Feb 26, 2012

NOTD, Swatch - Revlon Cherries in the Snow

I didn't know cherries in the snow is a type of dessert until very recently.
To me, Cherries in the snow always has been the legendary retro red color from Revlon. :)

They look so good!
I am going to try this for myself before spring comes. :)

Revlon Cherries in the snow was introduced in 1953 featuring Dorian Leigh (she was one of the first super models in the world!) and it was a cult favorite during the 50's.

Revlon Cherries in the Snow campaign

I think I have read it somewhere that this color was actually changed over the time and I suspect that might be true.
The color I see from this vintage poster is much redder and warmer toned than the ones I have. (but then, her face looks very red in the pic, so maybe not. -_-a)

Cherries in the Snow  is a pink red with lots of white thrown in. (I don't know how else I could describe this color.)
It is a true retro color that is incredibly opaque and saturated, and that is probably why both lipstick and nail polish are quite staining. ;-/

The nail polish is so pigmented, I usually just apply one coat never feeling I need to add another one!
Application is a breeze, too.

Revlon Cherries In the Snow nail enamel

This is just one coat!

The lipstick is as intense as the nail polish.
It is so creamy and moisturizing, you wouldn't believe it!
Revlon Cherries in the Snow  is actually known as a good alternative for Tom Ford lipstick in Cherry Lush.

Tom Ford Cherry Lush vs Revlon Cherries in the Snow

lipstick swatch on arm

on lips

My only gripe is that there is no way for me to pull this color off in real life!
I mean I can wear this as tint (it actually makes a great tint since it is so staining!) or wear it in full strength and play alone  at home, but that is not the way to show respect to this amazing color, right?
(so... no overall looks today. didn't wanna scare ya. ;p)

Some say this and Revlon's another retro red Fire & Ice  are all you ever gonna need for red lipsticks.
What do you think? ;p
Have you tried Cherries in the Snow  lipstick or nail polish? 
Please share with me if you know good tricks to work with retro colors like this. :)

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  1. Eva_Chic_ProfessionalFebruary 26, 2012

    I had no idea it was a dessert either!

    I think the color looks lovely on your lips. And the nail polish looks amazing. I can't believe that's only one coat! It's a bummer that these stain though =(

  2. Very beautiful, classic berry shades! (and the cake looks yum lol)

    If you keep everything else down would you consider such a shade more wearable? Like just some cat eyeliner and minimal natural-looking blush?

  3. oh my god, I always love Revlon nail polishes and lipsticks! I definitely will stock up on revlon polishes and lipsticks once I fly this summer holiday to indonesia! nice nails btw! xx

  4. OMG never knew about this colour! I have to check them out! I think with my skintone i can pull off wearing the lipstick! yippie

  5. wow thats one fiery color! I like the last picture you took,it's so lipstick jungle material lol.

  6. wow..
    the lipstick is so gorgeous
    red lips and red nails..
    totally sophisticated

  7. Love the nail polish, so pretty. Even with one coat, it is stunning.

  8. Oh wow that polish looks so good :O
    I wish I could wear a lipstick like that.. it looks really good


  9. yummy! looks so tasty!


  10. I had no idea it was such an iconic Revlon product! I love both the polish and the lipstick - so pretty!

    xo, alison*elle

  11. I love that nail polish and lipstick so much!!! powerful colours:)


  12. Gorgeous post - love the food photos, too ;) I like both the lip and nail color - they're stunning! But I totally know what you mean about just wearing it around the house, haha. It takes some kind of bravery to rock those lips! I think you can do it, though - it's an amazing color on you!

  13. these are such yummy shades! probably because you put up the cherry cakes at the top first lol. haha the np really is quite pigmented. the colour's so strong even after just one application! very bold colours but they are quite pretty :D

  14. i feel so old because i remember first trying cherries in the snow in high school which was soooooo long ago! the color is absolutely gorgeous, bot the nail color and the lipstick. :)

    hope you're having a great wknd. i just LIKE'd you on facebook. :)


  15. WOW love the colors! I always have a hard time apply Revlon polishes, but you did a good job. The lip color is very pretty

  16. OMG cherry in the snow looks delish!!
    Gorgeous photography xx

  17. Oh my gosh, it's so pretty! I seriously have to run out and buy this shade this week. Love it!! Thanks Lena!

  18. wow, a true red indeed!!! it looks gorgeous. i say, wear it out!! well, maybe for xmas hehehe

  19. I bought that nail polish for my mom last Christmas, she likes reds and I thought it was so classic and a rich, vibrant colour. Your nails look fab. And I think you should wear the lipstick out!

