Jun 10, 2012

Color Contacts Round Up - Repurchase or Not?

So much for my last promise about more postings, here I am again after another month of hiatus.
(It took a little bit of effort even to click the "New Post" button, I might add. I guess all my wise blog friends are right. It is more difficult to come back once you stop. ;o)

I have more than a few makeup stuff to swatch and review, but today I'd like to talk about my color lens collection.
I have spent my pretty pennies on color contacts since last October and now I have a quite clear idea about what I prefer and not.
I guess like all other beauty products, you spend and you learn. ;p

Of course, I have never tried anything this dramatic. ;p

What I have discovered about myself in terms of wearing color contacts are..
* I like natural looking designs.
* I look weird if I wear anything bigger than 14.2 mm in diameter.
* I prefer a design that consists of 3 colors at least.
* Green, Brown and Blue contacts look fine on me as long as the designs suit me.
(This was a bit surprising for me since I initially tried to stick with Grey and Purple. ;) )
* I like comfortable lenses with higher water content.

I still have twenty pairs in my collection after discarding some defective and those horrible looking (on me) ones, and I have grouped them in three.

[Love, will definitely repurchase]

1. NEO COSMO Lucky Clover Series
I absolutely adore this. I have them in Grey, Blue and Brown colors and probably buy the Green as well.
Very natural and complex design. They are very comfortable, too.



(I don't have a close-up pic for the Brown color, but I wore them in this post.)

2. NEO Shimmer Series (aka Beaucon Shimmer)
This is a relatively old design, but I have just discovered them and ended up really liking them.
I have this in three different colors as well, Blue, Green and Honey.



(Actually, Honey color is my favorite by far. I will review on them soon with pictures.)

3. NEO COSMO Glamour and Queen Series
They are basically the same designs. Only difference is that Queen series is with four colors where Glamour has only three.
They look quite natural but I don't think it is all that natural due to the spiky outer ring shape, which makes it more unique and interesting.
Again, they are very comfortable and I might add a couple more colors in the future. :)

Glamour Brown

Queen Aqua

(Review for Queen Grey will come soon!)

4. NEO Monet 
Despite of the simple two-color design, this is the pair that I wear most often.
It doesn't give any enlargement but it makes your eyes look interesting and clean.
I have purchased the Blue color first and later on added the Brown. The Grey looks pretty as well. (hmmm)

Monet Blue

5. NEO Chagal
Remember I was madly looking for a black pair that would not make me look like an alien?
This is it!
This one doesn't enlarge at all, but the outer black rings make your eyes appear darker and clearer.
Review is on the way. ;)

[Like, but not sure if I want to repurchase]

1. NEO Dali Sweet Chocolate Brown
This is indeed a very natural brown pair that matches my eye color perfectly. 
I have just started noticing there is something unnatural about this design. I am not sure what it is. lol
I find NEO Monet Brown gives me similar but more of a realistic brown effect(?).
I am still enjoying this a lot, though.

Dali Sweet Chocolate Brown

2. NEO Dali Extra Series
I have this in the Brown and Violet and really like the subtle big eye effect, but they always require more makeup and amplifying on other parts of face. In other words, they look better only if I wear falsies or dramatic colors.
The Brown pair worked fine in my editorial red lip FOTD, but I am not very fond of Violet color although it isn't half bad.

Dali Extra Brown

Dali Extra Violet

3. NEO Dali Extra II Violet
This is a more opaque version of the previous model, and I like them less because of that.
My eyes look like blueberries when I wear them and I am not sure if I want that. lol
This pair looks great indoors, though.

