Mar 7, 2012

Review, FOTD - GEO Bella Grey Contacts

Long time no lens review, right? ;p
No worries, I still love color contacts and wear them quite often. I even have some new found favorites.
Today, I have a review for GEO Bella Grey, which is one them.

GEO Bella Grey 

under brighter lighting
Grey color is prominent and it looks quite cartoonish!

*item details*
Brand - GEO Medical
Origin - South Korea
Diameter - 14.00 mm
Base Curve -8.6
Water Content - 38%
1 year disposable

lens vials

close up

in lens case

*my thoughts*

Design, Color - 8/10
Bella Grey has a very natural looking design. The mix of thin and thick spikes blends in with my natural eye color quite well. The outer rims are black but but the dotted soft finish adds natural effects.
This is a two tone color design with gray color that is not bright, so it looks black under most lighting.

Enlargement - 7/10
I think it still gives more than enough enlarging effect. It is probably due to the two tone design.
You might think it is not much if you're used to lenses with 14.5 mm and up in diameter.

Comfort - 7/10
This is just fine and I have no complaints, but to me, GEO lenses all feel the same and not as thin and comfortable as NEO brand contacts.
I have experienced occasional discomfort but it is still minor and doesn't require any lubricant.

Overall - 8/10
I am not sure if I want to repurchase this once expired, but I am very fond of this subtlety of design and reaching for them often.
It is a simple yet pretty, and for that, I think it's name "Bella" is about right.
This is actually work-appropriate but people would still notice that you are wearing color contacts. :)

Now, the overall look :)

makeup products used for this look
Revlon Colorstay liquid foundation (for Dry/Normal skin)  in Buff
Jane Sheer Shimmer loose powder
Jane Blushing Cheeks in Blushing Petal
Wet 'n' Wild Lust palette (3 shimmer shades)
Tarte LipSurgence in Glitzy Glam
Revlon Colorstay Brow Enhancer in Blackened Brown/Taupe
stila kajal eyeliner in Smokey Quartz
(oops, forgot the mascara. I used L'Oreal Voluminous wp mascara in Black.)

Thanks for reading! :)

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  1. Wow..those are beautiful. You are gorgeous also :) I love your cheekbones and I'm jelly, lol. I've got no bone structure :(

  2. Naomi HingMarch 07, 2012

    Lovely as usual Lena!

  3. These are beautiful! I really love the gradient of the lenses and how they blend in. I also love the smokey eye you did. ^^

  4. Eva_Chic_ProfessionalMarch 07, 2012

    I think these lenses wouldn't look great on myself, but they look stunning on you! Grays seem to fit you really well.
    I love how natural your look is here. You're so gorgeous!

  5. Whenever I see you wearing lenses, I totally want to just try them! I hate that I have to get a special eye exam for them though, and then there's the risk of buying them when they would probably irritate my eyes. UGH! They're soooo pretty!

  6. I have to say that I quite like the cartoonish look- you look stunning with them! xx

  7. You look great with whatever circle lenses I've seen you wear, Lena! Incredibly natural xx

  8. The lens are pretty on you. I like your natural make up too.

  9. Janine SonMarch 08, 2012

    you look pretty :) i like your makeup

  10. prety make-up, U look gorgeous ^^

  11. I like this! Like you said, it enlarges the eyes without making it look fake, the overall effect is very natural. It looks great with your makeup too!

  12. I really like the grey color and your makeup is so pretty here.
    rolala loves

  13. wow, this is so cool! I am always amazed by those lenses! And your make-up is amazing! you are so beautiful!!

    Kisses, Lucy:)

  14. tiffabulouslyMarch 08, 2012

    I love how you always make colored lenses look so natural! I've tried them a few times and I always ended up looking scary!