  20. rich colours always seem to suit you, and the nail polish looks so glossy! <3

  21. Penelope LauFebruary 27, 2012

    Wow, such gorgeous pictures. The colour is truly stunning and looks beautiful on you!

  22. Thanks for sharing, the colour looks real pretty both on lips and nails! Love the Tom Ford lippy too!

  23. I love both the lip colour and nail polish!! It's definitely a classic!
    The last pic looks almost like an advertisement. Very cool!

  24. this cherry color looks awesome, I love the shade!


  25. thanks, Stacey. :)
    there are so many antching nail/lip colors, but this one of one of the few that shows up true in both form.

  26. thanks!
    i think Tom Ford lipstick is amazing and i think i wanna actually shell out $50 for a lippie! Smoke Red is to die for.

  27. awww thanks, Penelope. :)

  28. thank you, Chloe, :)
    i like wearing deeper colors on short-trimmed nails.
    seche vite is a must for glossy finish and i think the lighting helps alot. ^-^;

  29. i am sure your mom was very happy! it is perfect for Christmas and for any occasion really. :)
    thanks for the encouragement! i will try it out soon. ;p

  30. heh heh thanks.
    it would take a lot of courage but i guess i will try it out.
    stay tuned! ^-----^

  31. my pleasure, Andrea! :D
    i hope you like them, too!

  32. don't they look scrumptious? ;p
    thanks, Amy!

  33. thanks, Mary :)
    somehow revlon brush works for me, but i do agree they could be bubbly from time to time. ;/

  34. awww thanks for "liking" me, Jas. i love ya! ;p

    you shouldn't feel old or whatsoever. i am sure i was in college when you were trying this on! xD

  35. lol. i have to agree with you! i am not a big fan of cherry anything but i can't wait to try this dessert.
    i am amazed at how opage and pigmented the polish is. it looks even stuffy with twe coats. ;)

  36. thanks Larie. you understand it, girl! :D
    it is quite difficult to pull because it looks like i only have lips if i tone down other makeup and i look gaudy if i add more makeup to balance it out.
    i should take courage and try it out sometime, though. lol

  37. thank you, Lucka.
    power to girls! :D

  38. thank you, Alison.
    maybe i like Revlon alot more than other drugstore brands for their history and retro products like this! :)

  39. The red is gorgeous. I have never tried the Cherries in the snow but would love to. I never even heard of it to begin with, so thank you so much for sharing this.

    Just to let you know, I have awarded you the Versatile Blogger Award. Check out the award on my blog- http://myminibag.blogspot.com

  40. if not the lipstick, i'd say you should definitely try the polish. it would look awesome on your skin! :)

  41. ^-^ thanks, Camilla!
    i wish i was the type who can pull of bothe red lippie and polish, but oh well. ;p

  42. lol @ lipstick jungle!
    i am flattered. thank you! :)

  43. this lippie would look totally awesome on you, Naomi! :D

  44. i luuurve revlon lippies and polishes! :)
    they have more number of lippies than polishes, but you can find so many gorgeous matching colors. have fun!

  45. thank you, Sunny!
    and thanks for the suggestion. i will try cat liners! ;)

  46. i think any saturated blue or red is staning, unfortunately. it is nothing serious if your curicles are not messed with. ;)

    i hope i get to try the dessert soon! ^---^;

  47. my pleasure. :)
    i hope you love the shade as i do! :)

    and thanks for the award. i will go read your post soon. :D

  48. Whaaa perfect red for me, I love Revlon !!

  49. sweetwahine85February 27, 2012

    Those look so yummy!! Let me know how it turns out! Pretty red color! Just stopping by to send some blog lovin your way! Always checking our your adds and sponsors!


  50. the color is so beautiful!! i love both the polish and lipstick!!

  51. it is a very pretty pinky red. i would look great on you, i think! :D

  52. thanks for stopping by and adding me to your list! :)

  53. love revlon, too!
    i'd love to see this color on you. ;)

  54. PinkOrchidsStephFebruary 28, 2012

    Wow that shade of polish is so pretty- I WANT IT!!!
    And the pop of red on your lips is gorgeous!! It looks like there is a hint of pink n that red, love it love it!! Thanks for sharing, i'm going to look out for these! :)

  55. thanks, Steph! :)
    i am glad you like this color. i am sure this will look fab on you! :D

  56. This is indeed a very retro shade of red. It looks really pretty on you though! I agree that it looks nothing like the color in the vintage ad - it actually looks a bit magenta on my screen. It's still a very beautiful color though!

  57. Debi ChakrabortyFebruary 29, 2012

    the nail color looks amazing!and the lip colour is good too..but that dessert has me totally drooling!