Dali Extra II Violet

4. NEO Princess Eyes Series
This is a beautiful and natural design but sometimes it could look fake due to the dense color.
I prefer the Shimmer series that has sheer colors compared to the Princess Eyes.
I am not decided on this. I might try other colors in the future (if I spot a sale or something.)
NEO Princess Eye Purple Violet

5. DUEBA Big DM23 (aka Kirakira)
This is probably the most unnatural design that I own, but I ended up really enjoying them.
They are big in diameter (14.5 mm) and have this obvious and thick limbal rings and color (pink!), but there is certain charm I cannot just pinpoint. ;)

Dueba Big DM23 Pink

6. GEO World Tri-Color Series Violet
GEO lenses did not work for me generally speaking, but I find the World tri-color Series is very nice.
Just that I have found better and more natural looking designs with three colors and the starburst pattern in this is a bit stark looking.
Geo Tri-Color World SeriesViolet

7. GEO Bella Grey
This is a very pretty and feminine design, but boring and artificial in its own way.
It has the usual "GEO lens feel", which isn't exactly the most comfortable feeling when I wear them, so I probably won't repurchase them.

GEO Bella Grey

8. NEO Celeb Eyes 
There is nothing wrong with this naturally pixelated design that gives you great definition to the eyes.
I guess I just like other more natural looking designs. I find the rather thick limbal rings are not that attractive.

NEO Celeb Eyes Brown

[Dislike, no repurchse]

1. GEO Magic Circle Black (ck-105)
Not comfortable, not so natural looking. I think this was the first disappointment in finding a perfect black pair. ;p
They dried up pretty quickly, too.

GEO Magic Circle Black

2. GEO Angel Grey
I know this is still a best seller and one of the most classic designs, but I just couldn't find myself liking them,
The obvious pixelated design and stark color and designs is not my cup of tea.

GEO Angel Grey

3. GEO Princess Mimi Chocolate Brown
I think this pair looked just terrible on me. Period.
I even get scared everytime I looked at the pictures that I took for the review post. Need I say more? ;p
They were very uncomfortable so I discarded them soon after.

GEO Princess Mimi Chocolate Brown

4. Dueba Dreamy.i 
I got them in Grey and Hazel from a company called Lensvillage, and it was the most unpleasant experience not only because they were defective and irritating to my eyes but also for their horrible customer service and pointless lies.
All were discarded and Lensvillage did not see any more of my money after that.
(Here is my rant post if you are interested.)


(This one almost looks like one of the Halloween designs on top. Don't you think?)

5. Vassen Barbie Circle Black
Another heartbreaking black lens experience. ;p
They were very comfortable and sheer color was quite natural, but I couldn't help but think I look like an alien.

Vassen Barbie Circle Black

Whew, that was it.
It was longer than I expected.
I hope my post was helpful for you to choose color contacts from different designs and colors.
This is just my own opinion and preference, though.
There is no set rules for color contacts after all. I guess you try them and slowly but surely find out what looks best on you as you build up your own wardrobe. :)
(Just make sure you wear them safely!)

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  1. The shimmer/queen series are my ultimate favoutie. I really want to try those ones! I like the dali and celeb series, even though they're not your favourite! I can see why you have the ones under dislike, they're not horrible but not so natural like you prefer. I think the princess series is perfect for shoots! Very out-there.

    and I totally want to try all those crazy designs!! haha especially the white out ones.. for some reason they're calling to me...

  2. Love the shimmer greens on you :) Very natural and I really like the monet and queen series also on you. I know what you mean about thick black limbal rings or all black circle lens..they can be really alien like. I went to work once with a really natural black lens, the Geo IM-108 (discontinued) and my boss said I looked high! :(

  3. You have quite a collection Lena! It seems you really like NEO brand lenses; I see them being mentioned quite often in this post.

    I like a lot of the ones at the top of your list. I personally prefer the more natural looking designs too. I really dislike the lenses with the thick limbal rings that makes it look like you have stickers pasted onto your eyeballs lol

  4. Naomi HingJune 10, 2012

    hey lena! missed you! anyway i've been thinking about adding contacts just for some fun to my makeup looks since you're so fond of them! glad you're back

  5. yay!! ure back!! u have a nice collection!! they all look so good on u!

