Sep 14, 2012

EOTD - Over The Rainbow

Actually, this is the look I wanted to do for the Revlon "Bright & bold eyes" challenge.
I remember buying this vivid blue color called Rainbow many years ago, and I remember this particular spring collection "Wizard of Oz" from Lancome being quite beautiful.
(I googled it up just now and my jaw is dropped to find out it was almost a decade ago. Luckily I didn't go blind or anything by wearing this old eyeshadow. I don't recommend it, though.)

EOTD - Over the rainbow

I don't really think of Lancome as a nice eyeshadow brand per se, but I like this round single color range a lot.
(note: It used to be "color focus" and now it is called "color design" with slightly different packaging.)
The color payoff is just right to my preference. The sheer yet clear color is very easy to blend in and stays true for a long time.
It is amazing I can say the same thing about this antique shade! (Once again, I don't recommend this. ;p)

Lancome Rainbow

Rainbow is a bright medium blue with slight sheen.

left - without primer
right - with primer

I created this look basically using these three products.
lined with stila smudgepot in Starry night
Lancome Rainbow all over the lids
blended with laura mercier Mermaid

I felt almost nostalgic doing this look cause I remember myself getting all excited up about brighter colors back then, and indeed I wore vivid colors like this more often than now. :)

"If happy little bluebirds fly beyond the rainbow, why oh why, can't I?"

Here is my recent practice take on "Over the Rainbow", accompanied by my guitar partner David. ;)

Happy weekend, everyone! 

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  1. This EOTD is sooo up my alley, I love anything green/blue/turquoise and this is a gorgeous look!

  2. Love this look! Pretty!

  3. Wow this is such a pretty and unique look.

  4. So pretty! I need to learn more about trying out bright colors. Such pretty colors!

    You have an amazing voice! Wow, so many talents!

  5. That is a gorgeous pastel rainbow eye!
    Thanks for sharing this song! "Over the Rainbow " has always been one of my favorites and your version is just lovely Lena! You have an amazingly pretty voice!
    Love the new look of your site btw!

    Have a splendid weekend sweets!
    Rowena @ rolala loves

  6. I really like this look :D

    I am in love with your voice... as I wrote on youtube it is beautiful

  7. It's really pretty! I love the different hues of blue, esepcially the blue liner under your eyes! It suits you so well! Really great that you showed us how to work with a blue like the Lancome one,, I was wondering how to use it, lol :)

  8. You wear blue so well! I'm sure blue will just make me look sick, so I've NEVER tried it so far!

  9. Lena, I have to say I love your voice!! It's so whimsical, you sound like an angel! I am so in looooove ;D
    oh and about the EOTD, love how the blue turns out on you! I never have the courage to wear that kind of blue @.@
    and once again, your voice is lovely!!

  10. Wow, beautiful eye look! I love it <3


  11. Wow Lena your voice is absolutely beautiful!

  12. wow your voice is sooo amazing!! love it :) beautiful!!!i got da chills girrlll! lol i love the eotd so pretty!!

  13. lovely make-up & I like the new blog layout.

  14. thank you so much, Fannie! ^-^*

  15. thank you, Fanny :)
    i am really happy about how this turned out, too.

  16. thanks, Girlie Blogger!

  17. awww thank you, Oreloena!
    you're so sweet. ;D

  18. thank you. ;)
    the laura mercier shade flashes soft champagne gold. it softens the whole look. :)

  19. thanks so much, Pam :)
    you made me all blushed now. this is a still practice take. we're still trying to make it better. your kind words are very encouraging! :)

    the eyeshadow color may look a little scary but once it's on, it looks softer. try a vivid blue for yourself. i think it'd look great on you. ;)

  20. thank you, Sunny!
    the intense blue color looks softer once blended in. my primer is tinted in light gold shade, so it even looks turquoise. try it for yourself. you never know. ;)

  21. thank you, Teri!
    i think the pigmentation in this color is quite unique. it looks intense but once it's on, it's not that bad thanks to the vivid but sheer quality of it. :)
    i love this dark blue shimmer gel liner. i am afraid it's getting dried up, though. ;-/

  22. thank you very much, Mie! ^-^
    i really appreciate your support. ;)

  23. aww thank you, Rowena :D
    we've been working on this for a long time, so it should be done pretty soon.

    i've quite happy with this light blog outlook myself. i actually purchased a design on etsy and she was very helpful. ^-^

    enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  24. thank you so much! ^-^
    i like bright colors but only the ones that are easy to blend in and have sheer consistency.

    i've sung classical stuff all my life but i am trying to widen my horizon venturing in new genres.
    thanks for your encouragement! :)

  25. thank you, Simera! :)

  26. thank you, Katherine! :)

  27. that's gorgeous!

    love it. just found your blog! following you now. if you get a sec, i'd love to hear what you think of my latest post x

  28. thanks for visiting and adding me to your list! :)

  29. Oh, I really like this! It reminds me of a watercolor painting - something scenic and serene. Even if it is bright :) It still has a soothing quality!

  30. Gorgeous look. :] I love your new layout too!

  31. love love love it!..sadly it was 10 years old lol!!
    will listen to your practice...goes with the theme...

  32. lena, your voice sounds heavenly!!! i love it! smooth as an angel :) that color is gorgeous. i couldn't stop laughing when you said how old it was. hahaha thanks for sharing girl.

  33. thank you, Katherine! :)

  34. awww thank you so much, Kim :D
    to think about it, i have tons of antique eye shadows. i have a dior quint that is nearly 20 years old. i rest my case. lol

  35. thanks!
    the sad part is that i didn't even realize it was that old. time does fly!
    i even forgot the name of the shadow was "Rainbow" and it's from a collection called "Wizard of Oz" lol.

  36. i totally agree.
    it is vivid yet sheer so it doesn't look gaudy or anything.
    now i come to think it's worth investing in high quality eyeshadows. :)

  37. Your singing is so lovely! *jealous* hehe Forget piano lessons, teach me to sing and have a clear voice like yours! =) Your eye makeup is nice and delicate looking. Nice choice of colors!

  38. you're so sweet :)
    i've been singing all my life but when i am singing non-classical stuff like this, i still feel like i am a student, and that is the truth! :)
    i am glad i dug up this eyeshadow. brings out all sorts of memories. :)

  39. Sing more for us, please! You may have to put up a song request box, hehe. I am surprised you have something from over a decade ago! Methinks you are too young, hehe. But the color really is beautiful and good memories are always a plus. =)

  40. thanks again for your encouragement, Diana! :) i am learning many non-classical songs lately. i'll post when i have recordings ready.

    (i am not gonna tell you how old i am, Diana. lolz)
    hope you're enjoying your sunday evening!

  41. I'd just like to say that it's really nice to see a post for Asian monolids. I definitely don't come across things like this often enough on blogs! Definitely gonna be keeping a close eye here! (No pun intended)


  42. thanks for visiting Sabrina! :)
    actually i don't have monolids but my folds are very small, so i'd think the makeup looks i come up with would be similar. i am happy to hear you find this post interesting! :)

  43. thank you, Xin! :)
    i don't do much about my skin except using my sunscreen everyday, exfoliating and moisturizing.
    i think it's mostly the good lighting. lol

  44. Your EOTD is very beautiful. You have an amazing eye shape ! It looks so clean but still colourful I like that kind of style haha I noticed you have a really nice skin tone and all. Have to browse your blog about your skin care regime now ^v^


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