  15. aw, thanks Tiffany! :)
    now let's not forget my past bug eyed adventrues in this. lol
    i am staying away anything bigger than 14.2 mm in diameter now. ;)

  16. thanks Lucka :)
    you are too kind!
    color contacts are fascinating for enabling me to try different makeup looks. :)

  17. thanks, Rolala :)
    i love grey colored contacts. i think it suits asian colorings, too. ^-^

  18. thanks, Stacey!
    i am still puzzled at how only 14 mm could look bigger than multi-tonal 14.2 mm ones. it is not perfect design, but still makes a good everyday basic. :)

  19. thanks Fanny! you are very sweet. ;)

  20. lol i appreciate your comment although i am not sure it is true. i've gone through many bad choices. (there are some pictures that i am afraid to look at to this date! ;p)

  21. lol thanks, Amy! :)
    this lens could look quite artificial depending on the lighting.;p

  22. awwww that is so sweet, Laura!
    i haven't had many problems with color contacts so far, but i am trying hard to keep it that way.
    there are 2 week color contacts with higher water content available. maybe you could give them a try? ;)

  23. really? i think they'd look fab on you.
    thanks for your sweet comment. ;)
    i love how brown contacts look on you. you look mellow and sexy!

  24. thank you, Katherine! :)
    i actually have similar but better design to introduce. i think you'd like them as well! ;p

  25. thank you, Sara!
    but stop your nonsense with bone structure! you are one of the prettiest girls on the block! ;p

  26. Those look really nice on you! Lol I'm going to attempt your makeup look you have here! It's soo gorgeous!

  27. thank you, Suwan. :)
    and thanks for adding me to your list!

  28. Eva_Chic_ProfessionalMarch 08, 2012

    haha thanks. I tend to stick to browns and greens. But maybe I should step out of my comfort zone =)

  29. haha it's funny that you and i have opposite comfort zones. i am afraid of brown and green contacts. ;p

  30. o: Better? I cannot wait to see! I'm thinking about buying a few more pairs of circle lenses, still trying to pick which ones though. xD

  31. heh heh i will let you in a little bit. ;)
    it is NEO shimmer series. it is similar to Bella, but more complex and less artificial with 3 tone designs.
    i am in love with them!

  32. The lenses look very pretty
    I love your make up too

  33. lena, i love grays on asians. it always look so subtle and natural, compared to other shades. great makeup as always, and great review. hope you're well, hun!

  34. They look a bit haunting.. it's very attracting. Idk I'm in a strange phase right now.. haha I love the makeup and heeey I have the say Revlon Brow enhancer! except I broke mine.. ><

  35. maybe it's the way i am facing in the picture. ;p
    it is very subtle design. it would be interesting look on your green eyes, i can imagine!
    so far i am liking the brow enhancer. for one thing, it is quite convenient and i can used the highlighter part as a shadow stick to brighten up the inner corners. :)

  36. i love grey colored fantasy. i am still a bit obsessed with the phrase like "her shining grey eyes" from Anne of Green Gables. lol

    have a great weekend, Jas! :)

  37. thanks, Banny.
    natural look does it! ;D

  38. very pretty color. i remember wanting colored contacts when i was friend let me try a pair years ago. i always had trouble putting them in, lol! guess it takes practice!


  39. thanks!
    i agree colored contacts are even trickier to put on and get used to. lol
    they are perfectly safe as long as you use your common sense and lots of fun, though. :)

  40. Debi ChakrabortyMarch 10, 2012

    this looks awesome..i used to think i will have dozens of colored lenses when i grow up..i haven't had any!

  41. you should definitely try them, Debi.
    in the spirit of Holi! :)
    i used to think it might be wrong wanting different eye colors, but not anymore. this doen'st make me like my natural dark brown eyes any less. ;)

  42. they look so nice on you :) i love the fotd you look beautiful as always :D

  43. heh heh
    thanks, Oreleona. you are so sweet!

  44. Debi ChakrabortyMarch 13, 2012

    lol!i will upload a photo on twitter & you will se how i looked..wearing contacts during playing holi is a no no i needed no more colour :P

  45. ah that makes sense! LOL


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