  6. Thankyou for all the reviews. ^^ You seem like you're a huge fan of Neo lenses, I've wanted to try them for ages, but they're one of the harder brands to come by!

  7. I really want a pair of violet ones! Where do you buy your lenses, Lena?

  8. i think you look great in them!i wish i had a pair..just to see how i look in them..preferably a green one!

  9. welcome back!! you've been MIA for so long!~ You are such a color contacts addict! but I do have to agree that this is indeed quite addictive just like purchasing makeups! I own quite a few too but the thing is I don't wear them that often. I only wear them on weekends or on special occasions as my work require staring in the computer 8-9hrs thus as much as possible I avoid wearing contacts. Your collection is really pretty unlike mine which are all in brown and only brown...haha!! thanks for sharing this post, its really helpful ^_~

  10. Welcome back to the blogosphere Lena! I've missed you but I can totally relate on how difficult it is to blog again after stopping for awhile. You have an amazing collection of colored lenses and they look so pretty on you. I esp. like how the Neo Monet looks. Color contacts really fascinate me but it's something I probably wouldn't try since I'm totally freaked out by putting anything in my eyes - even eye drops O_o

  11. Thanks for your review, I found it very useful! I think the lenses from lensvillage were defected because a lense's shelf life is only up to 3 years.

  12. I like the Beaucon shimmer ones the best. They incorporate the most colors while looking the most natural.

  13. hey, lena! welcome back!! missed your beauty reviews. :) hope you're well, and everything is well. :) i really think the aqua and viot tones really compliment you really well. you have really pretty eyes, lena. :)

    hugs, and have a great rest of the week!!


  14. yeah, I agree, natural looking ones look better! :)

  15. Mie NielsenJune 12, 2012

    I would not wear something like that.. the thought of sticking my finger in my eye is just... baaah lol I would end up poking my eye out haha,, but it looks really good


  16. Wow, you have quite the collection! I really like the DUEBA Big DM23 (aka Kirakira) on you. Hmm the hypnotica looks quite interesting if you ever try something that dramatic, keke. I'll definitely consult this post the next time I shop for circle lenses to try!

  17. i don't think it's possible to know things for sure until you actually try them on. i've seen your collection and i think bigger lenses look really nice on you.
    Kirakira was a bit of surprise for me. i thought i'd hate it. lolz ;p

  18. many people feel the same way as you. some people are even scared of putting eyedrops. lol
    i need contacts for my visions anyway. killing two birds here. with caution. ;p

  19. thanks, Plum.
    i think i will stick with them from now on. :)

  20. hi, Jas! thanks. it's good to be back.
    i am doing well and hope the same for you and your family. ;)

    i had lost interests in makeup before, but wearing different color contacts kinda revived it for me. ;p

    hope you have a great weekend!

  21. thanks, Sarah!
    they are my current favorites and i wear them quite often. i love the sheer but vivid colors. :)

  22. my pleasure! i am glad you find this helpful. ;)

    the hazel pair had a big impurity on the surface, but i was more bothered by their lies and coverups..long story. ;p

  23. thanks, Rowena! i missed blogging but it was kinda strange not being able to come back sooner. lol

    i really love Monet series and i will get them in every color! lolz. they are super subtle but make difference. ;)

  24. hey Janet! thanks for your warm welcome. ;)
    i try to wear glasses and conventional contacts whenever i can. i virtually don't feel any difference between some of the NEO lenses and my conventional ones, though.
    i must say i've recently grown very fond of brown colors as well. i am not sure why i wasn't interested in them earlier. they look fabulous on asian eyes after all. ;)

  25. thanks, Debi!
    i think green color contacts would look fab on you. ;)

  26. hi Larie! :)
    violet is a nice choice for dark brown eyes.
    i've tried quite a few stores and my current favorites are circlens.com and koreabigeyes.com. they have good NEO lens selections with nice price. ;)

  27. my pleasure, Katherine! :)
    NEO lenses are very comfortable for sure. they are a bit more expensive in general but you can find good promotions all the time and it is quite worth the money, in my humble opinion. try circlelens.com. they have a good selection and the cs is great. (not affiliated) ;)

  28. aww thank you, Oreleona :)
    it is good to be back!

