a pair of disposable plastic food gloves, and take a nap for 20 minutes.
This is a wonderful way to give yourself a relaxing mini facial and hand care. :)

Have you tried Aztec Clay?
What is your favorite deep cleansing mask?

Thanks for reading! :)

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  1. This is the BEST thing to have ever happened to my skin. I mix with ACV for a spot treatment and it works on even cystic acne. AMAZING.

  2. Hi! i've heard of this mask before and now i'm really intrigued. Maybe it's like the Clay mask what is for depp pore cleansing too. I'm lazy too so I prefer to use mask what are the type "ready to use".
    It makes me funny what it says azteca and indiand lol.
    really good review.

  3. I haven't tried Aztec Clay yet, but I would love to after seeing so many uses from the recipes. It must be good because I have heard nothing but positive raves on it. Thanks for sharing:)

  4. i mean regular clay mask :)

  5. Never heard of this type of clay before but I like the idea of adding milk!

  6. wow, looks really interesting!

  7. sounds interesting! I love deep cleansing mask ! :) hopefuly I can get my hands on this mask :D

  8. hey lena!!! this mask sounds like something i need. i have sensitive skin, so i may try it on my body first. thanks so much for sharing this doll.

  9. hey Kim :)
    good to see you here again. i miss your posts!
    except for the strong "suction", this mask is virtually free of other irritation problem. i'd use it more often if i wasn't so lazy. lol

  10. we all do! :)
    if not this particular brand, look for any bentonite detox clay. that should be the same ;)

  11. i love this white clay works best for my skin. ;)

  12. yup. simplicity is the word. ;)

  13. i find this white bentonite clay works better than red or green clay. it's interesting that different types of mud do different things. ;)

  14. my pleasure. ;)
    there are people who intake this for cleansing/detox purposes, which i wouldn't dare to try. lolz
    give it a try. it's very affordable and harmless. sometimes i mix a little bit of this with my foaming cleanser. (i put some in a small plastic bottle.)

  15. i am glad you liked my review. ;)
    i love mud masks in general and tried a lot, but this is the strongest yet mildest one. i really wish these were premixed masks in tubes. ;p

  16. I laughed when I read the part about you wishing they'd make them pre-mixed! That's something I'd wish for too hahah. But mostly because I'm really lazy :P I've heard so much about this mask, I've been meaning to get it. I don't have any clay masks right now because I use those sheet masks but this would indeed be a nice change for my skin. I sometimes wonder if the sheet masks ever do anything for my face...

  17. ~this is my HG mask ever!! it works super great on acne prone skin and its a super nice option that you use this with milk. I've never tried it but I bet it sure is pretty soothing ^_~

  18. i remember enjoying your review post on this clay mask! :)
    i think i can use this more often when i use milk with it. it is soothing and calming even, but i like the fact better that i can mix it with more ease!

  19. i love sheet masks as well but i think mud based masks are more effective in deep cleansing. ;)
    sometimes i just put on a sheet mask and take a really long nap, and that does wonder for me. i guess we need both! :)

    (but seriously, why wouldn't they make pre-mixed version of this?? i'd become a devotee!)

  20. looks good, I use a clay mask once per week because I have oily skin... got to try this out for sure!

  21. i'd recommend this. it is far less irritating yet more effective than other types of mud. inexpensive, too! :)

  22. I bought their moisturizer which I haven't tried yet. That reminds me I need to try that out... hehe~ This clay sounds interesting. I should look into it.

  23. oh, i didn't know they make moisturizer! interesting!!
    i am going to try this as foot mask. it would be very relaxing and detoxing even.
    let me know how you like your moisturizer. ;)

  24. oooh, thanks for the tip!
    i didn't know it was effective like that. if it's for spot treatment, i can take the vinegar! :)

  25. the clay sounds good! adding to my wishlist of masks to try!i love masks of any type plus i have combo/sensitive skin so i need the deep clean but something thats not too harsh

  26. do give it a try. it's so affordable and harmless you have nothing to lose. (lolz. i sound like a salesperson. )
    i am treating myself with this again today! :)

  27. lol!! ok will deff do :)


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