Review, Rant - DueBa Dreamy.i Hazel

Ok, this is probably the worst looking and feeling contact lenses I have ever had. -_-+++

As many of you know, I wasn't very happy with this Dreamy.i model even in Grey color (which is actually so much better looking than this Hazel) as well as the online store called lensvillage.com who sold these to me.
It seems that this company has grown quite big by blog-marketing and they are able to offer nice discount price and big sales.
However, at this point I am not so sure if these Dreamy.i lenses are even legit because the Grey color ones felt thick and quite uncomfortable unlike the other design from DueBa brand ( Kira Kira Pink ), and today I found out my Hazel color ones are defective!

Maybe I should have known. 
It looked a little crooked even from the vial.

This is not going to be a full review since I only wore these once for a short afternoon. 
These gave me teary eyes for the whole time I was wearing them. I remember I had a similar experience with the Gray color ones if not as bad as this.

So..take a look at these pictures.

Do you see an uneven spot on the ring and some dot-like impurity in the middle?

another picture..
I am more freaked out about the dot.
It is not on the lens case. The dot is on the lens and I wasn't able to clean it away!

However, being a brave beauty blogger (or a foolish one), I still wore them to work since I only had to work a couple hours today.

indoor lighting
(This is not the defective side.)

indirect natural lighting

with makeup
I decided to go with heavy lining since it looked so unnatural on me. ;(

And the defective side looks like this.
I was really freaked out to see the dot in the middle!!!
It is a mystery why the dot looks almost white when I wear the lens.
It is not some refection. It is the impurity.
(Can you see it in my eye how appalled I was?!)

I didn't actually feel the impurity on my eye. I guess that is on the outer side of the lens.
Overall, they just felt very uncomfortable and irritating on both sides of my eyes.
I mean, I have no proof these are fake because I threw away the vials and after all, lensvillage is so-called an established online store, right?
I almost want to purchase the same design from other company just to make the comparison, but I really don't like this design at all.
Personally, I think this is the worst-looking pair on me! It is not flattering and my eyes look like lizard's. (no offense to lizards)
I have grown to like light brown colored lenses these days and have bought a couple more in the similar color family, but there are so many options with better design and color.

As for lensvillage.com, it is quite obvious that this company's customer service is terrible and it is even suspected that they sell fake or defective items for cheaper price.
I got these for $13 per pair on sale.

My fellow blogger Miko has reviewed on them based on her rather horrible experience and I have mentioned about my unpleasant shopping experience with them as well.

If you want to see my review on the Gray color of the same design, please click the link below.

Thanks for reading! :)


  1. Grrr. Demand a full refund! Haha. I really hope the buyer I went with is good. They shipped my order in two days! I was really surprised (: That white thingy is very annoying. If one of my lenses had that, it would annoy me all day. It's so strange looking. The Kira Kira brown lens I got from them was pretty comfortable. I ordered the DueBa Crystal.i and it was defective ): Maybe they can sell the lenses for such a cheap price because they aren't legit?

  2. I can't believe there's a dot in the middle of the lens! You should refund it! Haven't actually bought anything from DueBa but I don't think I will. I'm no expert when it comes to circle lenses but there's something about how the black & hazel blend together that makes it seem a little unnatural. Sorry that this didn't work out at all!

  3. that unlucky for you to get that ,=0=! however this is similar to my contact lens that i have i purchased. although i haven't a clue what my brand is, although all contact lens these days are quite similar effects anyway these days.! although i would of requested a refund for the cons, its really bad !

    CMPang x

  4. this is my 3rd defective pair. i normally don't bother to contact the seller but this time it was really irritating combined with my unpleasant shopping experience with them. plus i wouldn't want to get a voucher cause i am not buying from lensvillage again! lol
    i am not so sure what to think about DueBa brand in general because i really like my DM23 (kira kira) pink. it is same size as dreamy.i, but it is so comfortable!

  5. i hope everything is fine this time!
    i just got a package from a new seller i tried and i am very very happy! i just placed another order from the same one. (oops). i wanted to buy from koreabigeyes since there is 25% off sale going on, but they don't have the ones i like. well..;)

  6. Oh wow, the uneven dots is such a shame. Thank you for the honest review!

  7. i know, right? i am half and half on whether they are fake or not..
    i guess eos max pure is better bet if you want similar design. ;)

  8. i heard they have this non-refundable policy for opened items. but seriously, it's really hard to know whether it is defective or not just from the bottle!
    and most importantly, i am not interested in their partial voucher for futre purchase cause there is no future purchase from me. ;p

  9. Omg, flaws and bad customer service?! :( That's the worst! It's not good to wear something with unevenness =/

  10. i know. i was sucked into those nice sponsored reviews and the cheap price. ; /
    i am planning to throw them out. so much for bargains...-_-;;;

  11. there could be a lawsuit here! these could've seriously damaged your corneas!

  12. i know! but then, who should i sue? DueBa or Lensvillage. -_-a
    i already thew both pairs out. i am glad nothing happened to my eyes. ;)

  13. I want to see the packaging now, actually my EOS dreamy gray is makes my eyes hurt after use it for a second time and now I can't even use it. It makes my eyes so red and teary.
    I'm afraid that is the FAKE one, because EOS packaging has EOS logo in front but the one I've had isn;t -.-"

    thanks for sharing dear, I hope your eyes feel well now :D

  14. i just revisited your posting. they do look identical, but yours had different vials and the maker is EOS not DueBa. interesting!!!
    i guess we will never know for sure. this has taught us to be more careful when we purchase our contacts.
    it is very upsetting to see the shopping enviornment is not safe at all! ;/

  15. XxxbeautyredefinedxxxDecember 12, 2011

    I have received a couple deffective lens before too and wasn't too happy about that. It's kind of a hit or miss. Ughhh. Those lens look fierce! Maybe hard to pull off but still fun to wear I think

  16. i must admit i am a bit consoled to know other bloggers have similar problems with defective lenses..still it is very disappointing!
    i did not take any full face pictures with these, but actually they look okay, not as crazy as the close-up pictures. i even got a couple of compliments from my collegue, but then i had to let them go since they were hurting my eyes! ughhh indeed. ;)


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