  29. thank you, Naomi! :)
    color contacts definitely add some pizzazz to makeup looks! it is fun to be able to wear colors that i can't normally pull off. ;)
    do try them. i know they would look so good on you!

  30. lolz at stickers comments. ;D
    i recently notice that multi-colored ones manage to look natural even with bigger diameters but i still prefer something no bigger than 14.2 mm. NEO has a lot of them, which is probably the reason i am so fond of them besides they are so comfy! :)

  31. thank you, Sara! the Shimmer green is the first real green pair i've tried and i was very happy!
    NEO chagal is "the" black pair that doesn't make you look high, i am convinced. it doesn't enlarge anything, though. lol

  32. i was looking at the special designs and i wondered how i could see wearing them. lolz. they are very cool, though.
    i might still try more of Princess series since i think it is excellent in design. they photograph very well indeed. ;)

  33. Danielle FaithJune 18, 2012

    That is an amazing collection but I have to say that the one with the "X" over the eye is a little creepy... probably good for Halloween or something though!


    Danielle Faith

    PS: I Am your newest follower <3

  34. thanks for visiting and adding me to your list! :)
    i don't own anything from the first picture, but i wholeheartedly agree with you. i think the x shape is the weirdest! i don't even know how i would be able to see anything through them. lol

  35. hey lena! girl i haven't forgotten about! i've been blog breaking too. it's hard getting back into the swing of things. LOL i was on such a roll!!! hahaha I love the blue and green contacts on you. You wear them well. I don't know if I could get away with it or not. hope all is well. PLEASE hang in there with posting! Love to read your posts.

  36. What a collection! I've never tried circle/colour contact lenses but my pick would be the NEO shimmer series ones. It's so pretty! And the blue one looks surprisingly natural, love the blend of green/yellow!

  37. i really enjoy the shimmer series. the colors are vibrant but sheer which makes them look pretty on.
    they are very comfortable to wear, too. i recommend them. ;)

  38. I love the blue color! The first set is scary!!! I would love for you to visit my blog sometime!!
    Allison @ afashionfiles.blogspot.com

  39. hey Kim! how are you doing?
    i missed your posts, too.
    i am trying to be better at blogging more consistently. heh heh

  40. Wow, it's amazing how much a different coloured contacts can make. I can definitely see why you liked some and not others. The ones you disliked do tend to look a bit flat on the eye and unnatural, but the ones that worked really add something special and make your eyes look interesting and alive :)

  41. there are so many different ones out there indeed!
    nowadays they make everything so big, i feel like trying anything that big even if the colors and designs look interesting, though.
    i think i will stick with the designs that flatter me and have them in different colors next time when i need to get new ones. ;)

  42. I love how the Neo Princess ones looks on you!! Very very pretty!

  43. you are not making this easy for me! I really LOVE the Neo Cosmo in grey (which looks bluish) and in queen aqua and glamour brown on you!

  44. Giorgia von NiederhäusernJune 24, 2012

    Oh wow! Never tried anything of the kind, but I like the light brown shades!


    Enter my beauty giveaway sponsored by Schwarzkopf!

  45. your favorites look so pretty. thanks for sharing and make sure to check out my $50 gift card giveaway :)

  46. light brown ones kind grew on me. i didn't think i'd like them too much when i first started wearing these.
    thanks for visiting! :)

  47. heh heh always happy to enable fellow bloggers! ;D
    you picked all my favorites, Laura!

