Sep 17, 2012

Paul & Joe Haul from Apothica, Swatch - Light Cream Foundation in Alabaster

I was so looking forward to new makeup collections for the fall of 2012, but weirdly enough, nothing has really captured my full attention, yet.
I wish this meant I saved my money on new makeup, but I see myself in the middle of beauty shopping for the new season anyway...I am not exactly buying the new season stuff, is all. (*sigh*)

I had some credit available from SkincareRX sponsorship, so I decided to splurge on some high-end base makeup items from
I ordered Paul & Joe Powder Compact Foundation in Cameo, Light Cream Foundation in Alabaster and the oil blotting papers from summer 2012 collection.

my Paul & Joe haul from Apothica
(Some of you have already seen this pic from my instagram. :) )

I am not going to deny how this beautiful packaging played a big part in my purchase.
They are "grownup girly"! I am in love with this soft pink and white colors and embossed flower designs. :)

Paul & Joe Powder Compact Foundation

the backside
Yes, it provides sun protection. :)

comparison - Compact Powder Foundation & Pressed Powder compacts
I have their Pressed  Powder compact in Vanilla (002) shade which is the prettiest illuminator in my opinion.
The powder compact is in lighter color but in the same design and size. :)

Comes with a quality sponge

Paul & Joe Powder Compact Foundation in Cameo (101)
It is a bright light ochre shade.
See the product description here.

I am not new to Paul & Joe base makeup and I've always liked them and even repurchased a few times.
It is sometimes hard to find a good color match, but their quality is great especially for the powder makeup.
(I don't know why Sephora stopped carrying this brand. ;-/)
The powder is finely milled and it stays for long time without oxidizing too much. It provides just enough coverage with added sun protection. This is perfect for me since I only use powder foundation for touch-up. :)

Now, moving on to Light Cream Foundation..

Again, beautiful luxurious packaging
It comes in white glass bottle with pink plastic pump and stopper.

pump (!)

About the color, I freaked out a little bit because Alabaster (00) looked too white and pasty on my arm. ;o

Alabaster (00)
Very light white beige with yellow undertone

Once blended in, it is no problem! (whew;)

I tried it on my face to make sure and I see this color brightens up my complexion a little bit but blends in beautifully. I don't see any pasty masky face, if you know what I mean.
This is quite surprising and somewhat hard to understand because the color Alabaster is way lighter than any of my foundation.

1. Paul & Joe Light Cream Foundation Alabaster (00)
2. Maybelline Fit Me 110
3. L'Oreal True Match N 1
4. Revlon PhotoReady Shell (003)
5. Revlon ColorStay Buff

I guess it is all about blendability cause for example, Maybellin Fit Me 110 (swatch no.2) looks very ghostly on me although it looks darker than Paul & Joe Light Cream Foundation in Alabaster (swatch no.1). 
The foundation itself feels light on and evens out the skintone very well. It seems to be water resistant.
This is lightly scented with faint white floral, fyi.
See the product info here.

Lastly, the blotting paper..

pretty, huh? :)

It is not the most convenient design, though.
Price is not bad ($5) for these quality papers.
This is a refill but I don't think I would need additional case. It is pretty as it is. :-)

Overall, I am very happy with my haulage and it led to another purchase in the name of "fall beauty shopping", but that is for another day's post. ;)

Thanks for reading!
Have you hauled some beauty items for the new season? :)

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  1. I adore Paul and Joe packaging. Sooo hard to find this brand in Toronto though =(

  2. No hauling for me yet! i'm leaving all to when i got on vacation!

  3. Hi Lena, I love love love the packaging on the blotting paper. It's gorgeous! (Well, the other items too). I don't think I mentioned this before, but I also love the new background and layout of your site. It's so feminine and elegant and seems very you!

  4. I've heard many good things about this foundation! always curious about this brand.. packaging is LOVELY

  5. The packaging for all of these is gorgeous. I am really interested in that foundation!

  6. Great haul there! I always love the cute paul&joe packaging, especially the ones with cats on it <3. So happy to hear these work besides being pretty :). I need to haul some myself now ;).

  7. paul and joe always have cute packaging :D i want to try their lipticks! thanks for sharing
    xx Jill

  8. hey leah! you've peaked my curiosity girl, because i've never tried paul & joe anything! i love the way their makeup looks. the packaging is so pretty. LOVE! i love Apothica and SkinCareRx. they have some great items and glad you used up your credit. thank you so much for your kind words. i'm doing better everyday. :)

  9. i freaking love apothica! when i was sponsored by them, i got all the essie nail polish! lol... oh i'm a new folloer!

  10. P&J's packaging never failed tom impress me! its so classic and feminine! I was quite shock with the swatch too but good thing it blends well on your skin! How is the coverage of the cream foundation? is it buildable or it simple just even out skintone..~ I'm planning on purchasing one P&J foundation as I just adore their packing so much..hehe..^_~

  11. I love their packaging. It's so gorgeous!

    When I first saw the the foundation bottle, I thought it was nail polish. What's your foundation color from MAC line?

  12. i have been thinking about buying a liquid foundation..but this cream one seems to be the kind i need..great new blog design by the way!

  13. I always love Paul&Joe! the packaging is beautiful, the quality of the products aren't dissapointing..
    btw I love your new blog design! :*

  14. Paul & Joe products come in the prettiest packaging. I swear by their blotting sheets. I wish they still made the case for them.

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  15. i've been very happy using the papers for the past couple days. i think this type of very thin & flexible material is a standard in asian, i don't know why they are not largely available here in the u.s. ;-/
    i guess it would be much more convenient with a case cause it is a little difficult to tuck in the eaves although it is pretty as it is..

