Review, Swatch - Butter London No More Waity, Katie

I read more than a couple reviews saying this shade is a "let-down" even before my purchase, but I still had get it. :)
This glittered but muted grey/lilac color looked very unique to me, not that I follow any of the Royal Affairs.
It is for sure the name and the time when it was released contributed a lot to the huge success of this color, though.

*description from Beauty.com*
Colour - A soft greige littered with lilac glitter for the perfect marriage of fashion and fun
Definition - One day my prince will come, and I will wrap him around my tiny, sparkling fingers

(eh, the definition sounds a little creepy to me.)

*my NOTDs*
indirect natural lighting

indoor lighting

I must admit the application is not the best and far from my previous experience with Butter London Lacquers, although it is quite forgivable since I have yet to find a polish of jelly finish & tons of glitters that applies nicely. ;p
The cool and light base color itself would suit better for warmer months, but it is wearable and festive for the season with pretty glitters.
As you see in the pictures, the color appears still sheer after 2 coats. You might want to go for 3 coats to achieve the bottle color.
Don't forget the topcoat cause it will be gritty and somewhat matte without it!

Butter London's holiday 2011 collection is now available as well as gift sets.
This sure goes on my holiday shopping list. ;)

new renditions of pink and purple
How can I not..? ^-^;

and look at this adorable set!

Oh, I also noticed that these are made in USA and many of the new gift sets are not even available in UK although they spell it Grey and Colour on the website. lol


  1. the ad for the butter polishes was super cute! i have yet to find anything jelly based D:

  2. aren't they adorable? there are so many things i wanted to get, i had to close the browser. haha.
    polishes with jelly finish are so pretty at the same time they are so tricky to appy evenly.
    have you tried Essie "Clutch me if you can"? it is a beautiful vampy jelly. :)

  3. oh this colour is actually really pretty (: i think you need to apply more coats...?

    CMPang x

  4. i agree. 3 coats would be much better.
    it looks more opaque in real life,though. :)

  5. wow, nice nail colour I think tart with heart looks good!

  6. it seems to be a very pretty glitter polish!
    i think glitters are big for the season. everybody brings out new glitter colors. they are pain to remove, though..;p

  7. ooh that's a really pretty nail polish, love the shimmer!

  8. Disqus is staying!! I was just working on my layout, didn't think anyone would notice. haha I *just* finished. XD

    Another purple I see. :P

  9. pretty!! i love it i dont think ive seen anything like it before :)

  10. thanks!
    i think it is a pretty unique color, too. :)

  11. haha i am watching you! >,.<

    yup, another purple..i am on a purple kick for a decade now. lol

  12. thank you. i like it a lot although it is not easy to apply at all! ;(

  13. That's a really interesting nail polish! And yeah, the definition is pretty creepy, LOL. :)

  14. I love the glitter in this polish but you may be right, it is a little sheer. I might try to put a darker layer on the bottom and then finish off the top with two coats of this to try and keep the glitter but make it a little thicker. Wonder how that would look. I love polishes but with kids it's hard to have them last long. Thanks for the review as always and have a great weekend dear.

  15. you are right. sometimes i just add a base color and apply glitter polish to deepen the color. it is a little easier to remove the polish later this way, too. :)
    i will update with another NOTD with underlayer polish later.
    have a nice weekend as well!

  16. yeah, right? ;) glad i am not the only one who feels that way. lol
    thanks for visiting and commenting. :)

  17. Never tried any of this brand before BUT the holiday collections looks like something I may want to get!

  18. i personally like butter london better than RBL or Deborah Lippmann. :)
    their creme or satin finish polishes are specially nice.

  19. Oooh, this is so pretty!!

  20. This is really pretty <3 Heh, I wish I could afford this brand! I actually kind of like it more sheer!

  21. Eva_Chic_ProfessionalNovember 12, 2011

    Love it! I still have to try out your Butter London recommendation. I'm excited to try it!

  22. i'd recommend you try some from the core collection first. their creme/shimmer polishes are amazing. :)

  23. thanks, Miko :)
    i only buy them when they are on sale. ulta has this buy 2 get 1 free deal going on, so i might snag some more.

  24. AllthingsmarieNovember 12, 2011

    I agree, the definition is a bit creepy. Fun shade, something my younger sisters would enjoy.:D

    ***** Marie *****
    Giveaway: Shabby Apple Da Vinci Dress

  25. Ahhh that does sound like a good deal. Living in Hawaii, good deals are hard to come by lol.

  26. haha i am sure whoever wrote the definition meant it well. ;p
    i am not much into glitters myself and surprisingly enjoying it a lot. ^-^

  27. hey! how are you doing? :)
    hope you are enjoying your weekend! :)

  28. ah, it's the shipping, right? but it is so beautiful there! i was in hawaii last year for the first time. definitely want to go back sometimes. :)

  29. OMG this polish color is so beautiful…& u have really nice nails! By the way I like your blog I’m a new follower!

  30. hi! thanks for visiting and adding me to your list. you know what? i like yours, too! :)
    your blog looks so girly glam. ^-^

  31. Yeah shipping is always so high. When I look for things to buy on Ebay, a lot of sellers won't even ship to Hawaii ): What island were you on?

  32. i went to maui. my sister had a wedding there. it was like a great family vacation. :)

  33. Do I need to get this one? just because of the name? LOL

  34. if you like the color, sure!
    it is darn hard to remove, though. i must warn you. it is even harder than other glitter polishes that i have. man!

  35. I know... I love Butter London's color selection but they are kinda hard to remove...The one I have does not even have glitter in it


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