Mar 2, 2012

NOTD - Butter London The Black Knight and GFC question

I am sorry I haven't updated for close to a week.
I wanted to do a review post yesterday, but I guess I was too distracted and frustrated about the "Google Friends Connect" situation here.
(My GFC wouldn't load up and it has been that way more than 24 hours now. I tried different browsers and a couple of troubleshooting, but nothing has worked so far...T,.T)

To ease the pain(?), I decided to get my new goody "The Black Knight" on my tips.
We always feel better when we look at pretty things, right? ^-^;

Butter London The Black Knight

I think I have said this already but I am going to say it again. ;)
The Black Knight  is the prettiest glitter polish in my book. Period.
It is gloriously packed with pink, red, silver and blue glitters in black base. So pretty!
(The pictures speak for themselves, right?)

Unlike No more waity, Kaitie  (the other glitter polish I have tried from Butter London), the formula is thicker and application is quite easy for a glitter polish and provide good coverage with 2 coats. :)

*I am sorry to bother you guys, but could you tell me if you see GFC on my sidebar? I am seriously considering to take down GFC and ask my readers to follow me on Bloglovin' since I have heard GFC will be gone even from bloggers after a couple months. What are your thoughts on this?*

Thank God, now my GFC is working!
I had to remove my custom domain and reinstall it. 
I am still not sure why it didn't work before since I am on blogger and the domain was purchased through google. (*shaking fist at google*)
Thanks for your patience and support. xoxo

Happy weekend, everyone. ^-^*

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