Lucky Me! - Giveaway Wins

February has been a very lucky and pleasant month for my blogging life. :)
I have won not one, but two giveaways!
The prizes are very thoughtful and unique and they are from two of my favorite bloggers, so I am even more glad I've won. :D

a different kind of winner..;p
She looks so healthy and happy!

First one is a dining etiquette book from Kim  (A very sweet blog)'s giveaway!
It was a very unique and whimsical giveaway, and I was very happy to receive this mini sized book.
(Seriously, I love my kindle and haven't been without it ever since, but the feeling of holding a real book is not something my kindle can give to me.)

This book has answered some of the questions I had about formal dining.
I was wondering about which hand I should be holding a fork with when I am using a knife and eating at the same time. I usually use my right hand since I am right-handed, but my mom taught me that it is correct to use my left side when I was young!
This book tells me that both ways are fine. Using right hand is the American way and the Continental way is the opposite! :)

This book is nicely illustrated.
clears up for a lot of mysteries for me. :D

Next prize I received is from talented Rowena  (rolala loves).
She sent me The Black Knight  polish from Butter London!
This was on my holiday shopping wish list but I never actually got round to buying it, so guess how excited I was to have won this! :)
It is hands-down the prettiest glitter polish I've ever seen.
I am gladly willing to undertake the pain of removing this glittler polish. Anytime! ;p

She sent a sweet card along.
And isn't her business card pretty? :)
Rowena has an awesome etsy shop featuring beautiful original photographs.

Many thanks to you, Kim  & Rowena !
I'd invite you to visit these sweet and generous ladies' blogs. :)

I hope everyone is having fun blogging and making lots of great friends as I am.
Happy weekend! :D


  1. Congratulations.. The book seems really cool =D

  2. Yay, lucky Lena is on a winning streak! I haven't won any giveaway so far, but I'll keep trying! Off I go to visit their blogs :)

  3. Oh you are one lucky winner! Enjoy your prizes! :)

  4. you lucky duck! hahaa enjoy the book, it seems very informative. the butter london nail polish is gorgeous too! :D

  5. Congratulations. I also won one giveaway this month.

  6. congrats :))

  7. Congrats! so sweet gifts

  8. congrats on winning! i always try to enter all the giveaways... because i've been having some really great luck also. :) happy for ya. lena, hope you are having a great wknd. :)


  9. You're so lucky! Congrats. :] The book is the prettiest shade of mint.

  10. Goodness...I'm jealous! I never win anything lol

  11. lol
    i didn't expect to win anything since i am usually that way. maybe blogging has changed my luck! :)
    (next stop - lottery!)

  12. thanks, Katherine.
    it is such a cute book. easy to read, too. :)

  13. thank you, Jas!
    hope i'd win your next giveaway! lol

    enjoy your weekend! :D

  14. thanks!
    i am happy for you as well. :)

  15. thank you, Izzy!
    i don't think i'd bought the book myself but it is very helpful and even necessary. in that sense, it makes a perfect gift!
    and i can't wait to try the polish. :D

  16. heh heh thanks, Anel! ;p

  17. lol. i hope it lasts!
    do visit their blogs. you will love them. :)

  18. Congrats. I think it's really great to share giveaway prizes. Gives the person who had the giveaway a little more publicity and allows them to be recognized for their generosity.

  19. Heel in MintFebruary 26, 2012

    Hey Congrats!!! That's amazing. Btw, you won an award from me..check my blog for more details :)

    Heel in Mint

  20. Penelope LauFebruary 26, 2012

    Congrats on winning the giveaways! The prizes look great!

  21. RiriRodriguezFebruary 26, 2012

    Congrats hun.. Lucky girl! :)

    Rina xx

  22. Debi ChakrabortyFebruary 26, 2012

    wow!2 giveaways at one go..i have never won any..kim is a darling..and the prizes are awesome!

  23. You're so lucky!! Congrats on winning :)

  24. heh heh i couldn't believe it myself!
    i hope you win giveaways in the near future, too!
    (totally agree with you about Kim! ^-^)

  25. thank you, Penelope.
    you hosted a great one recently. i appreciate the opportunity! :D

  26. thanks!
    i am not doing any award/tag for now since i've done a couple not too long ago, but thanks so much for the award!
    i'd be happy to read more about you! :D

  27. thanks, Aki :D
    i agree!
    it is even more appropriate because i think sharing is very important in blogsphere. :)

  28. you're so Lucky!! congrats! <3

  29. Thanks for this sweet post Lena! I'm so happy for you. That Etiquette book you won from Kim is so cute and it sounds very useful. I appreciate you clearing up that it's okay to hold your fork in either hand while you're also holding knife. I guess I've been doing it the "Continental" way lol. And I'm looking forward to seeing that polish on you! With your lucky run you should be playing the lottery ;)

  30. Congrats Lena! The prizes are so cute and useful :))

  31. I think its time to buy a lottery ticket ;)

  32. lol. i think i will!
    funny how google adsense catches things like this. i see a lottery ad on my sidebar now! xD

  33. thanks, Amy!
    i am very happy. ;D

  34. pleasure is mine, Rolala :)
    thanks for hosting a great giveaway and thanks for your gift!

    i really think i should buy some lottery now since it seems to be the general opinions here. lol

  35. thank you, Fanny dear! :)

  36. heh heh
    thank you, Pam :)

  37. nice!!! congrats on winning lena!!

  38. congrats on your wins! i was also a winner of the book from kim's blog! cute little book.


  39. ah congrats to you, too! :)
    it is such a unique gift. i love it!

  40. thank you, Oreleona. ^-^

  41. Congrats Lena! The etiquette book looks like an interesting read - I wouldn't mind picking up a copy of that for myself and brushing up my table manners a bit :P

    And Dark Knight looks gorgeous! I've heard such great things about Butter London polishes and have wanted to try them for so long. They're a bit more than I would like to pay for a polish though ><

  42. Hello Sweetie,

    Just wanted to thank you for having such an inspirational blog. Hope you have an amazing week full of lots of beautiful things.
    Feel free to drop past my blog if you have time =)

    -Mia xoxo

  43. thanks for stopping by and for your kind words!

  44. thank,Rinny :)
    i am still reading this book. it is quite humorous, too!
    totally agree BL price is a little steep. they often have nice deals and it is a little less than some of the higher-end brands, though. i am planning to do a NOTD with this shade soon. :)

  45. Congrats! That book seems pretty intriguing! Definitely suits you.

  46. thank you, Feelo!

    i am know it is not the etiquette for the book but i am reading it little by little in bathroom. xD
    i love how it is useful and fun to read. the author definitely has humour. :)

  47. It's one of those books I'd like to read when I had spare time too. I love those etiquette for women posts on tumblr. haha

  48. lol. i should look for those posts! :)


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