Quick FOTD

I am having a busy week again and a little behind my blogging.
Today I just wanted to share a quick funny(!) FOTD before I come back with some real posts. ;)

Actually, I asked my SO to take some FOTDs on last Sunday, and this is one of the few decent(?) takes.
Of course, I tried to look pretty or whatever, and he probably took more than ten, but only the goofy accidental ones like this came out okay. 
I know this was his first time, but isn't it weird? ;p
I was late for my rehearsal after all, so I just gave up on taking more pictures on that day.

(Pamela @ JadeInPalace encouraged me to still post this as FOTD when she saw this on Twitter. Thanks, Pam! ^-^)

This is a simple look created mainly using my favorite Dior Quint Night Butterfly  that I coordinated with coral cheeks and lips.
I personally think purple shades look prettier when paired with orange/coral colors. :)

products used for this look
L'Oreal True Match Super-blendable Makeup in N1 Soft Ivory
(This is a perfect match for my face. Love!)
e.l.f. High Definition Powder
Dior Quint Night Butterfly
Milani Baked blush in Corallina
Revlon Brow Brown Enhancer
Milani Liquif'eye eyeliner in 01 Black
L'Oreal Voluminous wp mascara in Black
e.l.f. Lip Balm SPF 15 in Peach
(NEO Lucky Clover Brown Contacts)

Thanks for looking!
What is your favorite way to wear purple eyeshadows? :)


  1. haha love the funny face :) pretty as always!

  2. Oh you gave me such a laugh today! I love the eyes!

  3. hahaha..you look awesome not kidding..and purple with coral looks so nice!

  4. hahaha, you look pretty goofy but cute on the pic...^_^~ what lens are you wearing? seems really pretty...=)

  5. Haha you crack me up! My new favorite way to wear purple is using L'Oreal Infallible in Perpetual Purple as base, Urban Decay Purple Haze or MAC Satellite Dreams to blend the edges out, Urban Decay Rockstar on my lower lash line. It's a purple overdose but that's why I love it!

  6. Lena you look so good with purple!! And I love the goofy expression! :)

  7. see? people like the funny FOTD ! lol ;D you should do it more often ;D

  8. These contacts and the facial expression you have make me the think of this old anime character Lum (Urusei Yatsura)!

  9. I've never thought about pairing purple with coral, but it does look really lovely! I always feel awkward taking FOTD shots ._.

  10. hehe I love your face x)<3

  11. it may be a simple look you created, but it's striking at the same time. you look gorgeous as always!

    enjoy your wknd!


  12. ShoppingObsessionApril 20, 2012

    Love your simple but yet gorgeous look. I have yet to look for the Milani baked blush. Don't seem to find it anywhere here.

    p.s. love your funny look of the day!:)

  13. Oh such a cute picture! You look so playfull, haha! :) Love the purple on you!

  14. hi Teri :)
    thanks for your comment!
    purple is one of my favorite color to use in makeup. :)

  15. heheh thanks! :)
    i hope you'd find corallina soon. i really like this color! it works surprisingly well for such a bright color.

  16. awww thank you, Jas!
    how are you doing?
    hope everything is well with you and your family.
    happy weekend! :D

  17. lol. thanks, Honey! :)

  18. thank you, Larie! :)
    i love pink and purple but if i wear pink with purple, i look like a clown. lolz
    i feel the same way about FOTDs, but at least i can control it if i do it myself. a lesson learned. haha

  19. lol
    i am so looking up that Urusei character!
    it was so accidental or so planned out from my SO's end. ;p

  20. haha thanks again, Pam!
    i actually put this picture on my kakao talk and etc., and people seem to like it a lot! ;)

  21. lol lol
    thank you, Stacey! love purple. ;)

  22. i am imagining the colors you mentioned, and i think they orchestrate beautifully!
    i should try using the infallibles as base more often.
    thanks for the tip, Sunny! :)

  23. heheh thanks so much, Janet! :)
    i am wearing NEO COSMO Lucky Clover in brown color!
    i recently got them and i really like them a lot. ;)

  24. lolz
    thank you, Debi! :D
    i think purple looks great with orange or grey colors.
    if i use it with pink, it looks kinda off!

  25. thank you, Naomi! :D
    (don't encourage me too much, though. you might get sick of my silly faces cause i got lots of them. lol)

  26. aww thank you, Eugenia! :)

  27. Amazing make-up! You look so cute:)

    Kisses, Lucy!

  28. Anna Theresa WinklerApril 22, 2012

    your eyes are incredible! so so pretty!!
    check out my latest blog post if you have the time!
    something important about my blog's going on! :)
    xxx love


  29. wow i love how ur did ur eyes :) goofy fotd but pretty!! :D

  30. those lenses make your eyes look so cool!!

  31. So pretty! Your skin is flawless :) Love the way you wore the purple eyeshadow, very soft and feminine.

  32. thank you!
    i wish your comment is true but it is mostly the excessive lighting! lol
    i really love this Dior quint. :)

  33. thanks, Julie!
    i am enjoying this pair a lot. ;)

  34. heh heh thanks, Oreleona :)
    i am glad many like this goofy face..but i am not asking my SO to take any more of them.lolz

  35. thank you, Anna!

    oooh the suspense!
    going over to your blog right now. ;p

  36. hi, Lucy!
    how are you doing? :)

    thanks for your comment!

  37. Omg, I forever love the lenses you are wearing. They look too good! *______________*

  38. aww thank you, Aki :)

    how are you doing?

  39. thank you. ;)
    have a nice weekend!


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