  58. lol. thanks Debi! :)
    i am still looking for a dessert place that has cherries in the snow! ;p

  59. thank you, Rinny!
    i guess it is mostly the printing. it is indeed quite cool toned red but very opaque due to the white in the color. it's quite unique. :)

  60. I love the nail colour! It's so sweeet! ^_^

  61. I totally think you can wear that lip color out and about! It's a gorgeous, gorgeous red. It would be a waste not to! And oh my word-- the nail polish is really pretty. I can't believe that's only one coat! I actually only have one Revlon polish and I don't really like it since it changes color about 2 days in. Weird huh?

  62. Lena, I am LOVING this girl! I didn't know about it. So gonna look for it the next time I go to the store.

  63. lol she looks like Milla Jovovich a bit in the picture.
    i am drawn to real pin-up style for some reason. :)

    hope you like this color, too!

  64. awww you are so encouraging and nice, Laura! xD

    it is a shame revlon polish turns on you. i haven't had the problem but it might be the base or top coat.
    this polish is super pigmented. give it a try! ;)

  65. Wow thats a very pretty Revlon color for the nails and lips! I have a pretty similar color but it's more fuchsia by Revlon's colorburst, super love this! :)

  66. i have the fuchsia color from the colorburst line and i love it, too!
    cherries in the snow is quite blue based but still very much red. :)
    give it a try! :)

  67. Sometimes, I am jealous with the products you have..becoz most of them, I couldn't find it in singapore :(

  68. matching lips and nails seems to be a trend lately! I love this lipstick and usually can pull off bright lips but I must admit I'm a little intimidated to wear this out in public, too!

  69. lol. i also like matching nail color and eye makeup as well. i am such a matchbug. ;p
    i am still trying to brave up to wear this out in public. will update if that ever happens! ;)

  70. aww don't be Elrica..
    (actually i feel the same about asian products you guys have easier access, too.lol)

  71. Beautiful colours!! Wow I love how that nail polish dries! I've never tried any revlon naili polish coz I was scared it wouldn't be as good as the salon quality brands...but I'll totally give it a try now!

  72. i personally love revlon polishes but it seems some have problem with them. this one is especially pigmented and quite glossy. give it a try! :)

  73. ¡I Love your post!... ¡I Love Cherries in the Snow!

  74. A correction: Cherries in the Snow LIPSTICK came out in 1953. The nail polish came out in 1932, and was not only the first red nail polish, but the first modern nail polish. All of the beautiful colors you enjoy today, started right here with Cherries in the Snow.

    When the Revson brothers first invented Cherries in the Snow, they sold it door to door to drum up business. It was a runaway smash, so it's safe to say that Cherries in the Snow literally built the Revlon cosmetics empire.

    And a final fun fact: Cherries in the Snow may be the best-selling nail polish of all time, since it was the only one out for quite a while, and then became THE nail polish every fashionable woman wore in the 30s and 40s. I would guess that Revlon has sold tens of millions of bottles.

  75. Final note: I love the color of the Cherries in the Snow lipstick. Most red-reds look too "brassy" on me, but not CitS. What makes me sad is that I can't stand the scent of it. Bad enough that it smells disgusting, but it's overpowering on top of that. Worse, something in the polish makes my eyes and nose water like mad, so I'm guessing I have an allergy to whatever that is.

    I had despaired of ever finding a red like Cherries in the Snow that wouldn't make me sick from the smell...or whatever freaky chemicals it had in it. Not to fear. Wet 'n' Wild makes an exact dupe called Cherry Picking that's not only scent free (or at least close to it), but also much cheaper than Cherries in the Snow. I think at my local supermarket, the price gap is $1.98 versus $5.48. No contest! I wear that Cherry Picking nearly every dang day.

    I used to wear exclusively high end cosmetics, but then I had to quit work over health issues. Fortunately, after a bit of trial and error, I've found a bunch of inexpensive products that work for me as well as the more expensive equivalents. If anything, I've found something better in lipstick, because no red has ever looked as good on me as Cherries in the Snow/Cherry Picking. My coloring is such that finding a complementary lipstick color can be tough. I look horrible in anything remotely orange or brown, and some pinks will do if they have enough oomph to them. The only colors I had looked great in were vampy burgundy and berry colors; however, those dark lip colors can be way too intense sometimes for casual or professional settings. What I had a hard time finding was a good red, and finally I got it in the uber-traditional Cherries in the Snow that fits nearly any setting or outfit I have going on. I might--MIGHT--put on some hardcore gloss over it if I'm wearing/doing something blingy, but it's not really necessary when the ordinary finish will suit nearly every occasion.


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