  48. i agree Princess series is quite pretty. i am tempted to get a pair in dark brown color. :)

  49. soooo many eyeballs in this post, I felt like I was being watched :P

    I think you look great in all of them! But it really depends on how you feel when you're wearing them and your own perceptions. As long as you're not wearing a pair from the top chart I think things will go well ;) hehe

  50. heh heh i was thinking the same thing! too many eyeballs. i am watching you, girly!
    i feel bad cause i am only wearing less than 6 pairs in rotation when i have twenty something pairs. ;p

  51. Wow, wild lenses!!! But the one's you have on are beautiful :)

  52. hello,
    I love your blog!
    I like the natural lenses, I tried the Dali Extra Brown; the color matches my eye color perfectly (I´ve light brown eyes ), but they look huge on me..now I´m really interesting in Dali Brown Sweet Chocolate (they appear a bit smaller)..
    could you tell me, what you mean, when you said is something unnatural about their design?

  53. Hi Lu :)
    i am sorry i didn't see this comment earlier. i agree Dali Extra Brown looks huge on me. i think it's because it is one color design perhaps? Sweet Chocolate Brown is much much better and very natural indeed. i just feel a little bit that the outer rim could have been more dotted so it makes even more natural appearance, is all.
    it is definitely one of the most natural looking lenses out there for sure.

    hope this helps! :)

  54. thank you, Estee! :)
    the top pic was kinda joke. i think they are for the special occasions. lol

  55. Hello,
    I was wondering if you found the Neo Princess lenses comfortable?
    I love how you are honest about comfortability and can actually admit many lenses are uncomfortable. I have picky eyes and have only found one pair I can comfortably wear (a Vassen grey tri-tone). Like you, I found Geo lenses, especially Princess Mimi to be severely uncomfortable. Never tried Neo before though so I'd like to know what you think - I LOVe their color!
    Thanks :)

  56. hi :)
    i am very happy you find my post helpful!

    in my humble opinion, NEO lenses are far superior to GEO or other brands I've tried.
    different models feel a little different even they are all from NEO brand, but i've always find NEO lenses are so comfortable.
    and yes, Princess series is very comfortable. however, I find Shimmer and Glamour/Queen series were most comfortable. (this difference would be by 5% maybe?)
    i believe it is mainly due to the higher water content and they ARE thinner than other brands.

    hope you will find a very comfortable and pretty pair soon!

  57. Thank you again! I've been reading your blog and loving it. :)

  58. no problem!
    thank you! :D

  59. Thank you for this blog post, it helped me sooo much when deciding which brown lens to go for. I eventually went with the Neo Shimmer Honey, which I absolutely love.

    I would just like to ask if there is a difference between Neo Queens and Glamours in terms of colour opacity?

    Thanks in advance! x

    1. Hi Hilary!
      I'm glad you find this post helpful.
      Sorry I didn't see this comment right away. Hope you find this reply soon.
      I myself think Queen series comes with more color opacity than Glamour, but not by much. :)

    2. if you dont mind, could you help me out please. between queen, glamour and shimmer, which is most natural on dark eyes? and is the difference between shimmer grey and shimmer honey enough to justify buying both pairs?

    3. Of course. :)
      I guess it all depends on the color choices. I find Glamour and Queen both look very natural since the colors are on the sheer side, but the spiky outer rings look less natural up close although they give this natural effects compared to those thick limbal rings.
      Actually, the shimmer series and the NEO Lucky Clover resemble most of human pupils, imho.
      They are all different but worth having at least one pair in each design.
      As to the color difference in Shimmer Grey and Honey, I think they are quite different.
      Grey looks actually grey leaning slightly towards blue, but Honey looks natural medium brown on dark eyes. :)

  60. I'm leaning more toward the shimmer series now but I know I'll eventually buy the Queen and Glamour serious to try them out.

    Thank you, you and your blog post have been a MASSIVE help.

    1. You are very welcome!
      Hope you find good ones for your liking and enjoy them safely. :)


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