  16. thanks, Pam!
    i wanna try the uv primer as well. it looked really nice when i saw it in your post. ;)

  17. thanks, Debi! :)
    i purchased this them on etsy. this was just calling my name and the seller was super helpful. i am pretty happy about it. :)

    as for the foundation, i think it is more of a liquid type. not as runny as the other liquid foundation P & J offers, though.

  18. haha acatully, their nail polish bottles are in the similar shape, i think! :D
    i've been never matched in MAC shades but i think i am close to NC15. :)

  19. seriously, i got sucked in to this gorgeous packaging and almost bought their nail polish remover. lol (it is in a beautiful bottle!)

    i think the coverage is light to medium. it covers the redness on my cheeks pretty well. i believe there is a liquid type that is lighter than this one and creamy matte foundation which covers better. this is in a jar, though. ;-/

  20. hi, abby! i am following you back. ;)
    i forgot they have essie polishes, too. cool site, indeed!

  21. hi Kim! i am glad to enable as always! lolz
    i love their frequent sales. it's so easy for us to score a good deal!
    the light cream foundation is on sale right now.
    i'd like to get some lipsticks if they go on sale. :)

    happy to hear you're doing better!

  22. my pleasure!
    i'd love to try their lippies as well. i like that they offer different range with different coverage. i want their sheers. ;)

  23. i know! the kitty cat designs were so so pretty. but then i thought it'd break my heart even attempting to use them. wouldn't want to squish their pretty heads, you know? ;p

  24. it is also great quality, thank God. ;)
    i wouldn't spend big money if the pretty packaging is the only merit. ;)

  25. i needed a lighter shade since my complexion changes a bit during the colder months.
    i originally wanted to get the creamy matte foundation (in jar), but i am glad i got this instead. i am testing it for real today, so far so good! :)

  26. thank you for your compliments, Dovey! i am pretty happy with the new outlook as well. ;)
    i only ordered one to see how the quality of the papers is, and now i wanna order some more and stock up. they are really nice. now i wish they sold the separate cases as well. lol.

  27. that is too bad!
    even here, i can't really find any retailers. Sephora used to carry it but now online is the only way to go. *sigh*

  28. i'd say good self control, Naomi!
    (now i look forward to your vacation. i love other bloggers haulage posts. lol)

  29. Paul & Joe products have one of the prettiest packagings than i've ever seen!! sadly in mi country this products are not avaible at all :(
    The powder looks amazing, the box, the draw on the powder everything look so cute :D

  30. I love your new layout lena :) The light crem foundation is very nice, sad the colour is a bit too yellow (with a sheer layer it tones down my redness a bit though). I hate it when blotting papers came in an unconvenient design. I wish their blushers would be sometimes less shimmery/sparkly, because I really like the colours.

  31. wow the paul and joe products have really pretty packaging!! i think i am gonna get those blotting sheets $5 is not bad!! i need a new set of oil blotting sheets, just in time! plus the packaging omg so pretty!! when i run out i must find something to put in it lol

  32. ah I'm so envious of you for your little haul >_< Paul and Joe have always been too out of my price range...otherwise I would totally get everything for the cute packaging! I'm glad you had a good experience for all the things you got. I bought blotting paper yesterday but the design makes it look like a pad LOL

  33. i love cute girly packaging. i used to obsessed with Anna Sui for the same reason. ;)
    i wouldn't bought 2 foundation products if it wasn't for the credit i had with them. ;p
    they were on sale, though. it seems they rotate different sales, so i am going to keep an eye on them.

  34. the paper case is a bit hard to tuck in but it's not bad at all.
    i guess this is meant to be used in their solid case, though.
    anyhow i am enjoying everything i got so i am happy! :)

  35. thanks Claire! i have a thing for damask prints and anything mauve, this design was just calling my name. it was quite affordable, too. ;)
    oh you have the light cream foundation! what color did you get? i have neutral complexion but i prefer something with yellow undertone. i agree with you that it neutralize my redness without the masky feeling. :)

    i would love to know about your paul and joe collection in the future. i am interested in their blush & lipstick range as well.

  36. hey Lilu :)
    i think there is a site that ships worldwide free, too. the price is a little higher than the u.s. price but very competitive. i think it's called beautybay. hths! :)

  37. What a wonderful beauty haul! So stunningly packaged! I always love their detailsin the pkgs.

  38. Omg the blotting paper design is so beautiful ! Paul & Joe does always make so cute make ups... I have to try them too ! ! Very cute blog !

  39. hi Xin! thanks for visiting. ;)
    i love love their packaging. in fact, i wanna haul a bit more because of this. ;)

  40. thanks! :)
    i am in love with the detailed designs with sheen on the compact. so pretty. ;)

  41. Ohhh I absolutely love the packaging! You're right, it's so "grownup girly" because it's still subtle and not over the top, but still very beautiful. I haven't tried any of their foundations but everyone who tries it seems to to love it. It is a shame that Sephora doesn't carry the brand anymore! And wow, that's really surprising, almost shocking, at how the color looks compared to your other foundations!

  42. (between you and me..) i caved in and ordered some more including the hard case for the blotting papers. *sigh*
    this time it was from an u.k. site and the price was very nice (like 5-10% more in general but many are the same or even cheaper with free shipping!).

    the foundation color is still a mystery to me! i've been wearing this for the whole week and it matches my neck color perfectly well, too. lolz

  43. I got the lightest colour. I think a bit of yellow works pretty good for my redness but I find a wee bit too yellow (that changes with day/skin condition though and tanning). I hope I can do a post about paul and joe soon, I think their lipsticks are great, I just wish they would minimize the sparkles there D:

  44. i think it is quite tricky to pick a right shade from their foundation range!
    i just ordered some more including a sheer lipstick and i am very excited. lolz
    looking forward to your paul and joe post! :)


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